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Review: Pop-In new generation, +bamboo and +minkee AI2 nappies


Pop-In nappies are well-known for being extremely reliable and easy to use, but now they have been improved. Gone are the old version 2/3 etc and now the ‘new generation’ has arrived and along with upgrades, they now come in not only pastel colours, but fab new bright colours – and prints are on the way in a few months!

So, Pop-Ins are a birth to potty (from around 8-35lbs) all-in-two nappy, they have four rows of poppers down the front rise which allow you to adjust it as your baby grows. They are £14.99 and come complete with the waterproof outer shell, a large snap in soaker and a smaller booster which snaps onto it. They come in two different types, a +bamboo or a +minkee. The bamboo version is of course the more absorbent, but the minkee is quicker to dry so fab for light wetters and those who find drying nappies an issue, like in flats etc. Here is a really great guide to help you if you’re unsure which to get and saves me having to waffle on.

So what’s the difference between the new generation compared to the older ones, well for starters all the soakers are now grey rather than matched to the colour of the shell. A little change but for the best in the long run, as the grey will hide any stains better. And if you’re like me and always like the inserts to match, now you dont have to spend time finding the blue inserts to put in the blue shell etc. The two soakers now snap together by a snap on a separate tag of fabric at the end of each insert, rather than by a snap through the insert. This should speed up drying time and improve washing, I’ve yet to test to see if they remain snapped together after they come out in the wash, but I’ll update next time.

The outer shell fabric has been improved, it’s what I can only describe as a soft light neoprene fabric, super soft, squishy and just lovely. They wash better and won’t go all bobbly like before, so they stay looking newer for longer. The inside of the shell now incorporates a polar fleece absorbent panel in the middle to help absorb excess liquid when the nappy gets saturated. This clever little addition should prevent compression leaks as liquid will be drawn into the centre of the nappy rather than out to the leg holes. The fit has also been improved to be more flexible with better sizing stages and the quality of the aplix is also better – although I’d still rather they came in a snap version.

The night time booster has had an overhaul too – it’s now only one layer of bamboo and has a polar fleece layer across the middle section of the booster which creates a stay dry barrier to keep baby’s skin dry and eliminates the need for a separate liner. As it’s thinner it is quicker to dry than the old night booster and it does still appear to do the job fine. But I have to say I think I would have preferred the older style as I’d rather have a bit extra absorbency and not always need it then only have just enough. But I do like the fleece section, I’m not sure why it runs across all 3 panels, as just having it on the top panel, the one next to babies skin would seem to do the trick but maybe I’m missing something.

The night time booster has been designed to easily slide over the top of the smaller soaker/booster, so it’s quick and easy to put on but should stay in place.  Oh and price, they are sold separately (unless you’re buying one of the Pop-In kits) and are £3.75, which is great value if it takes your nappy from day to night, rather than having to buy separate night nappies. You could always just use any booster in the Pop-In as they are quite roomy but for less the £4, I think they are worth getting a few to try – you could even use them in your non Pop-In nappies and try at night too!

And did I mention new colours and prints? Yes well, I wont go naming them all (the purple looks so nice though!) but there are 5 new bright colours, along with the old 5 pastel colours and there’s also 3 ‘special’ colours, rose pink, ocean blue and grey day. I’m not really sure why they are special or how long they are around for but if they are limited editions and get changed for new colours then that would be ace. Oh and a quick mention that the Pop-In wipes are also out in the new bright colours, which is fab as they are really nice wipes.

The new prints, which I think are due around March time are blue turtles, pink turtles, pink owls and monkeys.  It’s lovely to have such bright prints, I’m not sure they are to my particular tastes – love the colours but the actual prints look a little babyish. However saying that I do have a thing for owl nappies at the minute so I think that’s my favourite!

So how did we find the new generation, having used both of the older versions in the past. Well I do think they fit a bit more on the generous side, Chloe can get away with having the rise snapped up one setting, so that’s really good for bigger babies. The minkee does dry like a dream and stay lovely and soft, Chloe can get about 2, maybe 3 hours at a push with it unboosted but that’s not surprising really as she can out pee microfibre nappies in around the same time. The bamboo does last longer and can go 3 hours easy, but yes they do take longer to dry, generally I put them on the radiator or in the airing cupboard and they are good to go the next day. Pop-In have also released a new day time booster, but I’ve not tried them so cant really comment but you could easily use most slim boosters  – I tried a FuzziBunz insert in there and it fit fine.

Ease of Use: As they’re velcro then they are super easy to use but one of my bug bears with Pop-Ins – and I wish they had changed this, is that the laundry tabs are in the middle at the back of the nappy. So rather than usually being on the wing or at the sides at the back so you can just fold them back, with the Pop-Ins I have to roll Chloe to each side to do them up or wait until I take it fully off her. Of course if they came in snaps then that would solve that niggle and of course I’d be happier! Sliding the night time booster in place is nice and easy and you can leave the soakers snapped in when you put it in the wash, but me being me, I always unsnap soakers and booster as I like to think they’re getting a better wash.

Performance: If you have a heavy wetter then you can skip right to using the bamboo version, otherwise the minkee is fine for average wetters. They are still quite trim between the legs still which is good and I’ve always loved the great double leg gussets on Pop-Ins and am so glad they didnt change them. They give a great fit, no mess ever got past them (even back in the day when Chloe was doing morning pooplosions), and they are so soft there’s never been any red marks left behind. We did have a slight wetness leak once when wearing the minkee version but that was at the 3 hour mark and as mentioned, Chloe can get through a standard mf nappy in that time so I should have expected it.

Chloe has gone from being a super heavy night wetter and average day wetter to I would now say an average wetter at nights and heavyish day wetter. She generally needs a bit of boosting in day nappies with hemp or bamboo, or I have to change before the 3 hour mark and she couldnt last the night in a normal unboosted nappy but she no longer needs a custom made, super boosted night nappy. So I was unsure if the bamboo Pop-In with the night time booster would last 12 hours, but it did – granted the inserts were all soaking wet in the morning but there were no leaks, plus it isnt hugely bulky either! As mentioned I think I’d prefer the older night time booster, so that there was still a bit more absorbency there, just in case it was needed – she had a lay in or something (like that ever happens but still). I think this system will work for a lot of babies, heavy wetters probably not but at the price, it’s definitely worth a try. And for light wetters you could get away with the minkee version and a night time booster. The general performance is great, drying time is fab for the minkee, as to be expected for the bamboo and surprisingly good for the night time booster.

Design: The new colours are a lovely addition, as are the prints. The other new improvements are good, I just wish they would make them in snaps as I’m not a fan of velcro. I love the new shell, a huge improvement on the old style – which used to end up going bobbly after a few weeks and looked worn, this new material I can see looking good for years to come. The leg gussets are amazing, the reduction of a few snaps on the inserts is a small but well thought out touch and the trim fit of them is great – trimmer then a V4 on Chloe.

Overall: I’d have no hesitation with recommending Pop-Ins to someone starting with cloth as they are so simple to use, there’s a type for those who need something fast drying or have a heavier wetter and they can be used as a night nappy for those that dont have super heavy wetters, plus they now look very pretty! Will I be getting more for our stash? Sadly no – even though I really do like the new colours, if they came out with a snap version then I would definitely get some, especially if we had another baby, as I think they really come into their own with the bomb proofness and the ease of switching to a night nappy. I would rather have a Pop-In (in snaps) then say a BG V4 – it’s trimmer, the bamboo is much more absorbent and they’re a pound cheaper!

I do think these can be a great easy to use system for someone new to cloth, a complete kit that includes the night time boosters in and they’re all set. Even though the minkee version isnt great on Chloe now, the older version used to work fine on her when she was smaller, so I’m sure it’s great for the majority of younger babies. And they dry so quick that you could wash and use them again that evening so you’d need less nappies in your stash, saving you some pennies. Everyone new to cloth should try a Pop-In nappy and if you have issues with drying nappies – whether new or old to cloth then the minkee are well worth getting. If only they were available in snaps, as then I’d pick up a few of the new bright colours (and maybe the owl print) and they’d be a well used and reliable nappy in our stash!

Oh and they come with a fabby little booklet that has a fold out guide, showing you exactly what goes where, how to put on the night time booster etc which is very cute. And I couldnt help myself but find the pics of Chloe in the old style minkee (it was called Dream Dri back in 2010) Pop-In at 11 months old, if only she’d stay still long enough now for me to take a pic like that!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

My blog and posts aren’t sponsored in any way shape or form, but I do earn a small commission from links to Fill Your Pants – but only if you click-through and buy something, which of course you dont have to do. But any money that is made will just be put back into buying things to review and giveaway (maybe the equivalent of a free nappy a year – we’re not talking serious amounts).

Review: FuzziBunz Elite pocket nappy


FuzziBunz have redesigned their popular pocket nappy and have released the Elite, which is an all singing all dancing one size nappy that looks like a sized. Gone are the rise snaps on the front and inside is a set of fully adjustable elastics which will allow you to get a perfect fit for your LO. They’ve also redesigned the standard microfibre inserts most pocket nappies come with and have gone for minky inserts. And as if that wasnt enough, they also come in a large range of colours; pastels, brights and a limited range with funky slogans on.

So here are the details on this new Elite nappy, they are £14.95 for the plain colours and £15.95 for the ones with slogans. They are designed to fit from 7-35 pounds and you can get a snug fit every time with the button-adjustable waist and leg elastics, which give you 8+ settings on the legs and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. To adjust the nappy you simply pull and re-button the elastic at the legs and waist, much like most childrens trousers. There are numbers marked on the elastics and a chart to refer to and help guide you but really you need to just try a few different settings. The elastics can be easily replaced and a spare set is actually included with every nappy.

They only come in snap fastenings, which is my prefered choice. And have three snaps on each wing, two for the waist and one for the thigh. There are no crossover snaps but seeing as you can tighten the back waist elastic then I dont really see it being an issue on smaller babies. Inside is a quick dry fleece, which feels super soft and will stay looking lovely and new for a while. As you can see from the pictures the front panel isnt as wide as other pockets so there’s less chance of wing droop. And because there’s no rise snaps it’s also lovely and streamlined looking when on.

Each nappy comes with two minky inserts, a small and larger one and they are meant to be better than microfibre as they are odour and stain resistant. Which are both part reasons for why I dont use mf but of course only time can really tell if the claims are true. I can say that they do make for a trimmer fit and absorbency wise I think they seem to be about the same, they do feel lovely and soft though and dry very quick.

As mentioned, for a limited time, FuzziBunz have also bought out some Elites that have funky slogans, like ‘Cloth is cool’, ‘My Little Cupcake’ etc digitally printed on the backs. Which is a nice addition, I’m hoping they refresh them a few times a year with new ones but I dont know if it’s a one off or not.

So how are we finding the Elite, well I’ve ended up buying 5 more so that must go some way to say how much I like them! The best thing is that as Chloe is small around the waist but has chunky thighs, I can adjust the leg elastic looser so that it still fits lovely and snug and there’s none of the excess fabric/rise snaps at the front. Plus they are super super trim between the legs, they honestly do fit like a sized nappy when on, I’d be hard pushed to guess it was a BTP nappy by just the look of it on. In the picture is an Elite on the largest setting next to the smallest setting. Apart from looking very cute the smallest setting one doesnt look as bulky as normal BTP nappies do on small settings.

Ease of use: Fantastic once you’ve adjusted it correctly, I will admit at first I was a little bewildered by the elastics and it did take a few goes to get the right settings for Chloe but now it’s done I can just forget about it till she has a growth spurt. I love how even with Chloe being skinny around the waist but with chunky thighs it still gives a lovely fit with no gapey bits.

Performance: With both minky inserts in we can get nearly 3 hours out of it which is very good for Chloe, if we use a bamboo insert on the bottom and a minky one on top then we can get nearer the 4 hours mark, oh and no leaks at all. The only thing to be careful of is the pocket channel is quite narrow so any spare inserts you might want to use to stuff the pocket with might not fit so well. I’ve been using the FB organic cotton inserts which are slim and flap open for faster drying. Drying time is great, the shell and especially the minky inserts dry in no time at all, quicker then other pockets and mf inserts, even when just on an airer inside. And the inserts still feel soft and fluffy and look good wash after wash – I’m not a fan of mf inserts, especially when they go grey and hard, so the minky ones are getting a thumbs up.

Design: I am so impressed with these,  they look like a sized nappy when on and the fit, especially between the legs is just so trim! I do find stuffing the pocket a bit of a faff, the pocket opening is lovely and big but the minky inserts seem to catch on the PUL side of the pocket and drag plus the fact that the pocket channel is very trim and not very wide does make it fiddly. But the narrow channel is the trade off of it being so trim between the legs when on and it’s a trade off I’ll happily accept. I really love the vibrant colours, there’s definitely something for everyone’s taste to choose from. The only real improvement I can see on the Elite is if the pocket were a sleeve design so there was no need to unstuff and if rather then numbers on the elastics, they had XL, L, M, S, XS just so it was easier to get to grips with.

Overall: These are a keeper for us and are now my (and Daddy’s) first to reach for pockets. I can definitely see these lasting from small baby to potty training – and being a great fit all long the way. I do actually prefer these then BumGenius V4s, the fit is just so much better. I did take a comparison picture to try and show the trimness between the BG V4 and the Elite, They are both on their largest setting and you can see how much narrower the Elite is between the legs.

These are great nappies, really well made, give a perfect fit, reliable, great range of funky colours (you can see them all here) and hopefully better than your standard pocket inserts. These are definitely a nappy I’d recommend to people new to cloth who want something easy and that will last but also to those wanting to pad out their stash with something reliable but funky – even if they arent a fan of standard pockets. The amazing fit of these just means they are too good for anyone to pass up on trying, they’re pretty much perfect.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it and no one told me what to write.

Review: Liz Earle naturally active skincare


Liz Earle is a big name in skincare, they’ve been going for over 15 years and they believe in using only top quality natural, organic where possible, ingredients and nothing is tested on animals. They dont do big advertising campaigns but I would think most people will have heard the name, it is certainly one that I’ve read and heard only good things about and I’m by no means a beauty/skincare junkie.

So a bit of back history, I’ve always had quite dry skin, I’m terrible at staying hydrated during the day and especially since having Chloe I need a really great moisturiser as the ones I had previously been using just werent cutting it. I found that mid price brands, even those for dry skin would just either leave my skin feeling really greasy or within a few hours I’d get dry flakey patches on my forehead. So I tried a few more expensive brands, all sensitive types as my skin can flare up at anything (even gentle/sensitive things), they seemed to work better, no dry patches but I cant say they left me feeling radiant, glowing etc.

Then one day whilst doing some blog hopping (I forget where, sorry) I saw a post about the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and the name rang a bell.  I remember when I was a teen, my Mum getting some Liz Earle goodies and she was super excited. So I went onto the website and had a look around and really liked what I saw. So then I did a search for reviews and read nothing but glowing reviews so I took the plunge and found myself buying the famous hot polish cleanser, toner/tonic and dry skin moisturiser plus I also got a free little travel kit, bonus! So it all arrived a few days later and wow presentation gets a gold star! I felt like it was my birthday unwrapping all the lovely stuff and they even included another little trial size product to try, lovely!

So how did I find it, well I’ve been using everything for three months now and (I’ll try not to gush too much) everything smells so lovely, light and fresh and my skin is seriously happy! The cleanser is fab, it’s a rich cream that you put on dry skin, over makeup and rub it all in – you can rub it over your eyes and not only does it magically dissolve mascara but it doesnt sting at all. Then you put the muslin cloth (which is really stiff when you first get it but after a wash goes lovely and soft) under hot/warm water, wring out and in circles buff/polish off the cleanser, which exfoliates too and when it’s really warm it feels divine!

Afterwards my skin is soft and not dry or tight, and then it’s time for the toner (skin tonic), which I got in the spray bottle, which is alcohol-free and it’s lovely to use, especially in the morning, super gentle and refreshing. I bet in the summer I’ll be using it all day as a cooling mist and yes it smells lovely and light and heavenly too! Then it’s onto the moisturising and this is my favourite thing ever, it feels really rich but isnt greasy and just sinks straight into my skin. Which is left feeling soft and looking radiant, dewy – all those things which everything always claims to do!

It sounds like a lot to do but it really doesnt take long and for those few minutes in the bathroom I feel like I’m having some kind of pampering treat! Which with Chloe in the other room playing the ‘let’s emptying all the drawers for Mummy’ game is quite amazing!

I have to say you’re meant to use it morning and night and well I only really use the whole routine it in the morning, unless I’ve been out and have had make up on – then I’ll use it before bed. With other moisturisers I might have to use them morning and again during the day, but with the Liz Earle dry/sensitive skin one, I’ve been using it once a day and it’s been fine, only now it’s getting wintery and cold am I putting it on again occasionally when I’ve come in from being outside etc. My skin has 100% never felt better and when I did actually have a sunday when I was being lazy and didnt use any of it, my skin looked terrible – dull, flakey and dry, so back to using it I went asap! I even actually used this on my skin after I got badly sunburnt (yes I know naughty) and it was very soothing and didnt irritate it at all.

In fact I love it so much that I’m going to be buying some more now, like right this second, as I cant bear the thought of running out of it (especially the moisturiser) and going back to dry flakey skin, and I want to treat my Mum to some – plus there’s a christmas offer where if you spend £70 you get another little cute treat bag of goodies worth £27 (which I might have to keep for myself!). I’ve only brought from Liz Earle direct and I think it’s worth it for the lush packaging and little freebies but it is also sold on QVC and in John Lewis stores.

Okay so gushing over, the prices, the cleanser comes in a 100ml pump starter kit for £13.75 and you get a muslin cloth with it, you can buy it in a tube, but I think the pump dispenser is better. The toner/skin tonic is £12.25 for a 200ml bottle or £12.50 for the spritzer spray bottle – which again I prefer. And the moisturiser which comes in a 50ml tube or jar is available in light, normal/combination, or dry/sensitive. There is also various set the hot polish cleanser comes in and different sizes, including mini sizes to try. They also do a tinted moisturiser – which again I’ve read rave reviews on, treatment masks, hand and foot creams, a shampoo and conditioner range – which I’ve tried and love, review to follow, and a men’s skincare range which I shall be treating Daddy to at Christmas. I’m completely in love with it and if you’re stuck with what you want for Christmas then I suggest directing your partner to the Liz Earle website and casually dropping hints how you’d love to try it or just ordering some goodies on their card!

Michelle xx

I bought the products mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no one asked me to and no compensation was received for reviewing them.

Update February 2012

I’m still loving my Liz Earle goodies and have tried the Superskin moisturiser (for super dry skin) and it’s lovely – I wish it had the same smell as the dry/sensitive one though. Daddy has been converted to the men’s range and the shaving cream is the best he’s ever used! It’s like he has baby-soft-never-had-stubble-before-in-his-life skin after he’s used it. I thought he’d used a new razor or something, it was incredibly close shave but it was just the cream and its still giving amazing results use after use. And yes I did actually sneakily use it on my legs and it was lovely too, I might have to get my own tube! Also I’ve been using the haircare range which they very kindly sent me to try, and the review is here, I love it and have been converted again – I think I need to start working for them! I cant recommend Liz Earle highly enough and I love buying from their website as my orders arrive so beautifully packaged and I love getting a little sample of something new to try! Sorry for gushing again but love, love, love them! That is all :)

Review: Zen Moon (CSP)


Firstly for those that have stumbled across this page and havent a clue what this is all about, we’re talking CSP or cloth sanitary protection. Yes that’s right, washable and reusable cloth pads for a woman’s monthlies. If this scares you at all and is not your cup of tea then please move on, otherwise this post is to help people learn more about CSP and discover more about this particular brand. Thanks xx

Zen Moon make gorgeous luxury pads, each one is hand-made and hand dyed, so is unique. Unfortunately the Hyena Cart shop has been closed for a while but I came across these pads at Bums N Roses.  I’m sure when the Hyena Cart shop is  open again you could order them in various sizes etc but seeing as I’ve only bought and seen them at Bums N Roses then this review will be commenting on the range and price they are there.

They are all bamboo velour topped with either a fleece or wool backing, personally I’m a fleece backing kind of girl as I find the wool backed pads make me feel hot and I notice the wool pads more when wearing them, plus I like how fleece pads can just be chucked in on a hot wash without fear of shrinkage! But everyone is different and other people will only use wool pads, so it’s always a case of try one before you get a whole set. So price range they start from £7.75 for a 9″ fleece backed pad and go up to £10 for a 12″ wool backed pad. So I guess they are a little on the pricey side but as with all imported goodies the price reflects that, but for me I love them so much it’s well worth it!

I have a 9″ pad and two 12″ pads, all fleece backed, I use them at nights, and find them to be so comfy, soft and they make me feel ‘protected’ IYKWIM.  Even on heavy nights the 12″ pads have coped really great and they’ve stayed looking nice wash after wash. I actually really love the wrap around design of these, they dont seem to move about and as mentioned, they make me feel very secure. But they definitely are big pants pads, even with having two closure snap settings, you do need a big pant to pull them off as there’s a lot of fabric that’ll just bunch up otherwise.

I absolutely adore the colours they come in, definitely something for everyone, reds, blues, purples, greens, light/dark, etc. and they’ve kept their colour really well, hardly faded at all. And they feel really well made, in fact I’m not sure I have anything negative to say about them other then I wish they were a smidge cheaper or there were more available! I’d love to get a few more but really I’ve got enough at the minute so cant justify buying more. But I think I might have to see about maybe buying a few new pads in the new year, as I’m sure by Christmas they’d have paid for themselves in savings.

I love these pads and they are always one of the first ones I reach for, if you have a heavy flow or want something for nights then these are definitely worth trying!

Michelle xx

I bought the pads mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no one asked me to and no compensation was received for reviewing them.

Review: Little Pea Pants fitted nappy


Little Pea Pants are gorgeous handmade cloth nappies from Australia which luckily enough are stocked at Baby Bum Boutique so we dont need a plane ticket to get our hands on them!

First thing’s first, these are fitted nappies so you will need to use a cover with them unless you want to risk going without – which we do occasionally but you do have to remember to check your LO frequently! They come in four sizes; newborn 7-15lb, small 10lb-20lb, medium 15lb-29lb, and large 20lb-40lb. We have a medium and I would say they’re cut on the generous side, Chloe is about 21lbs and there is plenty of room to last her, which is a plus as we probably wont need to get a large! Prices are usually from £15.75 to £19.50 for a large, however at the minute they’re on offer and are only £15.75 regardless of size. I must admit I hate having to pay more for a larger size – even though I know they take more fabric and time to make, so this is great but stock is low so if you want to get one, head over here asap!

The prints are really pretty, I havent seen any of them before and there’s some cute boy ones as well as more girlier types. They come in side snap, which I love as it means you can adjust the waist and leg snaps separately for a perfect fit – except the newborn size which comes in a front snap with a snap down bit for the umbilical cord. They have lovely stretchy elastic in the legs and in both the front and back of the waist, which really helps to get a snug fit. They have a serged finish to the leg stitching, which uses contrasting thread that also matches the snaps, and looks very pretty – I just love attention to small details like this! The outer is a cotton knit print with a hemp fleece inner and a contoured snap in insert made from a layer of zorb, 2 of cotton knit and 2 of flannel. And despite the insert being a little on the large side to ones I’m used to, it doesnt make the nappy too bulky between the legs and it is actually really absorbent.

Ease of use: Simply snap in the insert, do up and put on a cover, which I find I dont find any hassle at all, generally we pop some wool longies over the top so it’s just the same effort as if you were putting on a AIO nappy and trousers.

Performance: This has been really good, I was slightly skeptical with it not being a name I’d heard anything about but it’s done really well on Chloe, it lasts a good two and a half hours which is right along there with the well-known (and more expensive) fitteds we have. Also the containment is great, no leaking – I think the serged finish helps give an even snugger fit around the legs but it hasnt left any red marks on Chloe’s thighs. Drying time is surprisingly good, maybe I’m just used to OBV fitteds that take an age to dry but the LPP is much quicker. I popped it over the radiator yesterday morning (cold and rainy outside) and the heating was only on for a few hours but when I checked it in the evening it was dry.

Design: I love the style, the prints, the cute little label on the bum, and as mentioned the funky coloured serged trim and matching snaps, you can tell a lot of love and care has gone into making them. One thing I haven noticed is that after having the LPP on for a while, it does tend to squidge about a bit at the front and create a bit of a bulge – I think it’s down to the insert being quite soft and because Chloe’s quite skinny. I only really notice it when Chloe’s not got a cover on over the top so when under a wrap or some wool it must give it a bit of support and I dont notice.

Overall: I’m super super impressed with this nappy, I wish it was summer so we could show it off under cute dresses! The price, (especially at £15.75) is great for such a good and gorgeously pretty fitted. Even at full price I’d still be saying these are a great nappy, definitely worth a look if you’re new to trying fitted nappies or even if you have a stash of fitted but want something a bit new. And dont be put off by the fact that it’s not bamboo velour like other fitteds, it is still really absorbent (you gotta love zorb), there’s no trade off on a pretty nappy that doesnt perform well, as I said, it works just as well as some of our £20 well-known named fitteds (and dries quicker)! I love seeing the LPP on the shelf and it’s always one of the first of our fitteds I reach for as it just looks so bright and fresh (if that makes any sense) and yet trustworthy. And finally, well I just love saying the name ‘Little Pea Pants’, in fact it might be a new nickname for Chloe!

Michelle xx

I was sent the nappy mentioned in this post, however no compensation was received for writing this review, no one has told me what to say and all opinions (and spelling mistakes) are my own.

Review: Green Carbon Living AI2 nappy


Green Carbon Living is a WAHM business from Canada that make gorgeous cloth nappies and Baby Bum Boutique has started to stock them. When I first heard about them there was a bit of excitement on a cloth nappy board with a lot of people eager to try them out. And of course it being ‘new’ I had to put my preorder in quick and get one!

They are an AI2 system where the outer shell is waterproof and you snap in an insert to use, and when wet you can simply snap out the wet insert, give the inside of the shell a wipe if needed and then pop in a new insert. Much like a Flip or Weehugger, in fact these do remind me a lot of Weehuggers, cotton outer/PUL inner but GCL have gusseting all around the inside of the nappy and are a one size. Well an ‘almost one size’ as they go from 10lbs to 35lbs +, so not perfect for an average newborn. But they are very very trim, and quite low in the rise, despite having the normal 4 rise settings, so I’m not sure how long they would last a chunkier baby.

So onto the outside first where all the prettiness is, they cost £15 which is quite a high price but it’s always the way with gorgeous imported WAHM goodies and the inserts are bought separately . They only come in snaps (no problem for me), they have a cotton outer and come in a dazzling range of really funky prints, totally gorgeous and a great mix of girl and boy friendly. The snaps on the front do look confusing at first glance, they have 2 rows of snaps across the waist and four snaps on each wing to stop the dreading wing droop. But there is also a crossover snap setting which of course is always great and needed for smaller babies.

So onto the inside, it’s wipeable PUL and there are gussets all around the back, front and legs so they have great containment – especially needed for newborns! I did actually find the side gussets a bit annoying sometimes as they are quite wide so I seemed to be forever tucking them in. I personally wouldnt really call the top and bottom bits gussets, more like just covers to keep the insert in place and to make sure it doesnt stick out the top and cause wicking but they do their job great!

There are two different inserts to choose from, one is just a plain regular insert, £3.95 and the other has gussets sewn into it and is £6. They’re both made from the same material, with a top layer of super soft terry bamboo, a core of zorb and a bottom layer of organic sherpa.  They have snaps at the back to attach to the back of the shell, but oddly enough the snaps on all the inserts I had were more spaced apart then the corresponding ones in the shell. They still snapped in okay but it just meant the insert was bunched up a little at the back, adding a bit of bulk where there didnt need to be. The inserts are much longer then the shell and you’re meant to fold them in on themselves,  so there’s a bit more padding towards the middle/front, depending on if you have a boy or a girl.

So how did we find it? Well despite being super super trim they just aren’t working well for Chloe. She seems to hold in her wee’s now and then do big mega ones which the inserts (both types) cant seem to soak up quickly enough and then it instantly starts to wick and leak around the legs. And this is with folding the inserts so the tails are in the middle and we’ve also tried it at the front but neither seems to make a difference. Also having tried both kinds, I’m not sure the extra money for the gusseted one is really worth it, I didnt notice any difference containment wise between them. You could try something else if need be, most of our spare inserts were a little too wide to fit inside the shell gusseting so it might take a bit of trial and error. Or you could just use this as a wrap over a fitted nappy but if your toddler is at the upper end of the weight range then I’m not sure how well it would cover a large nappy, being that it’s so trim.

Ease of use: AI2’s are always super easy to use, snap in the insert and off you go, I did however struggle sometimes getting the insert in between the gussets and then get it on Chloe and have to tuck the gussets in around the legs a bit. As it seems the inserts push the gusseting on the shell out a little or maybe the gusseting itself is just a smidge too wide/long. It wasnt a huge hassle, just a quick check once on.

Performance: The leg bindings are lovely and soft and unlike some wraps it didnt leave any red marks on Chloe’s legs.  As for how long we get out of it with one of the inserts in, it’s as soon as Chloe wee’s we get leaks. So depending on when she wee’s depends on how long we get out of it – which isnt really ideal as I’m always checking it to see if it’s wet! The fit is lovely and trim when on and it did contain a rather nasty ‘Chloe special’ brilliantly, the gussets did take a hit but nothing escaped! Drying time for the shell is super quick as expected and the inserts didnt take too long either, quicker then a full bamboo or hemp insert.

Design: Cant fault the cute and quirky prints they come in, there’s sure to be something for everyone. But I do feel the inserts let it down a bit, I think they’re probably fine for smaller babies or not so heavy wetters but for bigger toddlers or heavy wetters I just dont think they can cope. The gussets work fabby though and they are just so darn trim!

Overall: These are a little more expensive than say a Weehugger shell but the prints are a big selling point, really quirky and different, plus the GCL is a nearly (from 10lbs) birth to potty so should save you money in the long run compared to a Weehugger which come in 2 sizes. I really wanted this to work for Chloe as the fit is just so perfect but it’s just not meant to be. It’s still a pretty wrap but I must admit I dont think I’ll use it much as I’m not sure how reliable we’d find it before wicking would start – even with a really absorbent nappy underneath. I should have known better really as all cotton outer wraps and pockets I’ve tried do always end up wicking with Chloe unless I’m pretty quick on checking her and changing, but it’s just so gorgeous!!

If I had a newborn I’d be snapping up a few of these to use over small fitteds and prefolds but for Chloe they just dont work. I’m sure before she starting doing big power toddler wee’s it would have stood a better chance and I think with a lighter wetter then again it would probably be fine. So if you’re a fan of AI2’s like Flips and Weehuggers or just want to try something new and funky then definitely give these a go, but if you have a heavy wetter then possibly they arent for you.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy/inserts mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted

to, no compensation was received for doing it.

Review and Giveaway: Beaming Baby’s organic bubble bath


I love trying new things and always want the best for Chloe and am always on the look out for new organic/natural/generally eco friendly goodies to try. So when Heather at Screaming Green (I love saying that name so much!) offered to let us try the Beaming Baby bubble bath it was a quick yes please! I had heard of Beaming Baby before but I hadnt actually tried anything from the range, so I did a little looking around and found that I love their ethics and wish I had come across them sooner!

Firstly it’s made in the UK, always a plus and 10% of Beaming Baby’s profits go straight to charity – by buying their baby skin care products you are supporting SANCCOB, a charity which rescues penguins from oil slicks on the African coast. And they also donate to ‘Baby Lifeline’,  giving hospital equipment to baby care units.

And if that’s not a good enough reason to buy their goodies then how about the fact that Beaming Baby are committed to being carbon neutral and reduce their carbon footprint where possible and work with suppliers to reduce theirs too.  What they can’t reduce, they offset by 120% and they invest in Gold Standard reforestation projects to help turn the world green. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic as well and can be recycled again.

So some finer details on the bubble bath itself, over 70% of the ingredients are organic and it is certified by the Organic Food Federation. It contains organic aloe vera and natural orange blossom. Its free from sodium laureth sulphate, alcohol, perfume, colouring, preservatives and benzoates.  Its hypoallergenic, pH balanced, dermatologist approved, suitable for sensitive skin,  not tested on animals and is Vegan Society approved.  And after all that it only costs around the £4 for a 250ml bottle. I love the way that they list the source of the ingredients on the bottle, so Citrus Aurantium Amara relates to Orange Blossom and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is Organic Aloe Vera, makes me feel much more trusting about a product when I know they aren’t trying to hide anything!

So how did we find it, well I love the look of the bottle, Chloe seems to approve of it too and I have to keep it on the shelf or she always tries to steal it. The actual liquid itself if colourless, I was maybe hoping that it might be slightly blue-tinted but alas it’s clear – I guess that to make it a different colour would mean adding extras in and to be honest I’d much rather it be clear then risk having something in it that might aggravate Chloe’s skin.

The second thing I noticed was the smell or lack off, I actually love orange blossom scent but I find it really hard to place the scent in the bottle, it’s not unpleasant, just not what I was expecting. The smell doesnt develop either when you pour it in the water. But again I’d rather it be very light then really strong – especially when her body wash and shampoo etc are scented as well!

Which brings me to another point, the bubble bath is actually quite runny, I almost poured in much more than I meant to the first time. It’s not a problem at all but just something to remember when pouring it in. As for the bubbles themselves, Chloe is a bubble monster (like most children probably) and although this does produce quite a bit of foam it’s not what I’d call bubble-licious. I (and Chloe) weren’t disappointed as I’ve come to expect that with more natural ingredients there is always some kind of a trade-off, so I wasnt totally expecting a bubble mountain! And Chloe was happy enough splashing about in the foamy bubbles.

We’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and Chloe’s skin is always lovely and soft after bath time, no dryness at all. This is great for everyday use as Chloe has a bath virtually everyday and I want something that’s not going to make her dry or get irritated. I’d definitely be happy to give this as a gift to someone with a young baby and I’m interested in trying some of the other goodies they have in the range, they have Baby Wipes, a Shampoo, Bodywash and a Baby Lotion and other bits all organic too.

Michelle xx

The bubble bath was kindly donated by Screaming Green to try but I did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.  

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