An itti bitti catch up.

Okay so I’ve been sick the last few days, OH is away monday to saturday so I’ve been missing him, sorting out Chloe, feeling like death, worrying about moving house and all that jazz. Am actually feeling worse today but I have family coming to visit tomorrow so have been running around tidying up and stuff.

But anyway what have I missed whilst I’ve been a snotty monster, well the new Itti Tutto has been released. Now to be honest when we first tried Itti’s (the SIO version) it wasnt love at first wee. They looked lovely and fit so trim and snug – no sumo bulkness between the legs, but we had leaks and the snap in inserts dried all crunchy/hard. So I ended up getting rid of the ones we had, in their defence Chloe might well have been a bit small for them, I have heard that they suit chunky thighs better and we didnt try the AIO version, some babies fit one version better then the others.

So a few months ago I tried an AIO and it was fine, no leaks and it did dry pretty quick considering it was an AIO. So I got limited edition ‘like a Tiger’ one, which I have to say is a favourite nappy now. So that’s our itti back story, so then there’s this new Tutto, here are the details on it;

It’s a one size, now I can see this being a good thing for itti lovers, no need to keep replacing them but for us, I prefer sized nappies, yes they end up costing more but as Chloe is so petite they fit her so much better.

It has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back, called a ‘poo fence’ which means you don’t need to worry about leaks. It sounds good, I havent had any issues with Itti’s now that Chloe has chunked out a bit but improvements that stop pooplosions is always welcome.

Has new hip snaps to stop the dreaded ‘wing droop’, we’ve never experienced this but I know plenty of people that have so this is a step in the right direction.

Each nappy comes with three soaker pads, so you can customise the absorbency to suit your baby. Which I think is fab and I wish all nappy makers would make girl/boy customisability, as having the extra boosting at the back but not all bulky at the front is fantastic.

There’s also going to be ‘seasonal prints’ which sounds fab too.

So actually I’m pretty excited about them, I will get one to give it a go and see how trim it is being a one size and to have a fiddle with the soakers, sadly they wont be out here till sep/oct, no official date yet and not sure on the price either but am looking forward to it, especially prints!

No new nappies are due in this week, am getting a bit of a fluff withdrawl, might have to see if anything takes my fancy for medicinal reasons obviously, to help my recovery from this illness *cough cough*. Will keep you posted.

Michelle xx

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