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Itti Bitti UK sale back on

This is probably the last time they will hold this to clear out any last remaining stock so if you missed it before Christmas then be quick as there isnt much left!! Postage is £3.95 – but I have a feeling it might be free over £60/£65 maybe? http://ittibitti.co.uk/

I fully recommend the sized D’Lish nappies – I like the all in ones (AIOs) best but others love the snap in ones (SIOs) but at less then £6 each you can get both versions to try! Not many colours left but they would be a great trim option to pad out any stash. And remember to get the next size up whilst they are at these prices!

The BTP Tuttos are all sold out but there are some of the BTP Ones & Twos nappies left. I wasnt a fan of them as I hate velcro but they are trim and come with a booster, being an AIO nappy they do take a while to dry though but again at just over £5 a nappy it’s a bargain.

There’s also Rockin Green nappy detergent samples with 20% off, I’ve used this before and thought  it was fine, a bit expensive to use every wash but good to have in the cupboard for every now and then or strip washes and the sample packets are perfect for this. This may be hard to get in the future so grab a few!

Itti Bitti ultimate wipes are in the sale with 45% off, love these, nice big wipes which are thick and bright. We also have a set we use for messy hands and faces at the table, they are lovely.

Happy shopping!

Michelle x



An Itti Bitti bit of sad news

I’m a bit late to the party and you probably already know this but Itti are closing down distribution in the UK and Europe. They’ve said that stockists will still be able to get hold of products, including the new releases but I dont think many places will be stocking them as the cost of importing direct from Australia is always high. Very sad news, we’ve always liked the D’Lish and Bitti Boos, but expect to see a lot of places selling the Itti stock of cheap, I know there was a big sale at the Itti uk website with big savings but that’s finished now.  It would have been nice if they’d have let us know before announcing all the new prints and things as like I said, now we probably wont be getting them or if we do it might be at a higher price, oh well.

In other news, we’re doing well and looking forward to Christmas!! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Michelle x


New prints on the block

Well during my babymoon with Izzy it seems all the nappy makers have come out with new prints and designs – yay! So here’s a quick rundown on things, I’ll include links to the company’s Facebook page (as it’s always worth following them for giveaways) and to where I’ve ordered any of the new prints from or where you can buy them from – if they’ve been released yet that is!

Firstly Tots Bots have come out with not one but two new sets of prints, ‘Bum Voyage‘ builds on the old limited edition London print they brought out earlier this year and adds New York and Paris. They’re all very gender neutral but they dont really fill me with excitement, maybe they would grab me more if the backgrounds weren’t white or were bolder but still very cute and a nice idea.

But then they surprised everyone a few weeks ago with another line of prints called ‘Double Agents‘. Pooper Hero and Nature Girl – I love both prints but not the names so much. I’ve bought both of these already from Fill Your Pants, and they are really nice ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. They also have matching tshirts to go with them but with it now being virtually winter I dont see the point of a matching tshirt and nappy when the nappy will be hidden but still it is a really lovely idea, hopefully they might continue this for new prints in the future (roll on spring/summer).

Itti Bitti also showed us some previews of the five new 2013 prints, now as they are previews they are just artist’s impressions/computer generated so I’m sure they will look much better once made. Here are Hanako, Pow (my favourite) and Rebound – it seems with all the superhero films being made it’s rubbed off in the nappy world but I dont have a problem with that! And these will be out in the Tutto and D’Lish ranges, in the soft and lush minky fabric.

Then we have Seaweed and I think an as yet to be named ‘Gingerbread’ print. So a nice mix of girl/boy and gender neutral prints but I think we’ll only be getting Pow but as I said when we can see them actually made maybe the rest might appeal to me more.

They have also announced that they are updating the solid colour range, the new rainbow range of colours – although look similar or even the same as the current range are all new and slightly different, deeper colours etc. These will be out at the end of the year or early next year, will replace existing colours and be available in both the Tutto and D’Lish ranges. And you’ll also be able to just buy the shells of the nappies separately from the inserts, so you can decide if you wanted a Tutto shell with mf inserts, rather than having to buy it as bamboo and then buy the mf inserts on top.

And dont forget that Itti are also bringing out new Boo colours sometime soon, these will replace the old bright colours (which is a shame they cant run alongside them) and Boo’s will then also come with a booster, which is good news but I’m sure they’ll be a price increase to cover it! Here are Ivory, Seafoam, Papaya and Mulberry, I really love them all, well not such a fan of the Ivory but the others are lush!

Next up is the new prints from Blueberry and Swaddlebees, a lot of new nappies from them have arrived here in the UK lately, from prefolds, the AIO Basix, the AIO newborn Simplex, training pants, the Bamboo OS fitted, wetbags and of course the newborn Mini Deluxe, bamboo newborn fitted and mini coveralls. Reviews and possibly a giveaway or two to follow, but for now on to the prints! Here are the two new prints, Elephants and Monsters in the coveralls and the newborn Simplex nappies (so cute and tiny!). A bit boyish some might say but I love the Monsters print, I just wish the trim and poppers werent in brown but in the orange or purple which would make it more gender neutral and really pop in my eyes.

Then we have Rumparooz, who have come out with two new colours to add to the already pretty extensive range of colours and a new print. Here are Peacock, Phantom and Preppy. Have to save I’m not a huge fan of the Preppy, although it is something new and unlike anything else out at the minute, but the other two colours are great editions, Peacock is gorgeous. These are available now in the OS pocket, newborn nappies, wraps etc at Funky Monkey Pants and other Rumparooz stockists. How cute is this picture!

And lastly, BumGenius have branched out and are releasing wetbags at the start of next year, these are Glimmer (Twilight/Moonbeam) and Ballet (Blossom/Grey). I’m interested to see whether they bring these prints out in the nappy ranges too as well.

Okay so I think I’ve covered everything that’s happened, if I’ve missed anything then let me know!

Michelle x

Itti Bitti new prints for Oct 2011

It seems only a few weeks since I did a post about Itti Bitti’s new prints (here), actually it was the end of July/start of August they were released but still that’s only two months ago so not long ago at all. So I was surprised to hear that they have another set of limited edition prints ready to go!! This maybe answers my question about why there were only 4 released last time when the time before there were 7, I guess they want to release new prints more regularly so small batches must be easier to achieve. I cant see them releasing new ones every two months thought, I’d guess every 3/4 months would be more average but know knows?

From left to right: Gerry, Eton, Daquiri, Galaxy, and Wo-Bott

So anyway, to the prints, yay or nay? There are 5 new prints and I’d say these are more gender neutral/boyish then the last lot . But that’s not a problem as to be honest I think mostly those with little boys dont always get a fair deal in things like this. Gerry is nice although it does look a bit dark as does Eton but I do really like that one its a nice mix of rich colours, great for a boy. I’m not 100% sure on the Daquiri, I think it’s one of those you have to see in your hands and either love it or hate it type, It looks better I think on the blankets in a larger area and they are doing the matching wetbags in all prints too. Galaxy is again rather G/N I think and makes me think of Christmas! And lastly the Wo-Bott print, and name is super cute, I would snap this up if we had a boy!

But will I be getting any? I dont think so, I do like most of them but I’m not really taken enough to spend more money and get them. Especially knowing there might be a new range out in a few more months. I’m super impressed with the speed of Itti getting these out so quickly after the last lot but I’m thinking retailers might start to get a bit miffed, as if it’s always like this as they’d have to be constantly selling off ‘old editions’ to make room for the new!

Anyway these will be released 23rd October – I’m not 100% on whether that’s just in Australia and then we’ll have to wait a few weeks from that date till UK stockists get them but I’m sure all the usual places will sell them and start up pre-orders on them soon.

Other nappy makers take note – release new limited edition prints (or even just new colours) regularly and it’s a win. We like to feel that our nappies are special to us and unique (okay so they make hundreds of thousands in each limited run but still you know what I mean!). Oh the downside is please dont bring out yummy prints too quickly as bank managers everywhere will soon cotton on and we will have to start taking out ‘Fluffy loans’!

Michelle xx

Itti Bitti – limited editions July/Aug 2011 and competition


Yes that’s right, summer is officially here and so is the new limited edition prints from Itti Bitti! This time they have released 4 new prints, I think Ponder and Ayannah are my favourites. They’ve also got matching change mats, which look fab but I think I’d have prefered a colour on the other side rather than white. I’m not totally digging the names, except Ponder – I think that’s very cute and fitting with the print!

I do think it would have been nice to have another print or two, I mean they are mostly gender neutral but last time they released limited edition prints (which I wasnt a fan of on first look but ended up buying 4 of them!) they had 7 in the line up. Here’s a recap of the now older limited editions to the right, you may still be able to pick some of the prints up at reduced prices in various places. Danube and Fleur were my favs but I also got a Spectra and Retro Bubbles!

So that’s me quick take on the new prints, I think I’ll *have* to get Chloe a Ponder and Ayannah tutto, they’re limited so it would be rude not to! Also if you fancy winning a limited edition Tutto nappy and change mat of your choice then head on over to Babi Pur’s blog and enter they’re fabby competition (I did!), closes 15th August, good luck!


Review: Itti Bitti Boo fitted nappy


When you think of Itti Bitti nappies, then the AIO and SIO D’lish or the new Tutto styles come to mind but they do a fitted nappy as well, it’s called Boo, as in Bitti Boo, which sounds so cute. Lately I’ve been getting into fitteds more and the Boo had been on my to try list for a while when the lovely Alix at Cheeks and Cherries asked if I’d like to be sent one to review, which of course resulted in a little squeal of happiness. A lovely squishy medium in yellow arrived shortly after and it was sooo soft but it was soon obvious that (as with Itti’s in general) they do fit on the smaller/low rise side so I then bought a large in the turquoise to try, which as with the yellow, the pictures dont do it justice, it is vibrant and gorgeous!

So some vitals on the Boo, they are £13.95 and come in 3 sizes and 5 gorgeous colours, they really are bright and will definitely brighten up any nappy change. They use the same coloured snap in soakers design like a SIO D’Lish and use the same mini boosters, the only difference is the top of the hourglass shaped soaker is covered in bamboo velour and of course the Boo needs a cover as it’s a fitted nappy. But as a fitted and cover combo is normally more absorbent than a standard AIO it means the Boo’s should be worth a try for heavy wetters, even if a D’Lish or Tutto couldnt cope before. And with an extra mini booster (or two) added it can even be used overnight, something I was eager to test. They are made from gorgeous velvety soft bamboo and organic cotton velour, which is softer than even the minky AIO Itti’s and has the same silky feel as some of the more expensive fitteds we own.

Luckily I had a spare mini booster to try with the Boo overnight but first after a lot of prewashing I tried it during the day a few times. The fit is amazingly trim and it worked great so then we tried it overnight. In the morning there were no leaks, which may have been down to the fleece soakers we use, but the nappy was full to capacity, leaving Chloe’s skin damp to the touch. I have tried again a few more times but each time is the same and Chloe ends up getting a red bum/rash if her skin is left wet for too long and who can blame her it mustn’t be nice! Granted though, Chloe is a big wee monster at the minute, she still has 2 bottles over the course of the night and although I’m sure another mini booster might make it work for others, I dont think it would have made a difference to us. However for a day nappy I love it and I’m sure the average wetter would be fine with this overnight.

Ease of use: I always unsnap the inserts when putting it in the wash but I know a lot of people dont and their nappies are still clean and fresh but I just do. It doesnt take long to resnap them back together once dry either and I prefer to snap things in rather than stuff pockets these days. I’ve always loved the colour coded snaps, yellow for the back, purple at the front and red for the mini booster, totally daddy proof!

Performance: During the day it goes 3 hours easily (without a booster in), just what I’d expect from a fitted nappy. Never had any leaks from a Boo and the containment is fab, the leg elastic is nice strong – yet still lovely and soft which means nothing has escaped and no red marks left on Chloe’s legs. Drying time is better than you’d expect from a bamboo/organic cotton nappy, which is due to the snap out soakers and it does actually dry faster than some other day fitteds we have.

Design: Love the colours and trimness, I’m usually always saying I wish they did more prints but actually the Boo’s colours are so bright that I’m perfectly happy. Of course it would be fab if they did bring out prints but even if they didnt it wouldnt put me off buying more. I do wish the rise was a little more generous with these, Chloe grew out of the D’Lish mediums way before the weight range due to the shortness of the rise so I should have really thought of that before getting a medium, if you’re unsure, always go up a size!

Overall: For us as a night nappy it’s not quite there, which isnt surprising as it is so trim, but as a day nappy I love it, pretty enough to show off, works really well and dries quicker then I thought. We have tried the SIO D’Lish before and the fit wasnt so good, very gapey around the legs but the Boo gives a much better fit, probably due to the slight bit of give in the fabric. So dont be put off it you havent got on with Itti’s before, just remember that if you have a long/tall baby to think about sizing up.

I really like the Boo and have am eager to get a few more for summer to pad out our fitted stash, the red and orange ones look gorgeous. They are so trim, even with a cover on, but when it’s warm Chloe just toddles about in the Boo and a Tshirt, it looks super cute. The price is great for a day fitted and if I had a newborn I’d definitely get some smalls and use them as night nappies and I’m sure most will be able to use them as night with older children with extra boosters. It’s a great nappy, it still feels lovely and soft and looks new still after lots of use and it’s so trim, even with a cover and trousers on it doesnt look boxy or bulky, perfect. Definitely a keeper and worth a try if you havent already.

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy to review (and bought another ourselves in a different size), however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

New BG and Itti prints.

So not long after I’d finished the update to the Tutto review and Itti Bitti releases sneaky peeks of the new minky prints range which should be available in Australia, UK, NZ and Europe from early-mid January. There were 7 new print pictures and I would class most of them as gender neutral, but for me, none of them really caught my eye. I cant see the info on them released on their homepage yet but the pics are on their facebook page if you want to go have a gander. As much as I love the Tutto, I really am a fan of prints and as I’m not that excited by the new minky prints then I think I’ll try to get hold of some large D’Lish AIO’s in the old Ltd Ed prints, Like a Tiger, Polka dots etc. Here’s hoping next time they bring out prints they’ll be more to my taste!

Taking about new print releases, I know it’s old news but BG have brought out some limited edition prints which come in both the Organic AIO and the new V4 pocket. They are due in to retailers here in the UK any day now, but I havent ordered any, even though I do fancy an Organic AIO, this is because yet again they aren’t quite to my taste. The collection is called ‘Tiny Socialite’ and was designed by the artist Chelsea Perry, BG have said they hope to release a new collection regularly, I have heard that it’s to be 4 times a year but that is unconfirmed and I would think that would be hard to achieve, probably twice a year would be more realistic.

At first look, I thought there were just white nappies with red, blue, yellow, light blue and black print on, but once I had a closer look it all became clearer. It seems they are mostly a mix of two colours, here is what I hope can be a clearer explanation of them!

Firstly ‘Eiffel Tower’ which is black on white,  I think it’s the one that would appeal most to a lot of people, looking classy and yet very gender neutral.

‘Free Spirit’ which I did originally think was just a yellow on white but actually it’s the clementine colour on cream (which I can only assume by cream they mean the new Noodle colour).

‘Concrete Jungle’ which is red on pale green (which yet again I can only assume pale green is the new Sweet colour), this is my least favourite print, I think red on white or red on cream would have looked better. To me it just looks like a red and white nappy has been caught in the wash with something dark and the white has taken on a funny tinge to it, much like how the Sweet colour  actually looks in my opinion.

‘Jet Setter’ is dark purple on blue, but to me from the pictures I would say it looks like a dark blue on blue, still I think this is one of the nicer ones.

‘Retail Therapy’  is teal on lavender (and yet again I’m guessing the lavender is the new Bubble colour), I’m not really impressed with this either, I like the teal colour but think it would pop out more if it was just on white.

So I wont be getting any of these new prints, unless I actually saw them in the flesh and they turned out to look totally different and amazing. It’s a bit of a let down as I’ve wanted BG to bring out prints for a long time and together with the let down of the 3 new colours when they brought out the V4, I just feel they could have gone a bit further with these. The patterns themselves are okay it’s just the odd mixing of the colours I dont really like.

so I’ll save my pennies and stay away from these new prints but that does mean I might splash out on the Rumparooz Eco Owls print which I do love, the new Robotronic one is also gorgeous and I would definitely get if we have a little boy!

Michelle xx