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Fluffy mail

Some lovely fluffy post arrived at the weekend, Chloe’s last order fromGoodmama, the super cute tee was a surprise and so lovely. Perfect timing for the lovely weather we’re having atm, so Chloe’s been running around showing off her new fluff without a cover on, action pics to follow.

Have been feeling a little off of late and super tired but will be making an effort this week as I have some lovely things planned, enjoy the weather whilst it lasts!!

Michelle xx

Review: Goodmama fitted nappy


Goodmama nappies have an almost cult like following in America and that’s not just because they have a fabulous selection of prints (that generally only run for a limited time and new prints are added frequently) but because the nappies are so well made and work so well.

As with most American WAHM nappies, these are few and far between over here, no one as yet stocks them so I actually went to the source and bought it from their shop on one of their friday stalking stocking days. The cost wasn’t too bad with shipping (about £26) and some lovely wipes jumped into my basket as well (which are my new all time favourites!). The only problem is on fridays you have to go to their FB page and find out what time the shop will be stocking and then when the time comes you sit there frantically refreshing the shop page until the nappies get stocked (one print at a time). And unfortunately you cant wait around with nappies in your basket as they will be bought from under your nose. So as soon as you see a print that you want you have to go checkout and pay. The problem is if you wanted say 3 different nappies then you have to check them all out separately and they wont combine/refund you the shipping costs so you’d have to pay for the shipping 3 times, eek! Hence why I was so restrained and only got 1. Hopefully someone will be stocking them over here soon so everyone can enjoy their loveliness but otherwise I see them on preloved boards a lot but again they tend to get snapped up so you have to be quick!

Okay so back to the actually nappy, this print is a new one called Love Potion, and I am so glad I snagged it as it’s lovely and OH likes it too! It can be folded down at the front for smaller babies and there are crossover snaps as well. Each wing has 3 snaps to do up, all nicely spaced out to stop wing droop but we generally only really do 2 snaps up on each side. I know I say this a lot but the inside really is velvety soft, I wish I could get PJ’s like this!

The inner core is absorbent organic bamboo/cotton fleece and the lining is another layer of soft and silky organic cotton/bamboo velour. The soaker’s stitching matches the snaps and tie in with the print perfectly. The soaker is made from organic cotton/bamboo velour plus 2 layers of organic bamboo/cotton fleece sewn together and then another soaker made the same is then sewn to it at one end. Which all together gives 9 layers of super soft squishiness. The elastic at the back and the legs is nice and tight but there is a good amount of padding as well to give it a soft but snug fit – no red marks left behind from this nappy. I knew right away that this was a great nappy and yes I did indeed pop Chloe into it straight away!

Generally Chloe wears this around the house without a cover on now that its warmer and she’s toddling about. We can get about 2-2 and a half hours from it max like this but I’m more than happy with that. I know if we had a cover over the top it would be in the 3 hour+ category but I just love seeing the print! GM’s have a really nice contoured shape to them, which is great to avoid the sumo wrestler look. I must say we’re usually a fan of side snap nappies over front snapping, as they are a better fit on Chloe but the GM is a great snug fit, I think that’s were paying that bit extra for a brand like this really works.

Ease of use: Nice and simple, snap in soaker and go, yes it does need a cover if you’re going to be putting trousers over the top or will be sitting down a lot but as summer is getting ever so closer I think ours will be on show a lot of the time!

Performance: One of the best day fitteds we own, I can really see why they have such a big following. It washes well and the drying time isnt any longer than other day fitteds we own.

Design: Almost perfect, it looks great, contains everything and holds up well to Chloe’s heavy weeing but it also gives such a lovely trim fit as well. If only they could squeeze in a bit of PUL to make it an AI2 but still keep the amazing fit then this would be 100% perfect and I’d seriously consider converting all our stash to them!

Overall: I do love these and if someone stocks them over here or there was a co-op running then I would sign up in a heartbeat. These are seriously gorgeous nappies and the prints are amazing! Have a look through some of the pics here on FB and I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with more than a few! It’s just a real shame they are so hard to get hold of. I’m more than happy to pay a good price for a gorgeous nappy that’s been well made but having to wait for one day a week to then sit at the PC for an hour or so in the hope that I might be quick enough to grab one or maybe two (and then have to pay double for shipping) is hard work.  But fingers crossed someone can start stocking them soon as I love them and need lots more for the summer (sorry Mr Bank Manager!).

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

Belated fluffy mail

I havent posted about fluffy mail for ages (I blame sickness) so thought I’d do a quick recap of things that have arrived in the last month. This will be very pic heavy but in no particular order;

A ton of fluffy goodness that all arrived in one day, from left, GroVia AI2 in mod flowers, Green Sprout night nappy, acrylic soaker from Baby Smalls and finally the Wild Child night nappy!! It was a lovely fluffy mail day, reviews on them all to follow.

Our gorgeous Goodmama fitted, in love potion print arrived with a dozen girly wipes, all gorgeous and well worth the effort (and expense) of stalking to get them. The only bad side is I love the nappy and wipes so much I can see it being a costly getting future ones!

I won a set of the gorgeous smelling CJ’s all natural butter from Babybots. It was a lovely surprise to win as I’ve been trying lots of different stuff to ease Chloe’s eczema and dry skin patches and this stuff is fine to use with cloth nappies. Fingers crossed this will help, some of the scents, no ALL of the scents smell gorgeous, am loving the love spell, lullaby baby lotion and cucumber melons the most.

And finally this arrived this morning, some CSP I ordered from Little Gumnut and it all looks gorgeous, my monthly stash is nearly all but complete. Out night nappy arrived a week or so ago as well and we are still giving it a good testing, ready to be reviewed in a few weeks.

So I have been busy, and will hopefully get a good few reviews out this week and get back on track, I have a giveaway in the pipeline as well, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but have yet to get around to. Thanks for reading and commenting as always.

Michelle xx

Fluffy updates.

Well in fluffy mail news this week, our Monkey Snuggles night nappy arrived, which looks lush! So soft and squishy, I’m not sure if it’s going to work on the wee monster Chloe has become at nights but fingers crossed! It’s had its prewashing and so we’ll try it on tonight and see in the morning, you may have noticed I do have a thing for night nappies in blues and purples so am super glad I managed to get this one before Babybots sold out of it! Nothing else arrived but we have a few things on order which should be on the way to us for next week. I ordered a Muttaqin onesize from Kingdom of Fluff and I managed to get a Goodmama nappy during the friday restocking they have, I really didnt think I’d get one but I did and some wipes also jumped into the shopping basket too but as it’s my birthday on tuesday then I figured I might as well get them as a treat! The nappy is in the new ‘Love Potion’ fabric, cant wait to get it, I would have loved to have got more but it is so expensive. And the longer you take to check out the higher the chances are of you losing the nappy due to someone else buying it, so it’s not really feasible to buy a few at once unless you pay for them all separately and that would cost so much in shipping! Hopefully someone will start stocking them over here soon or there might be a co-op order that I could join as I’d love to be able to try a Goodmama AIO or night nappy.

Speaking of  night time again, so far the Fluff and Stuff heavy wetter hasnt worked so well, see the full review here but it is such a trim nappy it’s not totally surprising and it’s so gorgeous that I’m happy to keep it as just a day time nappy. The WNNN’s are still leaking a bit but have some new bamboo boosters arriving soon that will hopefully solve that. The HL Bedbug+ seems to be a bit hit and miss but it should be fully upto absorbancy now so will try it again a few times this week and then do the review on it. Cant wait for the LLS night nappy to get made up and arrive and also I’m going to be ordering a Wild Child dream night nappy in a co-op someone is organising. Again, these have a fab reputation of making not only gorgeous but superbly fitting nappies and the night ones are meant to be great for heavy wetters. I think I’m going to have to go on a nappy buying ban so that I can join in on getting one of these to try.

Think that’s about it, have updated the Baby Smalls acrylic longies and Rumparooz threads and will hopefully be doing the Smartipants and Flip reviews this week and maybe some more CSP ones if I have the time, but will be having some family time what with it being my birthday and with 4 other close family members having birthdays this month too, it gets a little busy!

As always thanks for reading, we had over 100 separate visits again other day, which I know doesnt seem like a huge amount but considering I’ve not really advertised anywhere I’m pretty proud! Hopefully once I’ve decided what new phone to get I’ll set up a twitter account which will mean you can have little snippets of updates from me should you so choose! Thanks again!

Michelle xx