BumGenius Freetime giveaway (closed)

So following on from my BumGenius Freetime review, and the fact that it’s Real Nappy Week, I have a Freetime in the gorgeous Lovelace print, in snaps to giveaway! Baba Me kindly offered to give me a Freetime for my review but as I’d bought one already I asked if I could give it away instead and they happily said yes!

If you havent heard about the new BG Freetimes, they are one of the easiest cloth nappies on the market. An all in one design, meaning nothing to stuff or snap in and it’s a one size so will last your little one from birth to potty training. The full review of how we found them is here, we’re a fan!

So all you have to do to win this gorgeous nappy is to comment below and tell me what your current favourite nappy is (it doesnt have to be a BG product, I’m just wanting to see if there’s any reviews on popular nappies I havent done yet!). And if you’re new to cloth and havent tried any cloth nappies yet then feel free to say what nappy you’re most looking forward to trying!

You can gain extra entries by completeing any of the below but please note that you must have commented with your above answer first and for each extra entry leave a separate comment! Dont forget to make sure you leave your current email address or your Twitter ID so that I can track you down if you win!!

  • You can get one extra entry by following Baba Me and me, Fluffy Mummy on Twitter and leaving a single comment below saying you’ve done so and your Twitter ID.
  • And another entry by following Fluff Heaven (Baba Me’s new cloth nappy store) and me, Fluffy Mummy on Facebook and again you will need to leave one separate comment below saying that you have done so.

There are a maximum of three entries per person, per household please.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is open to anyone over 18 in the United Kingdom.
  • And closes at 11.59pm on Wednesday 25th April 2012.
  • The winner will be chosen by random and will be announced on this page and Twitter.
  • The prize is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No cash alternative is available.

And the winner is………………Lana Cox!

Well done (I’m a little jealous!) please contact me with you address details xx

104 thoughts on “BumGenius Freetime giveaway (closed)

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  2. Ruby Whitman

    Woweee a comp for a nappy!!! I couldn’t not try and win!!!
    Well, my current fave nappy is…..( can I have 2??!!) monkey snuggles OS & Bg organic! They never let me down, soooo absorbent and I know I can rely on them for long journeys ect
    The nappy i Can’t wait to try the free time as I haven’t got one yet!

  3. Moira McIntyre

    With my first we just used terry squares. This time I’ve got allsorts which each work for their purpose (flips and pockets are easy for out and about, little lamb bamboo are great for nighttime, but when we’re at home we still turn to terries almost every time. The only major upgrade this time is using the fabulous Smartfit covers rather than rubbish plastic pants.

  4. Natalie

    At the moment we love our wee notions especially the night notions, the first nappy to get us through 12hrs!!

  5. Emma Stewart

    My favourite nappies are tots bots easy fits v3 and fuzzibunz elites. I was hoping to buy a free time during rnw to try out.

  6. Kerri Alexander

    I love Totsbots Easyfits at the moment as they are so easy to use, However people have been raving to me about BG Freetimes and i have been desperate to try one but lack of funds has been a downer.

  7. Kirsty Edwardes

    With 5 month old twins reliability is a must so I love our little lamb bamboos with a motherease airflow wrap. They’re very bulky though and a bit dull so I’d love to try something slimmer and prettier!

  8. pellam

    Our favourite nappy is our wee notions night notions because it allows my beautiful little girl to sleep longer & better at night :-)

  9. Ciara Goodwin

    My fav nappy, of all time, I’d the Bumgenius V4! I’ve tried the V2, V3 and the new version is definitely the best yet! Total containment & easy to use, its our fav hands down!

    For night time tots bots flexitots have NEVER let us down, not once in over 2years!

  10. Kate Ashley

    We use ainly BG v4 which we find great but my husband hates stuffing the pocket! I’m sure he’d love to try a freetime!

  11. Tracey

    My favourite nappy for both prints and performance is the Weenotions side snap. They are sised and you can even choose the height of the rise, but best of all you can design your own nappies!

  12. Lana

    We are quite new to cloth nappies and haven’t tried that many. Our favourite nappy at the moment is Tots Bots Easyfit in flowerpower print. It’s got such a good fit and absorbancy, and i really like the option to boost. It dries in no time too, and looks like new even after constant washing (unlike the white easyfit). However stuffing the pocket is getting more tiring i should admit :) Thats why i think BG freetime and organic would be my next favourite. They are both in my wish list for the Real Nappy Week, but unfortunately they are still too pricey even with 20% discount.

  13. spethy31

    I’m a newbie in the world of cloth nappies but out of my small selection so far I like the trim fit of the Fuzzibunz Perfect fit. Very keen to try a BG freetime though!

  14. Amy Macnab

    We used eBay cheapies with our first as we didn’t start til 12 months, so I was being basic (and boring!) Our 2nd daughter is now 7 weeks old and has been in her LL bamboo with Blueberry coveralls (owl print, so cute!) For 2 weeks now. I’m kicking myself for not making the change much sooner with our first because there’s nothing cuter than a tiny bum in cloth!

  15. Sharon Dolan

    My favourite nappy at the moment is Peachy Green which used to be Bright Star and I know you love them too as you did a review before :)

  16. Sarah Heath

    My favourite nappy is my Albert freetime which only arrived today. I love it as it looks great on and you don’t need to be a genius to use it! Freetimes are my new favourite nappy generally as they come in a fab range of colours, wash well and dry quickly.

  17. Rachel Borrett

    Baby not here yet, so enjoying the comments being made to help me with my decision making, but I think I’ll have a bit of variety on what I buy due to cost and how easily the nappies are to wash and keep etc!

  18. Sadie Harrison

    Our favourite nappy is the itti bitti delish SIO. They’re so trim fitting and fit our daughter so well and they’re so soft.

  19. K Ward

    My fave is the bitti boo, even though it’s not my most reliable. The fit is just so great.

  20. Alicia

    Tots bots easy fit are my go to nappy, love them! Just received some BG V4’s which seem an excellent fit to! Not tried freetime yet! But would live to :-)

  21. Josie

    My current fave is a sweet nature all in one. Not cheap and hard to come by but finding it super absorbent and the pattern (owls) is quite funky and unique.

  22. Michelle Jenkinson

    I have a number of faves. I love our lollipop bamboo for night time and find that I can stuff the size 2 quite well for my heavy wetting 20 month old toddler. We love pockets though find that ones with a hip snap and snaps for waist fit best. We get on very well with both minkee cheapies from dudeybaba and alva baby. Got £10 off a BG btp the other month from the try BG offer that baba me as Im expecting my second had to try it with the toddler first and its ace. Perfect containment for nasty exploding toddler teething poos. Have some tots bots v2, mio solo and little lamb bamboo to try out with new baby. Cloth bumming from newborn this time.

  23. charlotte

    My favourite nappy at the moment is Fuzzi bunz elite. I love how adjustable it is, and its super absorbant. Great value too!

  24. Dominique

    Hmmmm, this is a hard one. I think I have to say my butterfly Charlie banana, with my fuzzi bunz coming a close 2nd (thanks for the recommendation!). But daddy’s favourite is tb easyfits

  25. Millsie

    Bit boring but it’s BGv4 (though I’m partial to v3 too). I’ve used BGs for almost 2.5 years (tried loads of other brands but they’re my reliable staple – with a LL booster).

    My oldest daughter has recently potty trained but I do find the stuffing with two in cloth a pain. So I’ve ordered a freetime cos they sound genius. Winning a second would be fab! Hoping first arrives quickly so if it’s as good as I’m hoping, I can buy another couple while they’re discounted.

    Just put a little gumnut on my youngest tonight for first time. It’s so soft and gorgeous – hoping it works well and can take over from my rather battered, very well used issy bear night nappies.

  26. Gill Kennedy

    4wks to go till I get to try out my fluff so no favourites yet. I’ve got terry squares and ll so far but going to stock up on prettier nappies this week :) can totally see why it’s addictive lol x

  27. robyn297

    My baby boy is due in July and I’m quite blown away with the choice of real nappies, I think we’ll be trying the bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper All in one first.

  28. Kirsten niblo

    Being a newbie to cloth, in our first week. My favourite at the moment is our tots bots pockets with bamboo insert. For the sheer fact they last a good 10 hours before wicking (i tried it as a night nappy lol) – now i know its our best nappy for going out x

  29. Cyndal Hawman

    My favorite right now it BG 4.0 Pockets, but would love to try the freetime. I just ordered my first Grovia AIO as I have heard many great things about them.

  30. Claire Lindsay

    Just starting out, but am very excited about it all, so hoping it all works out! I really want to try Tots Bots Easyfit V3, although the prints aren’t my favourites, I love the bright colours and how easy they look to use. Think we’re going to go with Wee Notions Night Notions nappies for bedtime. My wee boy is a heavy wetter at night so night nappies are a bit daunting for me, but have made myself feel better by allowing myself to customise his night nappies. Everything is less scary when its pretty!

  31. Collette Kempshaw

    In completely new to cloth my baby is due in just over 3weeks, we have started our stash and I’m excited to start using my bg NB nappy in blossom first!! I love the love lace print though!!
    I liked both pages on Facebook too. Thank you xx

  32. Claire Rippon

    My favourite is my little lamb sized pockets. Really absorbant bamboo inner & bomb proof!
    But I’m always trying out others!

  33. Carrie-Anne Alexander

    So many favourites how to pick one….

    Probably Bambooty’s they are very slim, reliable and simple enough for grannies 😀

  34. Abby

    Most looking forward to trying our bumgenius newborns – all we need is the little rascal to show up!

  35. Pnina

    Found gro via really long lasting! Shame aplix went after a while though… Would love to try a free time, looking for aio this time!

  36. Louise Chapman

    What a beautiful nappy!
    We used the Bambinex nappies with DS, which I loved. They fitted well, dried quickly and were lovely and soft. Husband found the whole 2 part thing quite tricky (little patience!) Had to return them to their owner. They are now on babies 3&4.
    We have just invested in some Tots Bots Easy Fit V2s, which I love. They are so pretty (we have a couple of girly print ones) and they fit well, wash well and dry reasonably quickly in front of the ancient Aga. Husband likes them too!
    I am looking for a couple more nappies to complete our collection.

  37. Louise Chapman

    I have liked you on Facebook, and I like the FluffHeaven website in real life, but can’t get the Facebook link to work. Will go and look at the website in detail now.

  38. stef waites

    My fav nappy atm is the new gen pop in its so lush I don’t even wanna use it. Close second is the bum cheeks pocket, its so trim and look so cute. :)

  39. beth

    I’ve never used a cloth nappy but looking into it for no.2! I want to try gNappies and GroVia AI2s :)

  40. Elena

    I am very new to real nappies, but I love my Baby Kangas one size pocket ones from a canadian brand that is not very well-known in the UK yet. I have never tried Freetime though and will be very keen to correct this mistake! :)

  41. Anna

    My favorite nappy is BumGenius one size pocket (but I was using them 2 yers ago). Now I’m waiting for a second baby and I think I could change my favorite to BumGenius Freetime.

  42. Melanie K

    We love Bumgenius v4 with snaps, but we’ve never tried any others (so far – baby is only 10 weeks!!)

  43. Colleen

    I have just trialed the g nappy. Loved it! The fit is just perfect esp on my slim 8 month old and they are very slim fitting. I need more to try so I can really put them under the microscope :-)

  44. Beth

    Favourite nappy is bumgenius v4 – can’t beat it for fit and bombproofness! Would love to try a freetime though…

  45. Tracy P

    I’m very new to modern cloth nappies.. i have bought a few baby beehinds, and so far i’m loving them :)

  46. Elli Igglesden

    I’m just starting my real nappy journey and am trying out different makes to find what works. So far I’ve tried Fuzzibunz and Smartipants and the FB are my favourite as they’re more adjustable and less bulky. Can’t wait to try more!

  47. Lucy sheridan

    Fave nappy at present is totsbots easyfits, but am very new to all this and would welcome trying new brands.

  48. Karen Williams

    We are loving our new btp Charlie banana at the moment – lovely and fluffy, super cute and perfect fit for my long skinny bean!

  49. jes m

    my favenappy at the min is bg flip and we have only been using them for 2 days! before it was babyland pockets

    i have alreadt liked babame on fb


  50. Gemma Mortimer

    Few faves at the mo, like tots bots bamboozles with wraps and fuzzi Bunz elite one size. Also enjoy tiny nippers snap ins as they are so big and soft! :)

  51. Gill Cavanagh

    My absolute favourite nappy at the moment is my preloved Ecobubs wool pocket nappy, it’s a trim fit on my 15m old and has never leaked even on the one rare occasion when she slept 14 hrs!!! Haven’t tried bg yet but there are so many gorgeous colours and prints I’m tempted to make use of RNW offers to try one out.

  52. Ann Drewitt

    My favourite is the Little Lamb bamboo with a Motherease rikki wrap. They are soooo reliable and good value too.

  53. Holly Harrison

    My favourite at the mo is Peachy Green AI2, can’t believe how small and absorbent they are!

  54. Annie

    was my cherry and flowerpower easyfits but DD getting chubby so less reliable so prob bg v3


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