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Review: Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 nappy


Following on from Peachy Green’s sized AIO nappies, they have now added a one size AI2 to their range. Now I loved the sized AIOs; trim, absorbent, gorgeous prints, the list goes on. And in general I’d always take a sized nappy over a one size due to the fit, so I wasnt super excited when I first heard about the OS but I am now converted! It’s virtually as trim as the sized version on, possibly the slimmest OS nappy we own. Me and OH really do love it, so much so that we now own quite a few……damn those gorgeous limited edition prints!

So enough gushing, let’s get to the specs, Amanda at Baby Bum Boutique stocks the biggest range and new colours and prints are released virtually every 2-3 months (yay!). They are priced at £16 for the shell and inserts are £6 each. Sounds expensive but bear in mind it’s an AI2 – meaning that you can reuse the shell. So if you spent £16 on a shell and £12 on two inserts (£28 in total) you are effectively getting two wears each time out of it – as if it were two nappies. So £28 for the equivalent of two nappies, which if you look at the fact that they come in fun prints and have bamboo inserts is a fab price.

It’s a side snapping nappy (my favourite type for a nice smooth finish across the belly) and it adjusts with rise snaps on the front to grow with your child. The inside of the shell is a soft microfleece that resists wetness so when the insert is wet you can just swap it out for a fresh one. You could of course just use it as an AIO if you wish and it’s still a fab nappy but to make the most of your money its worth reusing the shell. 

Chloe was in the medium (size 1s) in the sized version and the rise was getting a bit on the low side but in the Sprout Up it’s a perfect fit and there’s plenty of room around the waist to fit a bigger child still. One slight issue I have is that unlike most AI2s nappies that have a wipeable shell, the Sprout Up just has the microfleece – which is great in that its nice and soft on the areas it touches your child’s skin but if they are a super wetter then you may need to let the shell air a little before you re-use it. Not a big deal and to be honest I think I prefer it being the soft microfleece next to their skin.

So as mentioned, there is a snap in insert which attaches to the back of the nappy and its made from bamboo fleece which is super absorbent and it has stayed fairly soft after months of washing. The inserts are different to the sized nappies, as obviously these need to grow with your child and the one size shell. So they are in one long piece that you snap in to the shell and the bottom layer folds back on itself and snaps up to a small, medium or large setting and then the top layer goes over the top.

Ease of use: These are super simple, no stuffing or anything fiddly, just snap in an insert and put on, at change time snap in a fresh one and when it is time to put it in the wetbag you dont need to unsnap the insert at all (unless you want to).

Performance: These arent quite as absorbent as the sized AIO version but with a booster in they are good for 3+ hours on Chloe which for a good looking and trim nappy is fine with me. Containment is great, the soft leg elastic combined with the ability to do different waist and leg snap settings means it gives a snug fit and there’s no red marks from the leg elastic.  Drying time is really great for it being a natural fiber insert thanks to the fact its in one long piece and as the inner is microfleece it is of course virtually dry from the machine and stays nice and soft wash after wash.

Design: The frequency with which new colours and prints come out means there’s bound to be something you like. They always have really funky prints too, I love the Owls one and the colour coordinating snaps are a nice touch. It’s great knowing that there’s only a limited amount of each print and it means they should hold their resell value well. I think the design of these is really fab, I love how you dont need to buy different sized inserts and the nappy itself is pretty much perfect, nothing I’d want to change at all.

Overall: I love that we dont have to compromise on having a trim fit for absorbency or even looks. I wish we could afford more of these as they brighten up my day with the funky prints and they fit fab under skinny jeans or legging. I never thought I’d say this but I do prefer this one size version then the sized and would recommend the Sprout Up to anyone. Especially as it can work out cheaper if you buy a few inserts and reuse the shell but like I said, even if you used it as an AIO it’s still a fab nappy! I do wish they were cheaper but that cant be helped with imported goods and the quality of these is really fab, they’ll definitely last to a second child. And speaking of second child, I’ll be trying these on Izzy soon and will update on how they fit on a little one!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for dong it . 

Fluffy mail

Well, this isnt all cloth nappy related, but I love saying ‘fluffy mail’ as it just sounds so lovely and happy! So here’s our round-up goodies that have arrived this past week and some bits we picked up at the weekend in town.

Firstly our (woolly) fluffy post arrived from Babysmalls, a new pair of acrylic longies for Chloe as the old ones are getting a bit short and a pair of acrylic shorties. They all fit perfectly and although I do like normal wool too, it’s nice to have something that can just be popped in the normal wash and doesnt need lanolising, super easy to look after and very pretty! Do take a look at the site as Karen sells fleece soakers, bibs and other goodies besides woolly things!

My order from the Bodyshop arrived too, (something for me for once!). I love, love, love their body butters, especially good for moisturising my poor neglected dry feet and if I put some on before bed and pop cotton socks over top then my feet are silky soft in the morning. A tub usually lasts ages but when I saw they had launched a new Body Butter Duo, where half the pot is a rich cream and the other half is a light one, then I of course *needed* it. It solves having to have one normal moisturiser and the body butter out on the side, and the new scents (I got Floral Acai) sounded yummy and well yes I’m a sucker for a new gimmick!!

On Sunday we popped into town and got Chloe’s feet measured again, she’s now a 4F, so some new shoes were had at Clarks. These dont have velcro on (thank god) as Chloe used to think it was very amusing to take her old shoes off every 5 mins. I hate to think what we’ll end up spending on shoes by the time she’s old enough to be buying her own! It would be great if Clarks did some kind of loyalty card or say if you traded in an old pair of Clarks you’d get something off a new pair, and then they could recycle the old shoes or send them off to children who needed them, oh that would be lovely! I hope you’re reading this someone from Clarks, take note!!

We also popped into the Early Learning Centre and bought a new jigsaw for Chloe and a Play Doh factory thing, which we all had a lot of fun with (mummy and daddy possibly more so than Chloe maybe!). Everytime we go in there I keep eyeing up the Happyland range, I’m dying to get Chloe the Fairy Castle but it’s only 4 months till her birthday so I’m sure she (and I!) can be good and wait. After town we bought a loaf of bread and fed it to some ducks and geese by the river. And we’ve vowed to go back and see them again soon as they tiny baby duckling were so cute, I promise to take pics as well as I forgot!

And then today we got some actual cloth nappy fluffy mail, yay! We havent had any new nappies for a few weeks, everything had been on preorder or a custom so is still being made, so I was more than happy to get new fluff!! This lovely parcel of fluffiness was from Baby Bum Boutique and is more of the amazing Bright Star Baby nappies. If you can remember from our review, we loved them so I ended up ordering 2 more in the lovely Miami Jazz and Hooty Tutti print, a Tshirt to match the current Girly Pirates print nappy we have and some of the hemp snap in boosters. Expensive haul but gorgeous, nice and bright for summer too, these are my current favourite nappies and I think if I had some spare pennies then they would go on a few more!!

So that has made me fluff happy for a bit, I think our custom Wee Notions are in the process of being finished so hopefully will be here end of this week or next, happy days! I’ve ordered 2 custom Monkey Foot wetbags too, with double pockets, which will be fantastic for keeping clean and dirty nappies all in one place when out and about, hopefully they shouldnt be more than 3 or so week, doubly exciting! The only new fluff left is my custom Dunk n Fluff order (which I need to pay for this week, eeek!), 2 nappies and a matching top/dress, I havent seen them yet but they should be here soon, more exciting stuff!!

So that’s us all updated, have possibly 2 reviews to get out this week, plus the CJ’s BUTTer giveaway closes soon so please go enter if you havent already!

Michelle xx


Review: Peachy Green Solo Luxe AIO sized nappy


I’ll confess, I hadnt heard of Peachy Green nappies (previously called Bright Star Baby – please see the update at the bottom of the review for more info) before Amanda at Baby Bum Boutique got in touch and asked if we’d like to review one. I nipped over to her shop to have a look at them and to say I was eager was an understatement! They looked fantastic; prints, side snaps, AIO (but you can unsnap the insert for better washing and faster drying), trim fitting, bamboo/cotton soakers – all of which are some of my favourite nappy related words, they almost seemed a bit too good to be true!

So back to the nappy itself, they are £17.75 and come in 3 sizes: Size 0, 1 and 2. Sized nappies do work out slightly more expensive in the long run but they always give such a trim fit, I’ve always preferred them on Chloe. We have the size 1 and Chloe’s around 21lbs so I’m pretty sure that due to the super stretchy outer this will last Chloe a bit beyond the stated max weight, which is always good.

So as mentioned, there is a snap in insert which attaches to the back of the nappy and is made from 100% bamboo/organic cotton fleece, which feels nice and soft. It’s what I’d call a double tongue style (two pieces attached at one end) but the great thing is the bottom piece is double layered at the end, towards the front of the nappy. So you get 3 layers there in total (or you could always fold it to the middle/back if needed. And as I said it has side snaps, which I always love, these give a lovely smooth finish across the belly, and it means you can have different settings for the legs and waist, perfect for Chloe.

So I was pretty much in love with it when I saw it, it went straight on and the fit was one of the best in cloth nappies we’ve had. The lovely stretch to the nappy is fantastic and it was so trim, you’d think she was wearing a disposable nappy. She didnt have it on for long but luckily enough the next day was wash day (is that a bit sad I get excited when it’s nappy wash day?) so I gave it some extra washing in the machine, ready for next time to give it a good testing. The weather is pretty rubbish here at the minute so I hung it on the airer inside and unsnapped the insert to help with drying and it was fully dry by morning.

At this point I was thinking ‘I love this nappy but I bet it doesnt last 5 minutes on Chloe’ as that’s generally the case I’ve found with pretty nappies. So on the nappy went and she had it on for about 3 hours before I chickened out and changed her but there were no leaks. Chloe is a heavy wetter so I was thinking we’d only get 2ish hours out of such a trim nappy but we can get around 3 hours out of it no problem. And if I stick in a little bamboo booster, which doesnt add to the bulk of the nappy at all then we can easily go 4 hours. There is a hemp booster that you can buy and snap in with the insert for heavy wetters/night time which I wouldnt mind getting for Chloe (see update below) but really any small booster you have laying around will work if you do need one.

Ease of use: These are pretty much perfect, you dont have to unsnap the insert at all but if you do then it’s super quick just to snap it back on once dry and you’re ready to go. I find side snapping nappies really easy to put on and once Daddy knows what snaps Chloe is on then he has no problems with them, the stretch to the fabric also helps to get a nice snug fit.

Performance: No leaks, no wicking (which I was wary of) and containment is perfect – nothing escapes! Drying time really is good, especially with being able to snap out the insert. And it’s stayed lovely and soft, even when it’s been dried on the line, which does tend to make some nappies hard and crunchy. Also there’s been no hint of red marks on Chloe’s thighs which is happening more and more these days, the soft leg elastic combined with the ability to do different waist and leg snap setting is a win for us.

Design: The range of prints and colours is really great and I hear there are new limited edition prints released regularly, which is always fab to hear. I dont think there’s a single thing I dont like about this nappy, oh wait actually, I’d love it if the label was on a black background instead of white on the darker prints like the Girly Pirate we have and a stay dry layer on the top of the insert would be fab, just to stop Chloe from feeling too wet but we just use a fleece liner so it’s not the end of the world. Yes I know that’s being really fussy but there’s nothing else I can find to fault with it!

Overall: It’s official, I am in love with this nappy, it has everything I adore, fun prints, side snaps, an amazing fit, easy to use, absorbent and did I mention the incredible trimness? We had no problems putting Chloe in a pair of skinny jeans which I have been having trouble squeezing her fluffy bum into with other nappies on.

It is a little on the expensive side for a sized nappy but like I said the stretchiness to the fabric will probably mean it lasts a bit above the stated size ranges and personally I think it’s worth that little bit more. I have actually already put an order in for 2 more (and believe me I had trouble stopping at just two!). Amanda is more than happy to take preorders as otherwise the most popular prints sell out fast. This may not be an amazing workhorse of a nappy for us that Chloe can go 4-5 hours in unboosted but it’s so pretty and slim fitting that it is a real favourite with both me and Daddy. Well worth every penny and am so happy we’ve come across it!

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy to review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

Update 7th November 2011

We still love these nappies and actually have 5 of them now, (plus a matching Tshirt for the Girly Pirates nappy – which Chloe looks too cute in!). I did try the hemp boosters but didnt find them to be that great and wasnt too keen on the design of them. They snap to the the back of the nappy and then you snap the normal insert to them. I didnt like how this makes quite a chunk of plastic, a triple snap on snap bit, which as you can imagine is quite big. Plus it’s longer then the insert, so you can fold it for more boosting where needed, but I’d have just preferred it to be the same length as unless it’s a pre creased/stitched over fold it always makes it bulkier, IYGWIM! But as I love the slimness of these so much I’m more then happy to go without the booster and just change Chloe around the 3 hour mark before the nappy gets too wet – or just add a normal bamboo booster to make it go longer. And I can say that the inside of the nappies and inserts are still relatively soft, they havent got hard/crunchy like I’d have expected after months and months of use. Daddy is still a big fan of these as they are so simple to put on, not bulky and you can just chuck them in the nappy bin when done (although I still do unsnap the insert).

The main reason for the update is to say Bright Star Baby had now changed their name to Peachy Green so I have updated the review to reflect that, but be assured that they are still 100% made to the same design and materials etc. And they are still releasing gorgeous limited editions prints and a new AI2 style nappy has also been released where the inside of the nappy is fleece I believe, so that you should be able to just change the inserts at change time and reuse the same cover, like a Flip nappy. I havent tried them and they arent out over here yet but I’m sure I’ll have to get one to try when Amanda at Baby Bum Boutique has them in stock!

Michelle xx

Giveaway! (Closed)

To celebrate Real Nappy Week 2011, Amanda at Baby Bum Boutique has given us one of the Bright Star Baby nappies to giveaway on the blog, the winner can pick any size or colour/print that’s in stock. All you have to do is take a look over at the Bright Star Baby nappies and answer the following question:

‘What is your favourite print in the Bright Star Baby range?’

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Good luck!

And the winner is @sionedwyn !!

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