So after a 5 week long wait it arrived!! It looks gorgeous, I decided on the grass knit night nappy and the colours look even nicer in the flesh and it’s super soft and squishy – even more so then the wnnn we have.

The only problem is, it’s huge!! I pondered over sizes for ages and decided to go for the onesize over the medium, at the time of ordering Chloe was coming upto 13lb (she’s nearly 14 now) and I just thought it would fit her now – as the medium wnnn does fit her (and its from 15lb+). I popped it on her to try and I can fit 3 fingers through one leg hole and straight out the other side! So I was more then a little disappointed. I dont want to have to put it in the cupboard  and wait for her to grow into it, which could be a few months at her slow weight gain. So I’ve emailed the lovely Ems who runs Puddlekins to see if there’s any kind of tightening up on the legs she can do so that we can start using it now! Will keep you posted, here’s a pic of the little madam hiding in her new nappy.

Oh well hopefully some more fluffy post will arrive to brighten up our day!

Michelle xx

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