Stash pic for August

Okay so as I said in the last post, here is the current stash pic, as taken this morning – they are pretty hard to organise, involving lots of nappy free time (never a bad thing) and some nappies still a bit damp from the wash.

Okay so here goes, from left to right;

top row – 4 medium Blueberry side snaps, 3 Ecobubs, and a lonely Pop In.

2nd row down – 5 BG V4 and a V3 (the Zinnia one) and 2 more Pop Ins.

3rd row down – Mini LaLa, GroVia, 3 BG medium AIO, another GroVia and Mini LaLa and a TB Stretchy.

4th row down- WN wrap with ‘Little Princess’ on, WNOS, WNSS small (our favourite nappy!), WNNN, WNSS medium ‘Wild Child’, WNOS ‘Drama Queen’, Rumparooz and a  Piddle Poddle.

Bottom row – 2 Itti’s, 4 Blueberry side snaps in small and an Ecobubs in small.

Will be interesting how different it will be in a month or two’s time!

Michelle xx

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