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AppleCheeks mini review and discount code

Our current favourite nappies at the minute for Izzy are AppleCheeks, not only because they look super cute and fit really well but because teamed up with their amazing inserts they work really well and are a breeze to use. The full review from 2011 when we first tried them is here - it is on my list of things to update but the I think I actually like them more now then I did then!

AppleCheeks mail


So I ordered these from the lovely Laura at Kingdom of Fluff a few weeks ago along with 1 of each of the three different inserts they make so I could test them all out. A standard stay dry, a 2 layer bamboo trifold and a 3 layer bamboo trifold and I have to say I like them all but for general day to day the 2 play one is amazing and dries super quick and the 3 ply is fab for long naps etc although it does give a fat bum but the trade off is well worth it going 5 hours once with no leaks!

AppleCheeks insertsThe mf insert did a  perfectly good job – especially when boosted with a LL bamboo booster but the bamboo ones are a winner for me. If you’ve got a heavy wetter then go straight for the 3 ply but otherwise I’d say go for the 2 ply as you can always add a booster if needed. And of the best things about these nappies is that the inserts agitate out in the wash on their own, yay! I’m not usually a fan of pockets as OH always ‘forgets’ to give the insert a tug before putting in the wetbag and some are fiddly to stuff. But not these, every time the inserts have come out in the wash without me doing anything to them beforehand and that’s with using the AC inserts and sometimes a combination of my own And they are super easy to stuff as the opening is near the middle and opens up wide so no thin narrow tunnel to stuff and having to make sure it all lays flat etc, it’s super easy.

Inside AppleCheeksAnd lastly the fit, as they have that elasticated bit at the front, they really seem to hug Izzy’s belly, with no gapey bits. It’s nice and stretchy but gentle elastic too and doesnt leave any red marks, I love the fit of them and think the slight ruffles make them stand out and look really cool for summer. They come in two sizes, we’re using the size 2 and if I had another LO I wouldnt hesitate to get these in the size 1, I bet they’d be great.

AppleCheeks fitAppleCheeks side


They are my favourite nappy at the minute, so much so I’ve just bought a few more, the new print and the gorgeously summery orange, again with the 2 ply inserts, of course you could use you’re own inserts and I have plenty of bamboo boosters and inserts but I love the ease of the trifold, just one big piece to hang up to dry, fold and stuff, no hunting around for 2 or 3 different pieces etc. I really love the grey colour they do as well and the yellow looks super summery but I think I’ll have to stop myself for now unless I sell all our other nappies first and replace with AppleCheeks (and believe me I’m tempted to!)

AppleCheeks Love HappensAppleCheeks Orange You GladAppleCheeks Winging ItAppleCheeks Envelope Cover: Steel Me


So lastly until monday 14th April, Laura at Kingdom of Fluff is doing 10% off the AppleCheeks range with the code APPLES Even if you’re not a pocket lover you should try these as they are just so simple to use and they can also be used as an AI2 if you prefer and as I said you can use your own inserts to keep costs down but the inserts are definitely awesome,

Michelle x



More fluffy news

BG Countess

So following on from the fluffy news I posted in feb (read all about it here), when I said I found it odd BumGenius didnt bring out a new girl colour along with the new Hummingbird (green-y) colour and I even mentioned a new hot pink would be nice. Well they of course must have heard me as soon after they announced Countess to the line up – a hot pink! Can’t say I’m a fan of the name, but I much prefer the colour itself more than the old Zinnia colour. This should be available at BG stockists asap!

BG Audrey

But they weren’t done there oh no! There is a new print as well, called ‘Audrey’ which is very cool, I really love it but sadly we dont need anymore nappies! There is no stock here yet and no eta on when it’s coming in but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very popular. Baba Me are the UK distributors of BG and so it’s worth following them on Facebook as they tend to do the best offers on BG nappies and have all the updates etc.

Pop In new prints

And there is new stuff from Close as well for 2014, new prints, a slight tweak on the Pop In nappies and a newborn nappy!!! So prints first, here are Russian Dolls, Lions, Robots and Hippos! I love them all but sadly they are still only available in velcro, which we’re not a fan of so even if we needed new nappies we wouldnt get these, a real shame as Pop Ins are really great nappies.

Close New Gen V2


But they have slightly updated the Pop In design and changed a few things. They are now called the New Gen V2 and the laundry tabs are now moved to the sides of the nappy and concealed so it doesn’t touch baby’s skin and simply pulls out for washing. Which is a fab improvement as one of my big bears about the old version (see here) was that it was such a pain to do up the laundry tabs when they were in the middle of the nappy. But still please bring them out in snaps! The elastic at the back of the soaker has been removed to speed up drying time and the back poppers have been replaced with tab poppers for improved comfort. Please not that due to the change of poppers, soakers and boosters are not compatible with previous versions of the Pop-in nappy. Fill your Pants have the new Gen V2 Pop Ins they are £16.95 and the prints only come in the bamboo inner material.


Close new bibsClose new car seat protectors


Close new playmat



But the new prints are also available in their bib range, swim nappies, car seat protectors, training pants and in their awesome new playmats – which I would love to get to use as a picnic blanket as it’s soft on one side and waterproof on the other.

Close newborn

Okay so then on to the newborn nappy and all it’s cuteness – sadly these only come in the pastel shades, no prints yet! But they look to be a great newborn option, you can get them from the Close website for £39.99 for a pack of 10 double sided inserts and 6 shells. Weight range: 5-12lbs, 2-5.5kgs.

Close newborn shellClose newborn inner

The front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it and the nappy itself is much slimmer,, the outerwrap can be easily be wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the insert over come change time. The clever double sided inserts means you can choose between 100% soya or stay dry suede cloth against baby’s delicate skin. I would definitely be getting these if we had another squish, yes they only come in velcro but that’s totally fine for a newborn nappy, it gives the best fit and you dont use them for long. These are really well designed…………. I am not feeling broody, I am not feeling broody!

Bambooty Basics

Lastly there is a new nappy on the block from Bambooty called Basics which are £10 each!!! They are a BTP AI2 and I actually snapped one up when they launched a few months ago as they reminded me so much of Itti Bitti nappies which are now super hard (and expensive) to get hold of over here. They have that same soft minky outer, sadly no prints in the Basics line yet but there are 15 block colours to choose from.

Now there was an issue with the first stock of Basics nappies, they quickly sent out an email to say they had noticed the inserts had not been as expected and were only 2 layers of micro-fibre not 3 as expected. So they gave you the option of a refund or they were happy to include a 3 layer bamboo booster – which is the option I took. Please note this issue has been fixed now and all current stock is the 3 layer. I will do a review in due course, we definitely needed to use the booster but for £10 these are a great little stash filler of a nappy!

I think that’s all the nappy news for now, although of course as soon as I post this someone will announced something new – just watch!

Michelle x


A quick catch up

We’re so busy here atm! Am still sorting out the house after the move, every weekend we find something else that needs putting up or moving about and now the weather is getting better there’ll be the garden to sort out as well. Which actually I’m super excited about as it’s a nice big flat garden (our old one was up a hill) so we’ll be able to get the girls a slide or a swing or even a trampoline!

Izzy and Dill

We’ve also got a poorly doggie but hopefully he’s finally on the mend now (he is 15 so he’s doing well bless) and he just adores the girls. Izzy is constantly getting into his bed whilst he’s in it and then reads him a book or simply just ‘talks’ to him. And speaking of dogs, we also went to Crufts this year and it was so good! We did spend quite a bit though but it was a lovely day out and next year we’re going to have to get up earlier so that we can hit the shopping properly and catch some of the shows! We left Izzy at home with Nanny but Chloe loved it – especially as we met up with my Aunty, Uncle and Cousin who were competing in the Flyball.

I cant believe it will be April soon, I have so much to do! I think I need to do a bit of stationary shopping (who doesnt love stationary shopping!) and start making myself to do lists – and actually stick to them and get things done!

Be back soon with some fluffy updates!

Michelle x

Our crafty fun with the Toucan Box

When browsing for some craft ideas I could do with Chloe I came across the Toucan Box website, the concept is fab, you pay a monthly fee and get sent a box with all of the things required to complete some fun crafts. Since moving house half of our craft stuff is still hidden away somewhere (possibly the shed of no return) so this really appealed to me as even in a kids magazine it sometimes requires you to find your Art Attack sized craft collection of things make something on the inside cover.

If you dont want to read all about it (my posts are a bit long and rambly) then head to the bottom of the post where I’ve found a code for a free taster box or a code to get your first box half price.

There are 3 subscription tiers and you can cancel at anytime:

One craft toucanBoxPETITE £3.95 + 98p P&P

  • All the materials for an exciting activity
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every fortnight

Two craft toucanBoxGRANDE £9.95 + £2.95 P&P

  • All the materials for 2 exciting activities
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • A book to share together
  • A parent card with more ideas and inspiration
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every month
  • Add extra materials for a sibling for just £4.95

Four craft toucanBoxSUPER £16.95 + £2.95 P&P

  • All the materials for 4 exciting activities
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • A book to share together
  • A parent card with more ideas and inspiration
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every month
  • Add extra materials for a sibling for just £9.95

I picked the Grande box with 2 crafts inside, paid the £12.90 and waited a few weeks for it to arrive. You also get an option to select which themes your child would prefer, there are lots to choose from, Ballerina, Bugs, Colours, Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Sea Life, etc.

So it arrived (Chloe spotted her name on the box straight away) and I was actually quite excited to see what was inside too.

Toucan Box The theme was Ocean, we had a lovely book and the craft projects were to make Jellyfish Racers (Chloe insists we race them every-time we enter or leave the kitchen) and a pair of Hermit Crabs. Plus there was a parent card explaining what the box was helping Chloe to learn and other things we could do to explore the theme further. And there was a big chart where you stick on a sticker once you complete each craft project (we got two in our box) and you save them up to exchange on the site for things like a yo-yo, pencil case etc.

Inside the Toucan Box

I have to say the quality of the materials was really good and for things like the Jellyfish racers we had tons of ribbon left over so if your LO ‘messes up’ a little and cuts something too short etc then you should still be fine. We made the Jellyfish racers first, Chloe loved threading on the beads and sticking on the googly eyes the best and of course making them race!

Jellyfish racers craft

We stuck them to the fridge door with the sucker pads provided and you alternate tugging on their legs to make them race to the top – Chloe (who is super competitive) seems to nearly always win!

Jellyfish Racer timeDaddy helped Chloe with the Hermit Crab craft a few days later, it involved painting, more threading with pipe cleaners, cutting, sticking, again all which Chloe loved doing.

Hermit CrabsI think of the two crafts the Jellyfish racers were our favourites as we’re still playing with them now and we’ve kept the instructions so that we can make them again in the future. Where as even though the Hermit Crabs are cute they’re now just sat on a shelf and probably wont get played with again.

At nearly £13 for a book and two crafts it is on the expensive side but it’s so nice just to be able to have it all ready to go, rather then having to think about planning something and then not having something when you need it. And just to do something totally different! I have kept the subscription for March’s box and I think I might even upgrade to the 4 craft box for the summer holidays!

They also have a free taster box, simply go here and use the code TOUCAN to get the free box (I think you need to add your card details and then cancel once the free box has been sent if you dont want to be charged for the next months box).ToucanTaster

Or if you sign up to their newsletter here then they send you a code for 50% off your first post (wish I knew this before I signed up!).

Chloe is already looking forward to the next box and I will definitely be posting about it and hopefully inspire people to get crafty (whether they get a box or not)!

Michelle xx

P.S. I bought the Toucan Box mentioned in this post and did this post because I wanted to share something we really liked, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.




AppleCheeks are back


Good news! Kingdom of Fluff are now stocking the AppleCheeks pocket/AI2 nappies and I’m so glad as I really loved them when we tried them on Chloe (read the review here) but then I couldnt find them stocked anywhere, so yay to KOF for bringing them back! They come in two sizes and have a really great range of bright colours and a few limited edition prints (Laura at KOF is getting some more in next week hopefully). I just used them as a pocket (there’s a choice of 3 different inserts – the bamboo inserts are fab and thirsty) the fit was lovely, they looked cute, no leaks and the insert agitates out in the wash on it own – always a winner for me!

AppleCheeks inner

And there is a 10% off them when you use the code APPLES until the 3rd March. I’ve already placed my order for a few and cant wait to see them on Izzy. I think they’re such a good-looking nappy that actually works super well too. Also I really do love the bamboo inserts as they fold out for faster drying and are super absorbent but you can use any insert really, a prefold or anything else you have that works for you. I’m going to see if I can boost them and use them at night as I’ve heard Mummy’s across the pond have used them at night boosted with no problems.

Okay enough rambling but if you’re in the market for trying something new then do give these a whirl – even if you’re a pocket fan or not, I’m certainly not a pocket fan in general but these are better and prettier then most pockets we’ve had. I will probably update the review I did of them to include how they fit and work on Izzy but I have a feeling they are going to very popular especially in summer when you get to show off the fluff as these are just so cute looking, see below for the new colour and print arriving next week!

AppleCheeks new


Fluffy news from Bumgenius, Tots Bots and Milovia


BG hummingbird

Hey it’s been awhile I know but there’s been some fluffy happenings of late so I thought I’d do a quick round-up, firstly BumGenius have brought out a new colour, Hummingbird which will be available in all the BG/Flip nappies. Very pretty, I did think they might bring out a new hot pink, to replace the now discontinued Zinnia pink, especially with it coming up to Valentine’s a prefect time to launch it. But still it’s a nice colour and I would put it on Izzy, if we actually needed to buy any new nappies! There’s no actual release date yet for them over here but they are out this month in the US.


TBS Binky

Also Tots Bots are at it again and have announced the release of the V4 easyfit, now with bamboo and minky (which they call binky!) making them thirstier then before but still fast dying and they now always come with a booster for heavy wetters. A step in the right direction I think, as nearly everyone I speak to prefers the old V2 which are bamboo over the minky V3. Also they have redesigned their wraps and rather than having size 0, 1, 2 etc they now just come 2 sizes to match up with their famous Stretchy fitted nappies. Plus they are now even comfier with a stretchy fit and supersoft leg cuffs - a really great improvement! And they have a new booster coming out as well featuring the new ‘binky’ material.

TB wrap


The the big news for most is that they also have new prints coming in the V4 and wraps! Now I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the prints, they are a little too cutesy and somewhat babyish for us but I’m sure they’re going to be very popular. The theme is nursery rhymes and features (from left to right): Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, Incy Wincy Spider, Sixpence and Hickory Dickory Dock.

TBs prints

Preorders are open everywhere and delivery should start around the 10th of feb. Plus, dont forget to follow Tots Bots on facebook as I’m sure they’ll be having lots of giveaways nearer the release of them.




Milovia prints


And lastly I wanted to draw attention to the Milovia brand which is newish to the UK and they make pocket nappies, wraps and wetbags, all made entirely of European fabrics. Now yes they have really fab prints (love the owls and pirates) but the other cool feature is the microfiber inserts, now I’m not a fan of mf in general but these are super thick and absorbent and best yet dont have that catchy/scratchy mf feel to them.

Milovia BTP

The Milovia wraps are really good quality as well and they can be used as just a normal cover over fitteds or you can use the Milovia inserts with them (or any inserts that fit, even prefolds) as an AI2 system - much like Flips. I really like them and Fill Your Pants have a fab offer where you can get a Milovia 2 part bundle (in either small/newborn size or the BTP) and 3 of the stay dry inserts (in either small, medium or large) for £21.95. Under £22 for 3 nappy changes? Yes please!

Milovia AI2

I think that’s all for now, we’ve tried both the Milovia pocket nappy and AI2 wrap with the inserts, and I prefer the AI2 just for the fact that I’ve never been a fan of stuffing pockets! The fit is nice, they lasted well just using the large insert on it’s own, and I love love love the owl prints! Definitely worth giving them a try, action pics to follow once I find my camera!

Michelle x




New year, new house

So that’s where I’ve been, busy packing, chasing estate agents and solicitors and getting ready for the big move which actually happened in about 8 hours in a mad rush in the rain but anyways we’re in! The girls rooms are painted (Chloe picked ‘Fairy Dust’ pink) new furniture in, a few leaks were fixed in the kitchen and over all about 11 cans of paint have been used – fun times. Now we just have the boring stuff to do like putting up shelves and a few more boxes to unpack that no one really wants to unpack so we keep moving them from room to room and hiding them behind things/in cupboards etc. Oh and we need to wait to get rehooked up to the net so it’ll still be a few more weeks till I’m back back.

Still I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season like we did and here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!

Michelle x