Review: Bumgenius V4

Okay so firstly I have to say I wasnt that impressed with the whole launch of this nappy. Now we like our BG’s, V3’s were our change bag favourites, quick and easy to pop on, no leaks, pretty and trim.  When the announcement was put on FB that the V3’s were being discontinued and a ‘new’ product was going to be launched a few weeks later, I did get a bit excited. The problem on launch day was that there was no ‘new’ product as such, just an updated version on the V3 – the clue is even in the name, version 4! Some of the changes were better than others:

Bigger sizes – doesnt really affect us as Chloe is tiny but I can see it benefiting others.

Snaps- perfect, should have been introduced sooner!

Replaceable leg elastic – we’ve not had ours long enough for this to be an issue but again I’m sure many people will be happy with this.

New colours – bubble, noodle and sweet, I dont particularly like the names and it’s disappointing there are no brights or even dare I say it prints/patterns but I guess that will come eventually.

So at first I wasnt that impressed and was going to pass on getting them but then Babipur had a 20% off and I saw people selling on their old V3 so I thought okay the velcro on the V3 we have is the only annoying thing about them so I’ll sell them and get the new snaps ones. So I ended up getting a pack of 5, blossom, grasshopper, noodle, sweet and bubble,  as I was interested to see the new colours in the flesh. They are about £15 which I think is a fair price for a onesize, and they do come with the full insert and the smaller newborn one, which can also be used to boost with the larger one.

So they arrived yesterday and I took a quick pic of them.

The new colours aren’t that amazing, bubble is a pale lilac colour and although is nice, doesnt look as clean and new as I’d have liked. Noodle is basically a cream colour, which is okay. Sweet is a very very light spearmint colour but really just looks like a white nappy that has been washed with some grasshopper ones! I have no idea why they picked these names as to me ‘bubble’ and ‘sweet’ dont bring any colour connection to mind, what colour is a bubble? So not bowled over by them but they’re okay.

So I did try one on Chloe and the fit is still good but I do find the V4’s a little big/loose around the bum on Chloe, obviously BTP nappies do have a tendency to run on the bulkier side, but comparing it to our V3 there is definitely a little more bulk to the bum, great for bigger babies I guess. We’re now back to using the fully snapped up rise rather than one row unsnapped with the V3, so the fitting is roomier. The snaps were lovely, it’s nice not to have to remember to close the velcro tabs up when popping in the nappy bin and the fitting range is really good.

Ease of use: Simple, snap down the rise snaps to the correct setting for your LO, fold the microfibre insert to the right setting for the size you set the nappy at and stuff into the pocket at the back. Pop the nappy on and velcro/snap up. When taking off, pull the insert out of the pocket, fold over the velcro tabs if required and pop in nappy bucket. These are one of the simplest nappies to use, I would happily leave my mum/ OH/babysitter with a stack of these and have no worry that they’d get stuck.

Performance: Chloe can go 4 hours in a V4 with no problems and we’ve not yet had to double stuff it with the newborn insert, but I’m pretty sure even heavy day wetters would find them double stuffed good for 3/4 hours. They hold everything in well, not had a pee or a poop leak. And I have heard of some people using V3’s overnight, so I can only assume the same would be good for V4. I will try a V4 with both inserts over night and update at the bottom of the post with how it went.

Design: Whilst they aren’t stunning to look at they are cute and you can be sure to find a colour to match an outfit if needed, a good mix of girl, boy and gender neutral colours. I would prefer it if the opening for the pocket was elasticated maybe, like the Rumparooz are, it just makes it look a bit tidier but it doesnt cause any problems. The stretchy fastening tabs are good, helps give a nice fit, as sometimes with snaps they can be on the ‘inbetween’ snap settings but the stretch means a good fit is always managed. One small detail I dont like is the new labels on the inserts, they are long and although dont get it the way at all, just look a bit over the top compared to the old ones, will take a pic to show you when I’ve got a sec.

Overall: I do think anyone new to cloth should try out the Bumgenius range, especially the V4 as they are so easy to use and come in such a great range of colour/fastening options and large size fittings that they’ll suit virtually everyone’s tastes and baby. Bought new (and especially picked up preloved) they are a great price for a nappy that will last you till potty training and future babies, the resale value and preloved demand for them is always nice too. I would say go for the snaps over velcro as they will look newer and last longer. Snap can be a bit more fiddly when your LO is very small to get a good fit but the velcro tabs do get full of fluff/lint and lose their stickiness a bit over time and make the nappy look a bit aged, there’s always one that attaches itself to another nappy in the wash (especially when your OH forgets to close them up) and when your LO is older they are easier for little fingers to undo then snaps!

I’m more than happy to have V4’s in our stash, OH loves the ease of them, great for quick changing on the go, look cute and perform really well, I wouldnt be with them. The improvements are good but if you’re happy with your old V3’s I wouldnt rush out to replace them all.

Michelle xx

Update 24 August 2010

Okay so we’ve had our V4’s a good few weeks now and as we’ve got 5 of them, they have been used and tested a lot. I am really glad we’ve got them as we dont have a lot of BTP nappies in our stash, as we prefer sized on Chloe for a trim fit but I’m more than happy having the V4’s and knowing that they’re going to last us till potty training and maybe even with the next baby!

Chloe hasn’t managed to out pee one, no leaks and has gone for 5 hours in one after having fallen asleep for a long nap! We have also tested one overnight (12 hours), using both the large and newborn insert together and it worked fine, no leaks or red marks on her legs but the nappy was saturated in the morning so if you have a heavy wetter it might not work for you or you might need to add another insert. I’ll still be using yours just for day time but it’s great to know they can be used at night if ever we need to. Poo containment is great, even morning explosion poo wasn’t a problem in this, the snaps are fab still and drying time is great. The new colours have faded a bit which just makes them look a little grey/dingy which is a shame, they werent the boldest of colours to start with but now they just look like white ones that have been tinged by other colours a bit!

As I said previously, I do find the V4’s a little big/loose around the bum on Chloe, obviously BTP nappies do have a tendency to run on the bulkier side, great for bigger babies I guess. The inserts are the issue for us, the newborn one is obviously the perfect size for it when it’s fully snapped up but Chloe out wee’s it easy so we have to use the ‘normal’ one snapped up on the smallest setting, with the folded over bit at the back where she needs the extra boost but it tends to make her bum look a bit bulky, kind of square-ish, especially when she’s attempting to crawl about. Still it’s only a small niggle but just something I’ve noticed, I’d much prefer a small, medium and large insert and pay extra for it so the fit was spot on.

Another slight niggle is the new labels on the inserts, there isnt anything wrong with them as such, they just seem a little big and whenever I’m stuffing them into the pockets and see them, I just wonder why they spent extra money and time re-designing them and making them bigger/colourful. It’s probably a bit hard to see in the pics as I couldnt quite get the labels to lay out flat but the V3 one is short and black and white seems to do the job fine enough whilst the new V4 one is at least twice and long and just seems a bit in your face, then again maybe I am just a bit picky!

So I have to say, there is no real problems with the V4’s they do a job great, OH loves using them, no more velcro for me to hate and it’s nice to know I can replace the leg elastic easily if I ever need to! So the V4’s have a firm place in our stash and am very happy with them, for us having them in snaps is a must and the only real reason why I got them but for those that love velcro it might be worth just snapping up some cheap V3’s as they also do the job brilliantly.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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  3. baba me says:

    Great review of the bumGenius v4s nappies Michelle, glad you liked them!

  4. Alia Wiley says:

    Thank you for this – just had a recommendation on these and it’s good to read about your experience of them.

  5. Excellent blog here! Also your web site loads up fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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