Am still fighting this horrible lurgy, didnt sleep well at all last night and Chloe woke up crying and has been cranky all day. We both have a slightly raised temperature but thankfully she’s gone down for a nap happily and has been eating and taking her nap time bottle fine so hopefully she wont get as sick as me.

Have ordered OH to pick me up some drowsy Benylin after work so hopefully I can sleep through the night without coughing myself awake every hour. I’ve also developed the snotty nose stage this morning and Chloe has begun to pick up a tissue, bring it over to me and holds it up to my nose. It’s so cute and reminds me how easily she picks things up, a very clever little girl. Really hope this shifts by saturday as we have the Zoo!! Am super excited about our first family trip to the Zoo and seeing as ‘Dear Zoo’ is Chloe’s favourite book I’m hoping she loves it.

Am hoping I’ll be back in full flow soon, take care everyone.

Michelle xx

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