Argh Puddlekins!

Okay so thought I’d update you on the Puddlekins nappy!

Ems from Puddlekins emailed me back and said to try folding it over more at the front to bring the leg hole up/closed a bit more. I tried it on a squirming Chloe and it just made the front really bulky and within a few minutes of her fidgeting it turned back into big gapey leg holes and we had bad wing droopage as the nappy was on the smallest crossover setting. She had also said that if that didnt work to send it back to her along with money for return postage – Ems has clarified that she meant she would cover the return postage, (details in comments about the misunderstanding regarding that) and she’d add on another row of snaps further down. I didnt want to do this as it would yet still make the front even bulkier with more fabric turned over on itself – Chloe is a tummy sleeper so I was worried she’d hate it. And the booster was sticking out over the top of the folded down front as it was, so that was going to be even more of a problem if it was folded down even shorter.

So I emailed her again and said that I’d probably just try to re-sell it to get my money back and maybe order a small/medium at some point in the future. She said that she understood and that she thinks the onesize works better on bigger babies, which didnt make me feel any better. I was half thinking that she might offer to exchange it for a smaller size or offer a discount on getting a smaller one made up or trade in the onesize and pay the extra for a new one. I know everything is custom made and I understand she cant just do refunds on everything but I was just so disappointed that it didnt fit, I would have loved to have tried again but now thinking on it I dont actually want to re order one as I’d have to wait until she reopens her shop for orders and then wait another 5 weeks for it to arrive!

So I think I’ll just stick to my Weenotions. I know they’re a bigger company so can maybe afford to replace/redo orders but I still think for a smaller company, making customers happy is still very important. It’s not like I just didnt like the colour and wanted a refund or that I expected a refund because it didnt fit, I know its not her fault that Chloe is a skinny minny. But even just a slight discount on another order, or she’d take it back and charge me cost to make another one (I’m sure the old one could be sold at full price in the shop), or even just to say that when I did order, to let her know and she’d bump me up the queue so I wouldnt have to wait so long.

Oh well I guess we’re just not destined to try them and it’s probably for the best as I’d probably just get addicted to them like Weenotions!!

Michelle xx

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5 Responses to Argh Puddlekins!

  1. emma says:


    A customer of mine has pointed me to this blog.

    I never asked you for any money for return postage. I think you may have taken my words the wrong way. My exact words were.. ” send me the cost of postage etc” ie tell me how it costs you to send it back and I’ll pay it. I have never asked a customer to pay for return shipping to have something altered.

    This could have happened with any one size nappy where you need to fold the top down. it will be bulky.

    I’m very upset that you think my customer service is not up to scratch.
    You never once gave me any subtle hint that you would like to return it. You told me via email that you were going to sell it. I have always been very happy to take back any new nappy that has not been personalised.

  2. Michelle says:

    It was indeed crossed wires on the postage front, I read it as I was to send you the cost of return postage back to me, I shall change that.

    Turning the top down more did not actually help, the wings started to droop down at the sides and we still had huge gaps around the legs.

    I was rather upset as well, that something I had waited eagerly for in fact didnt work for us, I did say that I was probably going to sell it and buy a small/medium from you – which from my point of view, opened up the window to us sorting something out but you just replied saying you understood and that the onesize works better on bigger babies. Which didnt make me feel any happier at all.

    In my eyes, good customer service is that if the customer is not happy with something then you do your best to make them feel valued and restore their faith in you. You did try to give some fixes but at the end of the day, if someone is having to sell on your product at a loss to themselves and re-buy another at full cost to work for them then that doesnt make them feel that valued.

    As I said, even a simple, ‘when you do want to re-order I’ll push it through right away’ so I didnt have to wait another month would have been enough.

    I’ll go change the issue with return postage in the post, but I have no problems discussing this further with you. I had an issue and I wasnt happy about it.

  3. Michelle says:

    Ems’ nappies and products are in high demand due to the fabulous quality of the items and her amazing customer service. In my experience she is always more than happy to make adjustments to her products to suit your needs, because, as you pointed out, everything is custom made. OS nappies never claim to fit all babies and you should know from experience that they rarely do fit skinny tiny babies. It appears to me that Ems offered a solution which you declined, why should she offer more when the product wasn’t faulty?

  4. Charli says:

    Hi Michelle

    Im really sorry that you didn’t find the Customer service from Ems up to your standards.
    I just wanted to say that i have been a customer to puddlekins in the past and the customer service has been totally outstanding. Ems has taken the time to Email me asking for measurements and even the weights of wet/dry nappies to find one that suited my oddly shaped child, just so we had the *perfect* nappy.
    I had a fitting issue with a nappy once and Ems was very quick to offer a refund or alterations and she was VERY kind and helpful. She is a kind, fair lady and will go out of her way to make her customers happy.
    It’s common knowledge BTP nappies don’t fit tiny babies well, im sure if you had asked her she would have bumped you up the Q to make another! Did you ask?

  5. Michelle says:

    Michelle – Chloe is 14lbs which I wouldnt put her in the tiny baby category for one sizes. I did say I understand its not Ems’ fault that Chloe is a skinny minny and I explained why I declinded the suggestion. Yes the product wasnt faulty but the fact that I didnt want a fix that I felt wouldnt suit Chloe, as she’s a tummy sleeper etc meant that Chloe cant wear the nappy in my eyes isnt that brilliant a situation. If someone bought my product and couldnt use it and the fix I offered wouldnt have worked then I would try my hardest to make sure either something else did work or they were at least happy and could use the product. In my eyes that’s good customer service. If someone was kicking up a fuss because they didnt like the fabric in the flesh then I wouldnt expect the retailer to offer above and beyond.

    Charli – If I thought that Chloe was oddly shapped and lots of other nappies didnt fit on her then I would have emailed with actual measurements but I havent come across a problem like this before. Maybe if the offer of a refund had been made at the start then it would have been sorted but I was actually more interested in trying the nappy out then getting a refund. Hence why I said I would sell it and get a another made but the thought of weeks/months of waiting put me off. And yes your right I didnt ask but it was neither offered. I was actually rather upset about having this beautiful nappy that I had been waiting weeks for in front of me and not being able to use it.

    I dont believe I have slated Ems for being an unkind person in anyway. I wasnt happy with the service, I felt that Ems didnt value my return custom/happiness, so I posted in my own blog about it, I havent gone around spouting off about it anywhere else. Ems had emailed me and I have replied to her, I dont think there is any bad blood between us, I hope there isnt but I dont feel I have been overly harsh or uncalled for in my post, I stated how I felt. Am off to bed now but am happy to respond to anything else tomorrow.

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