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Our crafty fun with the Toucan Box

When browsing for some craft ideas I could do with Chloe I came across the Toucan Box website, the concept is fab, you pay a monthly fee and get sent a box with all of the things required to complete some fun crafts. Since moving house half of our craft stuff is still hidden away somewhere (possibly the shed of no return) so this really appealed to me as even in a kids magazine it sometimes requires you to find your Art Attack sized craft collection of things make something on the inside cover.

If you dont want to read all about it (my posts are a bit long and rambly) then head to the bottom of the post where I’ve found a code for a free taster box or a code to get your first box half price.

There are 3 subscription tiers and you can cancel at anytime:

One craft toucanBoxPETITE £3.95 + 98p P&P

  • All the materials for an exciting activity
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every fortnight

Two craft toucanBoxGRANDE £9.95 + £2.95 P&P

  • All the materials for 2 exciting activities
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • A book to share together
  • A parent card with more ideas and inspiration
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every month
  • Add extra materials for a sibling for just £4.95

Four craft toucanBoxSUPER £16.95 + £2.95 P&P

  • All the materials for 4 exciting activities
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • A book to share together
  • A parent card with more ideas and inspiration
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every month
  • Add extra materials for a sibling for just £9.95

I picked the Grande box with 2 crafts inside, paid the £12.90 and waited a few weeks for it to arrive. You also get an option to select which themes your child would prefer, there are lots to choose from, Ballerina, Bugs, Colours, Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Sea Life, etc.

So it arrived (Chloe spotted her name on the box straight away) and I was actually quite excited to see what was inside too.

Toucan Box The theme was Ocean, we had a lovely book and the craft projects were to make Jellyfish Racers (Chloe insists we race them every-time we enter or leave the kitchen) and a pair of Hermit Crabs. Plus there was a parent card explaining what the box was helping Chloe to learn and other things we could do to explore the theme further. And there was a big chart where you stick on a sticker once you complete each craft project (we got two in our box) and you save them up to exchange on the site for things like a yo-yo, pencil case etc.

Inside the Toucan Box

I have to say the quality of the materials was really good and for things like the Jellyfish racers we had tons of ribbon left over so if your LO ‘messes up’ a little and cuts something too short etc then you should still be fine. We made the Jellyfish racers first, Chloe loved threading on the beads and sticking on the googly eyes the best and of course making them race!

Jellyfish racers craft

We stuck them to the fridge door with the sucker pads provided and you alternate tugging on their legs to make them race to the top – Chloe (who is super competitive) seems to nearly always win!

Jellyfish Racer timeDaddy helped Chloe with the Hermit Crab craft a few days later, it involved painting, more threading with pipe cleaners, cutting, sticking, again all which Chloe loved doing.

Hermit CrabsI think of the two crafts the Jellyfish racers were our favourites as we’re still playing with them now and we’ve kept the instructions so that we can make them again in the future. Where as even though the Hermit Crabs are cute they’re now just sat on a shelf and probably wont get played with again.

At nearly £13 for a book and two crafts it is on the expensive side but it’s so nice just to be able to have it all ready to go, rather then having to think about planning something and then not having something when you need it. And just to do something totally different! I have kept the subscription for March’s box and I think I might even upgrade to the 4 craft box for the summer holidays!

They also have a free taster box, simply go here and use the code TOUCAN to get the free box (I think you need to add your card details and then cancel once the free box has been sent if you dont want to be charged for the next months box).ToucanTaster

Or if you sign up to their newsletter here then they send you a code for 50% off your first post (wish I knew this before I signed up!).

Chloe is already looking forward to the next box and I will definitely be posting about it and hopefully inspire people to get crafty (whether they get a box or not)!

Michelle xx

P.S. I bought the Toucan Box mentioned in this post and did this post because I wanted to share something we really liked, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.




Pics from the last few weeks

Yes we’ve been super busy again, Chloe turned 4, we all got sick and lots of other things in between but rather than ramble on, here is a more visual update of the last few weeks – I really need to get sorted on Instagram, would make it much easier!

Wee Notions fluffy mail

Fluffy mail from Wee Notions in their new One Size AI2 style nappies, cant wait to try them properly, pic of them on to follow……………………..Bazinga!


Love Lula October Box

My Love Lula box arrived and I love mostly everything in there, the Ren stuff smells amazing, the beauty balm from Herbfarmacy looks interesting to use and am looking forward to trying the new Weleda shampoo. I’m a loyal L’Occitane follower on the hand cream front so I might give the Cowshed one to my Mum as she gets through hand cream like no body else I know! Still a great box, well worth the £12.50 it cost, cant wait till the next!


A well needed breakHurraw!

A well needed break was needed the other week and the Lindt hit the spot, but it did make me feel all Christmas-y! Also my favourite lip balm, Hurraw, that I’ve been meaning to mention, it lives in the desk drawer and gets used multiple times a day. It’s black cherry scented (delicious) and slightly tinted, organic, vegan and made from raw ingredients. Am glad it doesnt taste like black cherries or I’d be constantly licking my lips! Health shops and place like that online sell it, but I think I got mine from Ebay, they do others but I think the black cherry is the only tinted one.


Izzy moustache

Izzy doing a pensive ‘I moustache you a question’ face whilst we were out on Chloe’s birthday having a delicious Pizza Express.


Chloe moustache

And then Chloe’s version which she made on one of the game apps on my phone, and she now constantly wants to take everyone’s picture to put a ‘tache on as it’s hysterically funny (well it is a bit!).

That will have to be it for now as Izzy is waking up from a too short nap and we need to get some things sorted out as Chloe is starting nursery tomorrow!

Michelle x

Where did June go?

Yes again I’ve been busy and the blog as fallen by the wayside, I blinked and now it’s almost July! But with two gorgeous little ones in my life sometimes other things have to take a back seat, so there’s always next month to write up all those half done posts, right? Chloe has discovered an interest in the solar system and can name all the planets (nearly) in the correct order. Izzy now has a few more teeth and is pulling herself up to stand at any chance – standing on her own and walking is not far round the corner. She’s growing up so fast and Chloe is such a brilliant big sister, especially now Izzy can play a little bit morr. Although Chloe has decided that Izzy is like a puppy as she’s crawling around and now calls her Izzy-puppy! Here are a few pics from the other day when Chloe was super excited to find a massive strawberry and Izzy, well, she was just happy to ram as much in her mouth as possible!

Michelle x






Walkers Hoops and Crosses Crisps

I was recently asked if we’d like to try the new the Walkers Hoops and Crosses crisps. Now normally I ignore most of these offers but I had a look at the info for them and actually they are something that if I saw when out shopping (or when sat at home doing an online shop in my PJs) then I would get them to try. So I said yes and a little while later a packet arrived with a bag of the crisps and the most adorable monkey toy that Chloe swiftly scooped up to play with and a little book with information which she then proceeded to ‘read’ to the monkey!
Back on topic, the crisps – they are baked from multi-grain, contain no artificial flavours or preservatives, have 30 percent less fat than traditional crisps and contain no MSG, making them a healthier or better snack choice. We eat wholegrain bread fairly often and I know some cereals are wholegrain, I’m not surely exactly if we eat enough but if I had two packets of crisps to choose from and one was wholegrain then I would go for that as the ‘better’ version – I mean why wouldnt you?
We were sent a bag of Roast Beef flavour Hoops and Crosses – initially I thought ‘oh no’ as me and the girls are veggies but as it turns out they are veggie friendly, infact all the flavours in the range are. Whilst I wouldnt personally pick Roast Beef flavour for myself or the girls they were actually alright, OH declared they tasted like Monster Munch crisps and Chloe ate them happily. I do like the hoops and crosses shape as Chloe was making little games with them, lining them up etc, turning a snack into something that will keep her attention for a few minutes is always useful so I think I might keep a packet of these in my bag for when we’re out and about.

I’ve already added some salt and vinegar ones to next week’s food shop as I think they’re fun and do have an element of being healthier than other crisps. I wont be letting the girls eat them more often just because these are slightly ‘better’ for you but it’s nice to know when they do have them it’s not all terrible.

I’d be happy to put these in a lunchbox as a treat or take them out of picnics etc. But I do hope they come out with a cheese flavour and especially in a big ‘adult’ sized bag as I’d happily sit and munch on them whilst watching a film! And dont worry, Izzy got a little play with the monkey too.
We were sent the crisps and the lovely monkey toy but as always the thoughts and opinions are my own and these are something that I would have bought to try anyway and actually we do like them and will buy them!

A little catch up


The girlsP1070538

So Izzy is now just over 6 months old and about ohhhhhhhhhh 16lbs!? Which I’m sure is perfectly ‘normal’ and all that but damn she seems so big compared to Chloe, who didnt get to 15lb+ till she was 12 months old! I feel like I’m constantly putting something on Izzy and then going ‘nope this doesnt fit anymore!’. She is just so squishy and yummy though and Chloe is an even better big sister then I ever could have imagined – actually she’s a bit of a bossy boots/mother hen, telling me what Izzy wants and doesnt want! Oh and Izzy has just gotten her first tooth!! As with Chloe I didnt even know it was on its way till there it was and she’s still being a little angel with sleeping mostly through the night.

So Easter is here, which really equals chocolate in our family, although Chloe was super over the moon to get a big girls backpack with Peppa Pig on it. And I got Izzy this really lovely Tidlo Wooden Magnetic Wobbly Stacker, which although of course she cant really play with at the minute, she does like looking at it and chewing on it! But her favourite toy is the good old Jumperoo, when she gets going in that it’s like she’s trying to launch herself into space. Chloe was the same in hers and it sure does wear her out bless.



So that’s our mini update really, other then we’re still house hunting and wish spring would actually hurry up and arrive rather then the snow, (yes snow!) we’ve been having! Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday long weekend, the cold weather stopped us doing a lot of lovely things we had planned and as always it’s gone far too quick but family time is always lovely whatever we do.

Michelle x

Snow day

Yes it’s happened again, that cold white stuff has been falling from the sky on and off for the past few days. It happens every year and we were even told it was coming but still it always takes us by surprise. Chloe was full of wonder at seeing the street blanketed by snow and was eager to get out in and play. I have to say it was lovely watching her play with Daddy as last year she was unsure and didnt like falling down, but this year she was well away and had no fear about running about, falling down or asking Daddy to pull her even faster in the sledge! So hear we are, a few snow pics, I’m sure they’ll be more to come and next year Izzy will be out in it too – cant wait!

Picture 18668


Picture 18659


Stay safe and warm!

Michelle x