Review: Wee Notions Night Notions nappy

Prices start from about £14 to well, I would guess about £25 for an embroidered pimped out version. They come in 2 sizes, medium 15-25lb and large 20-35lb, full waist/thigh/rise measurements on the website. Chloe wore her medium fine when she was just over 13lbs, I’ve heard from others that they’ve started at 13lbs too, so worth getting it early on and keep on trying it! These come with inserts but they are fitted nappies so do require a wrap/wool/fleece cover. They are made to order so unless your buying something from the in stock range, from order to delivery is usually about 2-3 weeks. If you need something asap for a special occasion or your going away then send them an email to see if there’s anyway they can help, customer service has always been fab when I’ve needed it.

You can have bamboo, cotton velour, bamboo velour, cotton limited edition prints or minky, and various colours/patterns in each option. I have only tried the minky fabric as I like the squishy soft feel to it and it has the biggest choice of colours and prints. You can choose to have matching or contrasting inside fabric or something completely different from the range they have and there’s a huge range of embroidery options should you choose to go down that deep dark tunnel into the WN embroidery addiction world.

We’ve been using our WNNN for about a month, and as soon as it’s dry and ready to use I pop it on her, it’s so trim fitting and so super squishy and soft, I can only imagine how lovely it must feel on! I admit I was a bit put off at first when I heard from others how amazing they are as I wasn’t into the whole 2 part nappy thing. But they really aren’t any extra hassle to use, and it works so well!

As I mentioned the nappy comes with inserts, the first is a tri-fold insert, 2 of the 3 parts are made of a double layer of bamboo towelling (making 4 layers of bamboo towelling once folded up) and the third is a layer of microfibre with a stay dry fabric sewn on top, I chose matching minky in my nappy. This insert has snaps that attach to the back of the nappy to stop it moving about and lies on top of the nappy inner, so it is next to your baby’s skin (hence why the stay dry top).

Inside of the WNNN with the matching minkee topped insert.

The other insert is 2 double layers of bamboo towelling that fold together (making 4 layers) and this goes into the pocket opening at the back of the nappy. There is plenty of room in the pocket for you to add more or even a different type of insert for better boosting, depending how you need it.

Ease of use: It’s easy to prepare – stuff the pocket if you need the extra absorbency, fold up and snap in the other insert. And then when ready to use just put on baby and snap up, it does take slightly longer then an AIO as you have to put on a wrap/cover of some sort over the top but I dont find this fiddly or tiresome to put on.

Lovely spaced snap settings.

Performance: Chloe isn’t an extreme heavy wetter at night but she does tend to get leaks with some night nappies as she’s a tummy sleeper and moves about a lot. Having said that, we haven’t had a leak with our WNNN, in fact we dont even use the extra insert stuffed in the pocket and still the outside of the nappy is only slightly damp to the touch in the morning after 12-14 hours. Chloe is an early morning pooper and this has held everything in fine, no leaks onto the wrap of any kind. Even with them being extremely fantastic for containment, we’ve never taken the nappy off and had marks left on Chloe’s legs, which has happened before with other nappies, the leg elastic is strong but well covered so gentle. I have also heard good reports from others who do have heavy night wetters, a lot of them swear by these as the only thing to work. Compared to other night nappies we’ve tried these are very trim, even with a wrap over the top they are much slimmer then say a boosted Pop-in. And it still feels as lovely and soft as when we first got it, even after weeks of non stop use and it all dries surprisingly fast thanks to the inserts all folding out.

Design: I love side snap nappies, and the snaps are widely placed so should give good room for growth. The pocket for adding more absorbency is good, we dont use it at the moment but it’s good to know this will last us even if Chloe decides to become a night weeing monster later on. I also love how the top of the snap in insert is covered to match the inside of the nappy, I always go for minky and it feels lovely and soft. Even though these need a wrap I do get them embroidered, I know a waste of money, but I do it because a) I can, b) it’s usually only about £4 extra and c) well because I can! I just like the fact that it makes them a bit more unique to us, yes there probably is more than one grape aid minky with stars and a comet on the bum but still, there cant be that many of us right? It makes it feel even more special, looks darn cute and makes me smile when I’m hanging it to dry/changing Chloe.

Overall: I can hardly fault these (except wish they could be waterproof and not need a wrap and then they would be perfect!), they look lovely, they havent once let us down and you can make them as expensive or as cheap as you like (£14.50 for a night fitted is a good price but the temptation is there to go all out and make it something special). I have already ordered another WNNN as I am so impressed with them and can see them lasting until Chloe out grows them and by then (hopefully) I’ll be using them on the next little monkey. If you have a heavy wetter or just like pretty and functional nappies then try one, fast drying, trim fitting, extremely absorbent, they have an excellent resell value and have the amazing quality you expect from Wee Notions.

Michelle xx

Update 11th October 2010

Am updating this a little late I know but, this nappy works so well for us I kind of forgot about it! It holds in the worst of morning wake up messes, the outer is never wet to the touch and I just love the squishiness to them! The only downside is having to put a cover over them, we’ve been using a fleece pull on instead of wool at night and although it’s a bit of a wiggle getting it on because there’s no stretch to the fleece, it does give a slimmer fit then wool and havent have any leaks with it. We still dont need to put it with the extra insert and I did actually get another WNNN, I got it embroidered again – yes I know you cant see the embroidery under the cover and it’s a night nappy but I just like it when I hang them on the line, put them together ready for use, put them on Chloe and take them off and  seeing it! Here’s some pics, still a fab nappy, would be the only night nappy we would use if it didnt need a cover, OH prefers an all in one nappy for quickness/ease, but still everyone should try/have one, especially heavy wetters!!

Michelle xx

I bought all nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to , no compensation was received for doing it.

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