Okay so the new Dream Dri Pop-in has arrived and it’s gone straight onto Chloe’s bum after I’d had a good examine of it etc. But I was thinking, when is the best time to do a review? You dont want to be testing it for so long by the time the review is out, the nappy is old news, but it needs to be long enough so that you can get a full test of it, drying times, how does it handle a poop explosion etc.

So I’ve decided that when I first get a new nappy, I’ll do the usual examine of it, photos etc, and give it a go straight out of the bag as usual. But I’ll write up a review of it after about a week, so it’s had a good 2/3 wears (I’ll do extra washing if it needs to get absorbency up like with bamboo etc so they get a fair run) and whilst everything I like/dislike about it is still fresh in my mind but then I’ll add an update at the bottom of the review after another few weeks have gone by, just in case things have cropped up after repeated use. So a full review will probably take about a month which I would say is more then fair enough.

So now I’m going to make myself a little list for when I get a new nappy, and rough dates for the first and then final review – oh I’m so organised! And also, please feel free to add comments to reviews, if you’ve tried the nappy and you found it better/worse. Chloe is only one baby, another baby with a different size, shape, bigger bladder etc might find it totally different, so someone else might find your comment more relevant to them and help them decide if it’s worth a shot for them, dont be scared, all comments (except spam) are more then welcome!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Reviews.

  1. Emma says:

    We’ve just invested in 1 new and 2 pre-loved dream dris + night boosters. I’m hoping they work well at night time instead of Flip + organic insert. Got a lovely custard coloured one mm, it’s been soaked, washed and used once in the daytime. Going to use it a few more times in the day before I brave night time.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello! I’m not sure how different the V3 Dream Dri are to the previous ones as I never tried them before this, I was always a Bamboo Pop In goer. But I must say I love the Dream Dri, it’s so soft and squishy, the outer shell is so much better then the bamboo ones and its trimmer fitting then even our BG V4’s! I’ve got Chloe in the Dream Dri now with the normal bamboo night time booster and I’m sure it will do brilliantly, getting bamboo upto absorbency is always a pain but I’ve used the night time boosters lots before so hence why I’m full of confidence! I never got on with the flips which is odd because I prefer snaps over velcro (I do wish Pop Ins came in snaps and then I would deff get more!), but for some reason just found the fit of them odd and bulky when on. Have a Weehugger in snaps on its way to us so am looking forward to trying that out as a prettier option to the flips!

    I’ll be doing the Dream Dri review at the end of the week so feel free to add anything to it once it’s up. And good luck for when you go overnight!


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