Wee Notions

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a few days but have got caught up in things but now I have some spare time, here goes!

I remember a life before Wee Notions, when I didnt want to sell anything not nailed down in order to accumulate enough Paypal pennies to order the next nappy, and where I didnt spend a few hours a week adding nappies in various fabrics/colours and embroidery designs to the shopping basket, and when the sight of a Wee Notions dispatch email popping into my inbox made me literally squeal in delight. Yes, my name is Michelle and I have a Wee Notions habit.

The first time that I saw people mention Wee Notion nappies on forums I was interested and when I eventually found the website I was, I admit intimidated and a bit confused and slunk away without really looking around. Then I saw some people’s pics of their custom WN’s and I was interested again and went back to the website and had a better look around. I was still confused and unsure what everything was but after a few ‘Help me with WN’s’ posts I understood all, and then the addiction began!!

Okay so let me first explain what I’m talking about, this http://weenotions.co.uk/ is the wonderous website, where you can get virtually anything you desire relating to nappies! I’ll list the main types they do with some info but I will be doing posts dedicated to each type over the next week with pics and more details, so basically there are;

Night Notions (or WNNN) – These are the staple of many a fluff addicts stash, they are highly absorbent and do need a wrap/wool/fleece cover over the top. They come in medium or large sizes, are side snaps fastenings and come with 2 inserts.

Pocket Nappies – These pocket nappies come in either small/medium/large or one size versions. You can pick to have side snaps or aplix in the sized version and in the one size you can have front fastening snaps or aplix.

AI2/All in Two – Which come in small/medium/large and come in side snaps.

Northern Lights – Which are fitted (so need some sort of a cover) and come in small/medium/large and side snap fastening.

As a note the pockets and AI2 do not come with inserts and you have to buy these separately with the option of sized/one size depending on what nappy you’ve gone for and in either a bamboo only or bamboo/microfibre combo depending on how absorbent you need it to be.

So you’ve probably read the list and though well that sounds average, a nice range of various nappy types and sizes, what’s so amazing about that. Well with WN’s you get to pick not only the material the nappies is made from, not only the colour/pattern you’d like but also embroidery to go onto it! Want ‘Chloe’ in pink letters on leopard print minky with a pink inside, you got it. Want a jungle print all over a small sized nappy with green aplix, done! Their embroidery section is full of unusual and cute images, with sayings, animals or simply different fonts so you can make up your own words to put across your LO’s bum. The fabric gallery is large as well, with plain/spotted/animal print/tie dye/etc minky and cuddlesoft fabric and also a limited edition cotton fabric section with dolphins/cows/flowers/cars/footballs you name it and there is probably something there for it. And there is the Flutterby Fluff fabric, individually hand dyed bamboo velour, it’s gorgeous and totally unique fabric that you can buy to use for your Northern Light or Night Notions nappy!

As I said I will take you through each nappy type when I have a bit more time, or I could be glued to the pc all night long! I adore WN’s, yes they are a bit more expensive but knowing you have something that you put time into picking out all the bits, does make it special. They usually take around 2-3 weeks to make but it’s so worth the wait! They are always super reliable as well and are the perfect treat for a special occasion or for dealing with heavy wetters at night time!

Here are a few pics of ours, I’ll explain what’s what later on!

Michelle xx

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