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We’re back…

Well we’ve not actually been away away as in a lovely holiday (I wish) but we’ve been away from the blog, things have been so busy that I just needed to step away and enjoy family life and sort things out.

There have been some good times; Chloe starting school, Izzy’s birthday and last weekend was Chloe’s birthday – she’s now 5, the time has just flown by! And some sad times, our beloved Dillon dog is no longer with us, he had nearly 16 full and happy years and we were so lucky and blessed to have him in our lives.

So life is certainly different, getting Chloe up and ready for school, going to pick her up and not having Dillon around to look after. The house feels a lot emptier but life is busier than ever, parent evenings, homework, parties to go to, etc. It just kind of feels like a whole new chapter has started and I’m just not ready for it yet. I think being organised is the key so back to meal planning, budgeting and routines to get back on track, especially with the craziness that is Christmas up ahead.

But on the other side I’m immensely proud of my girls, they are simply amazing and I love watching them grown into their own personalities more each day. So I think I’ll leave it there and go make some to do lists and get started on this whole being more organised thing.

Michelle xx


Meal Planning Monday – 15th September 2014


Okay so I’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon for the past few weeks but we had a lot going on – Chloe is now at big girl school – eeps. We have another busy week this week and it’s both OH’s and Izzy’s birthdays at the weekend so I’m not going to plan for those days. A nice easy week but I’m planning on making Izzy a little rainbow cake so that’ll be interesting! Chloe is having school dinners this week so no pack lunches to make :( but I’m glad as the weather has gone chilly so it’s nice knowing she’ll have something hot and filling!

Monday – Pies and roast potatoes etc – perfect for this rainy day.

Tuesday – I’m thinking cheesy pasta bake and garlic bread.

Wednesday – Sausage casserole and mash.

Thursday – Leftovers.

Friday – Homemade pizza night.

Saturday – Birthday treat.

Sunday – Birthday treat.

And dont forget to head over to athomewithmrsm to read what everyone else is having this week – I definitely need to have a good look and get some inspiration for next week, I fancy trying something new!

Michelle x


A quick summer holiday catch up

Busy busy busy! There’s been softplay, DIY around the house and garden, family BBQs, taking the poorly doggy to the vets, days out, shopping and lots of other fun things going on. But I cant believe we’re almost done with the summer holidays – not that it’s been hugely summery but still. Chloe starts school in 20 sleeps! I think we have everything, shoes, socks, uniform, lunchbox, water bottles, name labels – still have yet to iron them onto everything, that will be a fun evening!

At the minute the big girl has a bit of a cough and we think she also might have asthma so we’ve been to the Drs and have an inhaler and peak flow meter to use for the next month. I had asthma when I was a bit older than her but luckily I grew out of it so hopefully we can manage it and she will too.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks, I’m knuckling down now as I have to get back into organised mode for school starting and for planning Izzy and then Chloe’s birthdays in the coming months and dare I say it Christmas – eeps! So on the upside I’ll be posting more frequently and getting back into finishing all the half-finished reviews I’ve got saved.

Michelle x

August 2014

Meal Planning Monday – 4th August 2014


We kind of stuck to the meal plan last week, this week however we’re going to nail it. I need to get into a routine now for when school starts in September. So here we go!

Monday – Leftover rissotto from yesterday and maybe freezer bits for the kiddies.

Tuesday – Enchiladas with potato wedges and salad.

Wednesday – Jackets and beans with garlic bread and salad.

Thursday – Quite fancy a Quorn Korma.

Friday – Homemade pizza night.

Saturday – Sausages, eggs, mushrooms, beans etc.

Sunday – A roast or toad in the hole with mash, depending how hot it might be.

I really fancied making a chocolate coffee cake over the weekend but I resisted but now I’m thinking that was a mistake and I shouldnt deny myself………….. so I think I might do that. And maybe make some ‘healthy’ banana muffins too to balance it out! Anyway dont forget to head over to athomewithmrsm to read what everyone else is having this week.

Michelle x