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Half price FuzziBunz cloth nappies!

FB summer of fluff

Yes you heard it correctly, there are half price nappies to be had!! FuzziBunz are having a ‘Summer of Fluff’ and you can buy 6 of their one size pocket nappies for £44.85, bargain!

One small catch if that I think they will be bringing out the new and improved 2013 version later on in the year but that doesnt mean these are bad nappies. We have used and loved Elites – I have to say that since trying the Charlie Banana one size nappies that they are now my favourite pockets but the Elites are still good and at that price they really are a bargain. Perfect for padding out your stash or maybe getting some spare nappies for nursery/nanny’s house etc or for putting away for a future baby?

But anyway our FuzziBunz Elite review is here if you want a look but in a nutshell:

  • They are a one size/BTP nappy and fit from roughly 8-35lbs
  • Have adjustable leg and waist elastics so you can get a perfect fit on your LO, whether they have a big/small waist/legs etc. (plus it’s replaceable should it ever go slack/wear out and a spare set of elastics is always included)
  • Are a pocket nappy and have a soft, stay dry fleece inner.
  • Comes with 2 minkys inserts which are as absorbent as mf but stain and odour resistant, quick drying and trim.

So there you go, if you want some cheap nappies then hurry as the offer finishes on the 20th July!

Fill Your Pants have the offer with free delivery over £40 as do other FB retailers or you can order direct from FuzziBunz who have free delivery over £30.

Happy shopping!

Michelle xx

Real Nappy Week 2012 offers, giveaways and competitions

So it’s here again, that time when all the fluffy mums go a little bit crazy but then who could blame us? If Xbox/PS3 etc all had a week of discounts and giveaways then we wouldnt see out menfolk for dust!

So anyway as with last year, I am going to try to keep this post updated with all the offers, discounts, giveaways etc I find, sorry it’s a long boring post but there’s a lot to include! I will try to include delivery costs/free delivery info too, please feel free to comment if you find one I’ve missed and I’ll add it on. I’ll also try to add Facebook pages for the retailers as that’s the best way to keep upto date with any quick giveaways that might pop up. And dont forget the whole aim of RNW is to get the fluffy love out there, so be sure to mention it to non clothy friends and get them to enter the giveaways, show off your little ones fluffy bums at every opportunity and generally preach about the ease of fluff! Happy shopping all!

Michelle xx

Blog and websites (not retailers) giveaways and competitions:

Fluffy Mummy – Okay so not fluff but you can win a wooden toy (closes 5th May)

Fluffy Mummy – Win a BumGenius Freetime (closes 25th April)

Fluffy Mummy & NapNap – RNW treasure hunt, win a £20 NapNap voucher and a cloth nappy!  (closes 26th April)

Go Real – Lots of info about Real Nappy Week and a huge competition

Real nappy shops (in no particular order):

Kingdom of Fluff – free delivery on orders over £40

  • BOGOF on Bumgenius newborns (xs only): priced at 50% off, must be purchased in multiples of 2
  • 20% off Bumgenius Onesize Pocket Nappies, Freetime, Flip and Econobum
  • 15% off Tots Bots (discount code RNW-TOTS)
  • 15% off Bambooty and Real Easy Minkee All-in-ones
  • 10% off Guerilla Fluff and Blueberry
  • 5% off Rumparooz/Kangacare/Lil Joey
  • And to win a £20 Kingdom of Fluff voucher, enter here and dont forget to  follow Facebook

Fill Your Pants* – free delivery

  • 20% off Smartipants singles, 3 packs, 12 packs, 24 packs and Smart Fit Wraps
  • 20% off FuzziBunz One Size Elite
  • 20% off Pop in + Bamboo and + Minkee (singles and includes prints!)
  • 20% off Little Lamb Bamboo fitteds
  • 20% off Tots Bots Easyfit V3 Rainbow (Hook and Loop ONLY)
  • 20% off Cheeky Wipes Kits + mini kits
  • 20% off GEN-Y Classics
  • 20% off Best Sellers Mini Kit, Birth to Potty nappy Kit and Complete Nappy Kits
  • 20% off B-Sensible Sheets and Duvet protectors
  • 20% off Mio Solo
  • All RNW offers can be found here and dont forget to follow on Facebook

Babybots – free delivery on orders over £45

  • Some offers live on the site but havent seen a full list yet – will update!
  • Follow on Facebook

Baba + Boo

  • 15% off all orders until midnight Sunday 22nd April. Use code RNW2012
  • If your order is worth over £30 you’ll get one fairtrade cotton shopping bag
  • and if you spend over £80, you’ll get a free pair of shoes of your choice
  • Follow on Facebook

Babi Pur – free UK delivery added at checkout for RNW – no code needed

  • 20% off BumGenius and Flip
  • 25% off Pop Ins – including prints (buy 1 get 1 half price) and 20% off multipacks
  • 20 % off FuzziBunz
  • 20% off Itti Bitti
  • 20% off Tot Bots Rainbow in velcro
  • There’s a competition to win over £100 of fluff on their blog and dont forget to follow on Facebook

Funky Monkey Pants – UK delivery is £1.75 or free over £35

  • 20% off bumgenius products except buy one get 1 free offers
  • buy one get one free on bumgenius newborn, one size inserts and doublers
  • 10% off all kangacare/rumparooz items,
  • 10% off thirsties,
  • 10% off happy heinys
  • 10% planetwise items except some snack items
  • 25% off planetwise snack and sandwich bags and wraps
  • free gifts with best bottom diaper orders spend £75 get a free pail liner, £125 a free hanging bag
  • All orders over £40 get a free gifts
  • There will be daily offers on top of the above: Tuesdays is 10% off Leslie’s boutique and Best Bottom Diapers.
  • Follow on Facebook

Wee Notions – delivery is weight dependent

Use RNW2012 to get 10% off the following items:

  • Fairy Hammocks
  • Cloth Nappy Gift Sets
  • Northern Lights nappies
  • Wraps
  • AI2’s and Inserts
  • Pocket Nappies and Inserts
  • Dribble Bibs
  • Washable Wipes
  • Breast pads
  • Follow on Facebook

Millie’s Nappies – delivery costs vary

  • 20% off Pumpkin Pants Flongies & Skirties
  • 20% off Itti Bitti
  • 20% off Designer Bums Night Nappies
  • 15% off Bubblebubs
  • 10% off Monkey Foot Wet Bags
  • 10% offDesigner Bums Wet Bags
  • 5% off Blueberry Coveralls One Size
  • All orders will be placed into a daily draw to win a sample pack of Eco Sprout cloth nappy friendly laundry powder. Follow on Facebook

Screaming Green – £3.95 delivery over £60

  • 20% off bumGenius, Flip, Econobum and Flip Trainer Pants
  • 20% off LittleLamb
  • 20% off Blueberry OneSize Minky and Coveralls
  • £5.00 off Apple Cheeks Little Bundles
  • Follow on Facebook

Baby Bum Boutique – Postage is weight dependent

  • 10% off ALL Peachy Green products – including the NEW Switcheroo wraps, all-in-ones, and the fantastic ONE-SIZE All-in-2
  • 20% off ALL Bum Cheeks Nappies
  • 15% off Zookies Wraps
  • Spend over £100 and get a FREE Hippybottomus Bamboo Charcoal Nappy
  • Follow on Facebook
Stratford Nappies  – Postage free over £50
  • 35% off Small FuzziBunz Perfect size
  • 25% off FuzziBunz Onesize nappies
  • Blueberry nappies are reduced
  • 40% off Tot Bots V2
  • 20% off Wonderoos single nappies or 30% starter kits
  • 20% off the new One For All Happy Heinys
  • 30% off the previous version of Happy Heinys
  • Plus a few more, too many to list! And you can use code RNW12 to get 10% on top of the discounts already show! Follow on Facebook

Baba Me – £2.95 delivery or free on orders over £40

  •  20% off all nappies and accessories, just use code RNW12 at the checkout
  • BOGOF on BumGenius newborn nappies, BumGenius cotton wipes and BumGenius inserts.
  • All offers end 30th April 2012
  • Follow on Facebook
Fluff Heaven – £1.99 delivery or free on orders over £30
  • 20% off all nappies and accessories (no code, discount will come off at checkout)
  • BOGOF on BumGenius newborn nappies, BumGenius flannel wipes, BumGenius Diaper Doublers and BumGenius inserts
  •  Free Planet Wise snack bag with orders over £50 OR a free Planet Wise small wetbag with orders over £100
  • You also earn fluffy points on orders which you can then later use as money off
  • All offers end 30th April 2012
  • Follow on Facebook
  •  20% off: Bumgenius, Flips, Monkey Foot, Pat-a-Cake Baby, Frugi, Blueberry and itti bitti (discounts applied automatically)
  • 10% off: GroVia, Close, Pumpkin Pants, Green Carbon Living, Charlie Banana and Happy Heinys (discounts applied automatically)
  • BOGOF on Bumgenius Newborns (pastel colours) – order in multiples of 2 and enter the code BOGOF at checkout
  • Follow on Facebook
Nappy Go Lucky – free delivery over £40
  • 20% off BumGenius, Blueberry, Ones&twos, Little Lamb
  • 15% off Ella’s House, Monkey Foot Designs Wetbags, Gen Y wraps
  • 10% off Rumparooz, Snuggleblanks, Pumpkin Pants, Totsbots
  • Follow on Facebook
  • 20% off nappies and some accessories, use code: RNW12
  • Follow on Facebook

The Nappy Garden – Free delivery!

Tots Bots

  • 5 for 4 on rainbow Easy Fits in velcro only, use code RNW0412
  • Recommend a friend and they get a £5 voucher and you get a £15 voucher
  • Follow on Facebook

Cheeks and Cherries – free delivery over £45

  • Still waiting to see what the offers are
  • Follow on Facebook

Babykind – delivery free over £75

  • 30% off Blueberry One Size Hook & Loop 
  • 50% off Mommys Touch One Size wraps 
  • 50% off Mommys Touch All in One nappies 
  • End of line Imse Vimse wrap patterns are reduced to clear
  • 30% off Tots Bots Papoozle carriers 
  • 25% off Toodlebugz Baby legs
  • 10% off everything else
  • Competition to win a cloth nappy hamper for a friend and a £15 voucher for you here, closes 21st April
  • Follow on Facebook

Peas & Love

  • More than 20% off all itti bitti products
  • 10% off Charlie Banana, LittleLamb, rufflewraps and Preston’s Pants
  • CJ’s body spray reduced to £3.99
  • more see Special Offers
  • Follow on Facebook
 The Clean Green Nappy Machine – Postage varies
  • 20% off almost everything for the whole of April
  • Follow on Facebook
Softbots – free delivery on orders 
  • 30% off Tots Bots Easyfit V2’s (use code; TBRNW)
  • 20% off the entire Omaiki range (use code; ORNW)
  • 10% off Motherease Rikki and Airflow Wraps (use code; MRNW)
  • Follow on Facebook

Petit Guili

  • 20% off Weehuggers
  • 20% off Itti Bitti
  • 20% off some Grovia shells
  • Follow on Facebook

Little Pants

Links with a * at the end are affiliated and if you click through and purchase something them I get a small amount credited to my account which will go on buying new fluff to review.

Real Nappy Week 2011 offers and competitions

Right I’m going to try to list all the Real Nappy Week offers on this page, I will try to keep it updated when I notice new offers and have included the delivery costs where I’ve seen them. Sorry for the big mass of text but tomorrow is another review and giveaway, yay!! If I’ve missed anything then please feel free to comment and I’ll update, thanks

Michelle xx

Blog etc giveaways:

Fluffy Mummy – Win 1 0f 3 Baba + Boo nappies (closes 23rd May)

Fluffy Mummy – Win a Bright Star Baby nappy (closes 25th May)

Fluffy Mummy – Win a set of Jackson Reece Herbal wipes (closes 26th May)

Super Lucky Di – Win a Bumgenius nappy

Love in the Nest – Win a Babyland nappy (closes 20th May)

Little Green Footsteps – Win a Tiny Nippers nappy, wetbag and bits (closes 20th May)

Go Real – Win a holiday at Coombe Mill Farm in Cornwall

Cloth Nappy Info – Win a big bundle of fluffy nappies (closes 22nd May)

Real nappy shops (in no particular order):

Kingdom of Fluff – free delivery on orders over £40

  • BOGOF on Bumgenius newborn AIO’s
  • 20% off all other Bumgenius products
  • Up to 30% off Lollipop nappies
  • 15% off Itti Bitt
  • 15% off Close Parent Pop Ins
  • Plus 5% off everything else across the store by using the code: RNW2011
  • And a free gift for each order placed during Real Nappy Week!

And to win a £20 Kingdom of Fluff voucher, enter here

Fill Your Pants* – free delivery on orders over £50

  • 20% off Bumgenius
  • 20% off Smartipants
  • 20% off Pop Ins
  • 20% off Gen-Y
  • 20% off Flips
  • 20% off Itti Bitti

Babybots – free delivery on orders over £45

  • 20% off Wonderoos Singles and Multipacks
  • 20% off TotsBots EasyFits and TeenyFits
  • 20% off Smartipants – Including pre order for Brights
  • 20% off Itti Bitti Tutto and WetBags
  • 10% off Gro Via including Multipacks
  • 10% off Blueberry minky
  • 20% off Close Parent Pop Ins
  • 10% off Nature Babies One Size Wraps
  • 10% off Leg Huggers
  • 10% off Cheeky Wipes
  • 20% off Blueberry Coveralls
  • 10% off Monkey Foot
  • 20% off Charlie Banana
  • 20% off Rumparooz
  • 10% off Cutie Patootie 10% off
  • 10-20% off all lines of Monkey Snuggles
  • 20% off Dunk n Fluff
  • 10% off Rosie Boos

And a Babybots Bonanza Competition here

Baba + Boo

  • 10% off any order with code STN11 – including clearance items

Babipur – free delivery with code NOPOST

  • 20% off Bumgenius
  • 20% off Flip
  • 20% off Tots Bots
  • 20% off Itti Bitti
  • 20% off Pop Ins
  • BOGOF on newborn BG AIOs
  • and a sale on Weehuggers and Ecobubs

And they are giving away a nappy a day on Facebook

Cheeks and Cherries – free delivery over £45

  • 20% off Bumgenius
  • 20% off Flip
  • 20% off Tots Bots
  • 20% off Itti Bitti
  • 20% off Pop Ins
  • 3 for 2 on Bambootys
  • 30% off Monkeydoodles Swim Nappies
  • 40% off Mini LaLa wetbags
  • 30% off Bambooty large wetbags

Wee Notions – delivery is weight dependent

Use RNW2011 to get 10% off the following items:

  • Fairy Hammocks
  • Dribble Bibs
  • Pocket Nappies and Inserts
  • AI2’s and Inserts

Millie’s Nappies – delivery costs vary

  • 20% off all in stock Wet Bags with discount code RNWBAGS11
  • 20% off all Wonderoo Pocket Nappies (discount already applied)
  • 25% off the Bubblebubs Candies range, all colours now back in stock! (Discount already applied)

Screaming Green – free delivery over £60

  • 20% off Applecheeks 2 Size pocket nappies

Baby Bum Boutique – UK orders are £2.50 delivery or free over £45

  • 10% off all fitted nappies – including Tweedlebee and Tweedlebum + Little Pea Pants
  • 20% off Mod MomME wetbags
  • 10% off Mod MomME clutch bag changing mats
  • 15% off BABY by Danish wetbags and wipes bags
  • Over 20% off Hippybottomus stay dry nappies
  • 20% off Zookies designer wraps
  • 10% off Bum Cheeks Denim Jeans nappies
  • Over 20% off Angel Bubs + free microfibre insert

The Nappy Garden – Free shipping yay!

  • 10% off all wetbags

Funky Monkey Pants – UK delivery is £1.50 or free over £35

  • 20% off all Rumparooz products
  • 10% off all Happy Heinys products
  • 10% off all Thirsties products
  • 10% off all Fuzzi Bunz Products
  • 20% off all bumgenius, except newborn which are BOGOF
  • Baby Kangas £5.00
  • Toys reduced, Rattles and Comforters £5.00, Blankiez £7.50
  • 10% off swim nappies
  • Free gift with orders over £75.00


  • 10% off everything and this is in addition to all other discounts.
  • 20% offer on Wonderoos and Real Easy Nappies

The Clean Green Nappy Machine

  • 20% off everything

Softbots – free delivery on orders over £40

  • 20% off everything
  • Daily offer

And a Real Nappy Treasure Hunt here

Baba Me

  • 20% off Bumgenius
  • 20% off Flips
  • 20% off Econobums
  • BOGOF on BG newborn AIO’s

And a new offer for each day of Real Nappy week and gieaways on their Facebook page

Petit Guili – free delivery

  • 20% off all nappies with code NAPPY

Little Pants

  • 50% off all custom knit orders made during the week (but not the yarn)
  • 20% off all our in stock wool nappy covers
  • 10% off my new ‘Simply Value’ range of Custom Clothes


Links with a * at the end are affiliated and if you click through and purchase something them I get a small amount credited to my account which will go on buying new fluff to review.