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Chloe at five years old


Yes, Chloe is now 5 years old and a proper little ‘grown up’ person. She is still on the smaller side for her age but is quite tall, weighs about 33lbs, is happily just in size 3-4y clothes and about a shoe size 9. She is however a right little chatter box and fidget bum, who is constantly running around, climbing on things etc – she barely sits (or stands) still for a minute.

She absolutely loves school, and is up before her alarm every single morning – she’d go on a weekend if she could. She enjoys her reading book homework too and is learning new things everyday, the speed of which is picks up and goes through letters and now words is fantastic. The one down side to school is the ruin of her shoes due to her running around, playing sports at lunchtime, climbing on the adventure playground etc so I’ll be buying her some black trainers next – why they dont make girls shoes more like the cool tough ‘boys’ shoes I dont know!

Chloe 17/08/14

She had a lovely birthday and got lots of lovely present, especially lots of Sylvanian Family bits for her new Doll’s House (she picked them over normal doll house people) and it brings back lots of lovely memories of when I had them as a kid. She is also learning to share a bit more with Izzy – it’s tough as Izzy of course what’s everything, now but she’s learnt to compromise a bit more. And everytime Chloe gets some pocket money, she says the same thing ‘I’ll save it up so that we can use it to go back to Cbeebies land again’ yep she loved it there!

Cbeebies Land

She loves Where’s Wally books but she secretly cheats and finds him on all the pages first before then asking us to do it with her and then she of course ‘spots’ them first on every page before us – cheeky! She also loves playing Angry Birds on the iPad and will soon tell me if I’m doing it wrong should I have the chance of having a go myself!

Halloween was fun this year, she loved dressing up and making paper pumpkin lanterns together, the school Halloween party wasnt such a big hit but getting to stay up late and give out chocolate to trick or treaters was ‘cool’.

Halloween 2014

I’m not really sure what else to put in here but thought it was about time I wrote these things down and started doing one every year for them both. So think I will come back and add more as I think of it. But quite simply, Chloe you are amazing! (Even when you get a grump face on!)

Mummy x

SS 3/8/14

Pics from the last few weeks

Yes we’ve been super busy again, Chloe turned 4, we all got sick and lots of other things in between but rather than ramble on, here is a more visual update of the last few weeks – I really need to get sorted on Instagram, would make it much easier!

Wee Notions fluffy mail

Fluffy mail from Wee Notions in their new One Size AI2 style nappies, cant wait to try them properly, pic of them on to follow……………………..Bazinga!


Love Lula October Box

My Love Lula box arrived and I love mostly everything in there, the Ren stuff smells amazing, the beauty balm from Herbfarmacy looks interesting to use and am looking forward to trying the new Weleda shampoo. I’m a loyal L’Occitane follower on the hand cream front so I might give the Cowshed one to my Mum as she gets through hand cream like no body else I know! Still a great box, well worth the £12.50 it cost, cant wait till the next!


A well needed breakHurraw!

A well needed break was needed the other week and the Lindt hit the spot, but it did make me feel all Christmas-y! Also my favourite lip balm, Hurraw, that I’ve been meaning to mention, it lives in the desk drawer and gets used multiple times a day. It’s black cherry scented (delicious) and slightly tinted, organic, vegan and made from raw ingredients. Am glad it doesnt taste like black cherries or I’d be constantly licking my lips! Health shops and place like that online sell it, but I think I got mine from Ebay, they do others but I think the black cherry is the only tinted one.


Izzy moustache

Izzy doing a pensive ‘I moustache you a question’ face whilst we were out on Chloe’s birthday having a delicious Pizza Express.


Chloe moustache

And then Chloe’s version which she made on one of the game apps on my phone, and she now constantly wants to take everyone’s picture to put a ‘tache on as it’s hysterically funny (well it is a bit!).

That will have to be it for now as Izzy is waking up from a too short nap and we need to get some things sorted out as Chloe is starting nursery tomorrow!

Michelle x

I have moved

In blog land that is, everything has been going on behind the scenes but stuff has been happened! I’ve moved the blog over to self hosted, which means I’ll have greater control of what I can do but the downside was it cost a bunch of money to pay someone to do the transfer for me and to pay for a year’s hosting and all that jazz. But it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for ages I just hated the thought of all that money going on something I do as a hobby but then I realised this blog isnt just a hobby, it’s a little bit of our lives, pictures and posts about things we’ve done – a virtual photo album maybe with a ton of pictures of both girls growing up! So yes it was worth it and it all belongs to me now to keep forever!

Next on the list is to give it a bit of a make over and to go round and update things as when I started this there was just Chloe but now there’s Izzy too! Plus I need to finish off about 12 half drafted posted about bits and pieces. And I want to blog about other things that interest me, so I shall!

So anyway just thought I’d say I havent vanished I just couldnt post for a bit whilst things were going on and happily it all went smoothly and hopefully nothing went missing in the process!

Michelle x


Giveaways are coming I promise!! There will be a Peachy one coming very soon so please stay tuned to the blog or follow my Facebook page for updates!

This week will also be spent updating a few old reviews with new versions and next week I’ll start to tackle our newborn fluffy stash – it is very big and fluffy! Izzy is 9lbs now so will be trying her in some BTPs soon just to see how they all fit on a little fluffy bum.

And Christmas is coming eeps! Will have to start making some Christmas cards, paper chains and salt dough decorations – cant wait!

Michelle x

Blog, bump and Chloe updates

I know it’s been a bit quiet around here but I have some fluffy posts planned and agreat giveaway for the start of July, so subscribe to the blog (RSS button and email sign up are on the right hand side), follow on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you dont miss it!

Baby has now reached the 25 week mark, yay! Am feeling good, tired but good, need to stay hydrated a bit more now the weather is finally starting to warm up a bit though. And am making sure Chloe gets as much one on one time as possible, trying to fill our days with fun things to do and a bit of learning mixed in. She loves talking to baby and keeps telling them to come out so they can play! I cant wait to see Chloe be a big sister and hope they’ll be super close as they get older, will they be total opposites or thick as thieves? So exciting!

Getting ready for baby’s arrival is taking shape, we bought a play mat/gym thingy and a bouncer/downstairs day bed (rather then a moses basket) – the amazing looking Stokke bounce ‘n’ sleep. The Xplory is still on order – am getting pretty annoyed with the company we ordered from as despite having our money and order for 4 weeks they seem to have done nothing with it and are unsure if they have the carrycot in stock and cant say how long one might take to order. Really? That along with the fact they keep saying they’ll ring me back by the end of the day with an answer and twice now they havent, I’m thinking of cancelling as other places have it all in stock and with some offers on, it will work out at the same price, so it’s not like it’s worth it to stay with them. I just hate bad customer service, if you say you’ll ring back then you should do, even if it’s to apologise and say your still trying to get an answer but again I cant believe in two days they cant check their warehouse to see if they have a purple one in stock and if not then order one and tell me how long it will be and at least just send out what they have. But then again I would have thought in the 4 weeks they’ve had that they would have ordered one in and kept it aside ready for delivery to me but maybe that’s just asking too much? Oh well I’ll ring them today and we’ll see, maybe it will all be sorted…………………anyway!

So left to get is the car seat and isofix base – so wish we’d got an isofix base when Chloe was little as it does save those extra few minutes everytime you use the car, especially with it being towards winter and us having to get Chloe in the car as well. I wanted a Maxi-Cosi car seat again but Daddy has insisted we get the matching one to the Xplory, the BeSafe iZi Sleep and to be fair we love Chloe’s big BeSafe car seat so it’s not a bad thing, except it costs an extra £100. But I guess if I’m getting my dream pram then he can get a say in the car seat. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get a bit off with some price matching/cashback I want to get it by the end of August so we have a while yet. Oh and we’ve decided on a crib for upstairs, one that attaches to the bed so baby can be next to me but in their own space, which hopefully should make night feeding a breeze. And we probably dont need anymore newborn nappies but I will get a few more closer to the time I’m sure. And I need to get some bits for my labour bag (which I’d like to be all packed and ready asap), sheets/bedding for the crib and cute newborn clothes. I have resisted buying any clothes except maybe 4 items so far, but I need to sort though Chloe old stuff and see what we actually need rather then wasting money on stuff we dont need. So looking at it all written down I need to get a move on! Must make a list, everything seems more manageable with a list!

And Chloe well, she is just amazing, she can count, knows shapes, colours, animals, recognises her name when it’s written down, absolutely loves watching the birds in the garden when we’re at the table and loves doing crafty stuff. She went to a birthday party at the weekend and came home super excited and wanted to show off her party moves and her headband she made. I love that we can have proper little conversations about things and she can tell me what she wants. We’re going to officially start potty training next month after we buy her a new potty as she just isnt that into the one we have at the moment, maybe it’s too low down but we’ll get a higher up one and try a seat on the toilet if she shows an interest in waiting to use that instead. I’ve also got a ton of different training pants and big girl pants on their way to us so she can have a say in what she wants to wear. She’s still not 100% on telling us when she’s wet or dirtied her nappy but it’s getting there and the fact we can talk about growing up and being a big girl and using the potty/toilet like mummy and daddy is helping. Plus as with most things, Chloe does tend to do things in her own time but once she’s decided to do it then there’s no turning back and she’s off. So I’m hoping this laid back approach is going to be the same and once she see her new pants she’ll want to go for it, I dont want to make her do it, fail and get upset, she has plenty of time to do it at her own pace if she needs to. And of course if she hates it then we’ll keep on with nappies a bit longer, ideally it would be great if she was potty trained before baby is here but I dont want Chloe to feel like things have to change once baby is here, so we’ll see and I will be updating lots.

So that’s probably about it for now, lots to look forward to with Chloe and bumps arrival and fluffy things on the blog for you guys. I am trying to aim for 2 posts a week but in the evenings I just want to curl up on the sofa and go to bed early. I so miss the days when Chloe used to have a nap and I could get things done! Lets hope the weather at least stays nice for a bit now.

Michelle xx

A little catch up, potty training and things to come

Well we went to the Butterfly House again for another visit at the weekend and it was fab. Daddy especially loved the new Vulture, Vernon, he looked so so sweet and sort of did a lopey run round. Chloe loved it, and was having great fun running around and looking at everything, although she did get a little grumpy towards the end, bless.

Also thought I’d do a little update on potty training, dum dum dahhhhhhhhh. Well Chloe still is showing no sign of wanting to potty train, she wont even acknowledge she’s done a poop or a wee in her nappy, even when asked. We’ve had the potty out as well but again she just thought it was a funny seat and when she kept putting her teddies in it, I decided to pop it away for a later date. So once the weather warms up a bit we shall be starting the mission:potty training with full gusto! Oh but one thing I am starting to do now is to not use fleece liners in her nappy unless I can help it. As we’ve always used fleece liners in all Chloe’s nappy, to keep her feeling dry, to protect the inside of the nappies and because it helps with messy nappy tidy ups brilliantly.But now we’re going to go without in the hope it makes her feel wet more, we’ll see how it goes I guess. But the nappy buying is grinding to a halt, I’m just buying a few one off’s like the Wee Notions order – if only they made training pants!!

In exciting things to come, Chloe’s handmade doll is being made this week by the lovely Maxine at Bramble Hedge. It’s so exciting picking our skin and eye colours and things, I hope Chloe loves her, I might keep her as an Easter present. Other good news is that Daddy’s current job is finishing up, meaning that he might get more then one weekend off a month! I’ve also being eyeing up houses again and am hoping we can re-start looking at moving again – exciting as then maybe TTC #2 can begin, newborn fluff *squee*!!

Michelle xx


I’ve updated a few reviews so thought I’d list them all here in case you fancied reading, all the updates are listed at the bottom, mostly new colours or what have you!

Oxo Tot are releasing a new hot pink colour to the range, we were kindly sent a fork and spoon set and I can say it’s a lovely bright, gorgeous colour! Perfect for those that like funky bright things, but weren’t too keen on the possibly boyish colours the range previsously came in. I think we *need* more things in this colour, which will be available from Boots stores and Amazon at the end of June. Here’s a quick pic of Chloe holding the wrong end of the spoon to help show off the lovely colour – clever thinking!

Holden’s Landing Bedbug+ night nappies, we have got another as we love them so much (with another on its way, oops!). Gorgeous and thirsty nappies, we love them! I also posted a pic of the new LLS night nappy that came a few weeks ago, again gorgeous, a shame they’re closed till 2012 but maybe good news for my bank balance!

And also, I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not but Ems from Little Gumnut saw my review of her Slimbo CSP and sent me a lovely pad and bag! The gorgeous pad also has the new label on, which I took a pic of to add to the review, they look so posh! So thank you for that unexpected but lovely surprise!

Thanks for reading, will be popping up a new review this week, well possibly two but I dont want to jinx things!!

Michelle xx