Welcome to Fluffy Mummy!

Okay so I thought it was about time I had somewhere to post my nappy ramblings seeing as I have become a nappy nutter over the past year!

It all started when I found out I was pregnant in 2009, surprise! I hadnt thought much about babies, nappies and all that jazz before then but after reading through baby magazines and visiting baby forums I soon realised I wanted the baby to have a fluffy bum (no not literally!).

It was a mixture of environmental reasons, the idea of saving money  (although I hate to think what I’ve spent on cloth now), health aspects (no nasty chemicals and gels near my precious baby) and yes the fluffy bums did look so amazingly cute!

So I did a bit of research and first came across Little Lambs and then saw Bumgenius nappies and thought that it couldnt get any better then that! Not only were visions of folding boring white terry cloths and fiddly pins blow away but I realised that not only were they modern and easy to use but they could actually be fashionable! Then I discovered the whole world of cloth nappies – prints, patterns, customisable embroideries, all in ones, 2 parters, pockets, fitteds, liners, boosters, covers, wool, etc etc. And I am a bit obsessed, I’ll happily spend what free time I have when Chloe is in bed looking at nappy sites, on forums discussing them, making wishlists of ones I’d like to try and so on.

So I’m hoping to share my love of nappies here and hopefully some people might find it useful in helping them get into cloth (their babies not themselves) and find nappies that suit their little ones with reviews and pics. Would be nice to run some competitions at some point, everyone loves a freebie, especially nappy nutters!!

I’m sure the blog will evolve once Chloe is out of nappies as I want to keep this blog going for, well ever maybe? It’ll be lovely to be able to read back through it and see all the pictures that follow Chloe growing up. So anyway if it becomes slightly less fluff addicted later on then I hope you still enjoy it and if you’re new to cloth nappies then I also hope you enjoy it too and learn something new and who knows maybe even try it!

Michelle xx

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