Moving up to mediums and stash cull!!

Well Chloe got weighed yesterday and is 13lb 9oz!! And I’ve decided I need to not only sort through her clothes but our nappy stash too as some that she still actually fits into aren’t really holding upto her 9month old bladder!! And I have about 8 medium nappies in the cupboard that I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to fit in now she’s filled out a bit so need to incorporate them into the stash – think I need to get a fluff tower!!

So it’s time to retire the gorgeous Weenotions, the very first custom nappy we bought, and daddy got to help pick it. It’s extra hard as she’s still on the middle snaps for it so it still fits but as it’s a small it’s not long enough in the rise and she gets a builders bum wearing it and it only lasts an hour or two before we get leaks! Here’s a pic of her when we first got it, I am tempted to pop her in it quickly and take a pic to use as the photo for the blog, it’s sooo cute and we will be keeping it in her memory box!

Also I’m thinking the small Blueberry side snaps are for the chop as well, yet again they fit lovely and she’s on the middle snaps but she can out pee them easily, boosting them just makes them bulky and we have some medium ones so it’s not like we’re not going to have any. Still they look so tiny and cute on her, might have to take some ‘momento’ pics of her in them! Not sure whether to keep them or let them find new homes, as I know they aren’t making BBSS anymore, the chances that if we do have another baby and that it could be another girl, makes me think keep them ‘just in case’ but I’m sure that would jinx it into being a boy!!

I’m also going to get rid of our Piddle Poddle, it’s gorgeous but it’s a fitted so tbh we dont really use it, I think I just fell in love with the look of it and it is SO soft and squishy. But I hate using fitted during the day as I hate to cover them up with a wrap or wool so it’s never really going to get much use, and as I’ve got a custom Mutt AIO on order which looks lush and will be soft and squishy and will actually be used, it seems silly to keep hold of the Piddle Poddle.

The Tots Bots Stretchy will be going too, I went mad and had like 6 of these and they were lovely, stayed nice and soft – we dont have a tumble dryer so the pop ins ended up going hard and crispy! They were easy to use, absorbent and we were liking the fitted and wool combo at night time. But then Chloe started getting more active during the night and generally now sleeps on her front – which the Stretchys couldnt stand upto and we ended up with wet sheets! I sold most of them on but kept a size 2 for some reason and I used it last night as I kinda felt sorry for it sat in the basket as it hasnt been used in over a month. but when I went in about 5am as Chloe wanted a bottle the wool, sleeping bag and bed sheet was wet where she had been on her front. I’m sure I could use something to boost it at the front more but tbh I might as well just stick to the Ecobubs and WNNN which are well padded at the front and are fine as they are, plus they do look pretty too! So that will be off to a new home once the wash is done.

I think that’s about it, I really need to have a good look at what’s in the cupboard in medium that will fit her now as well. Think it would be fun to do a stash pic once a month too to see how nappies come and go. Will try and arrange one tonight/tomorrow.

Michelle xx

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