Ecobubs fuzz.

Okay so this isnt a full review but I thought I’d just share my thoughts whilst Chloe’s having a nap.

Well I wanted to try an Ecobubs wool nappy for night time as I’d heard brilliant things about them but they are quite expensive, £18 at the time. So about 2 months ago I got one, and it’s great, easy to use, fold the big insert in half, snap together, stuff in pocket, put on baby, no need for wraps or anything and done! They are also side snaps which I love and they dry super fast, both the outer and microfibre inner dry in only a few hours. And they do last all night on Chloe, hold in messes well and they are soft and squishy, which I can only assume Chloe must like!

So then I heard there was going to be a price increase £18 to £22! Yikes! So I snapped another up about a month after the first, then a week ago I bought another as I got 20% off. So I have 3 now, love them, what more could you ask for? Well for them to look new a bit longer maybe?

Here’s what I mean, from left to right, the 1 week old Ecobubs (used twice maybe),the 1 month old one (used maybe 8 times) and the 2 month old one (used maybe 20 times). Please click on pic to get the full screen bobbly experience!

They just look aged really quickly and like they need a good de-bobbling! Now they havent been tumble dried or anything and are only used at night under a grobag and Chloe isnt even crawling about yet so they aren’t getting a ton of abuse but yet the 2 month old one just looks like I’ve had it for 6 months or more! I guess as we only use them for night it’s not really an issue, doesnt affect performance and no one else sees it, except me but I just like everything to look  nice! Maybe I’ll just try giving it a de-bobbling but I havent got one of those gadgets and I’d be a bit afraid I’d catch the wool and make a big hole in it!

Oh well, I probably wont buy anymore, especially not at £22 when that could get a custom WNNN or something, but they do work well, I’d advise anyone to snap up a preloved one or grab one next time there’s a sale on. But for £22 I would expect a nappy to look new a little longer!

Michelle xx

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  1. Enjoyed reading

    the report – most informative thanks

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