Review: Wee Notions AI2 (All In Two) nappy

These start from around £13 for a basic one and come without an insert as standard but you can add one, or more, for £4.50 – £5 each depending on if you want a 4 or 6 layered insert. It comes in side snaps and medium standard rise or high rise and large size in either standard or high. As well as the usual options to pick from fabric and embroidery you can choose whether to have the snaps for the insert attached to the front or the back of the nappy, which is great if you have a large embroidery on the bum and dont want it to interfere. However after having used the nappy, I think that if I were to order another I would get the snaps fitted to the back, like they are in the NNs as I think having it loose at the front allows it to sit better, but either way it doesnt affect the nappy’s functioning at all, just personal preference.

Now the main draw to an AI2 nappy is that if baby’s just wet you can snap out the insert and snap in a new one. I do have 2 inserts for this but it’s not often that I’ve been able to re-use the outer, as Chloe’s wee tends to soak through the insert and the minky inner of the nappy or around the leg holes so I change the whole nappy. I havent been able to test it for poop explosions yet but I definitely wouldnt be able to re-use the outer afterwards, Chloe isn’t trained in pooping on demand so I will update on how it holds up to containment once it’s happened. Also we did have a leak, but I actually think it was down to one of those power wees (as the whole nappy was very heavy when I took it off) and she was bouncing away in her Jumperoo. If we get anymore I’ll update but other than that one time it’s been fine.

Ease of use: To get it ready for use it’s quicker then a pocket, just fold up the insert snap it in and done, no fiddling about stuffing it in the pocket and making sure it’s laying right etc. I do personally find side snaps easier to do up then front snaps but each to their own on that front.

Performance: As mentioned above, apart from the one leak, it’s been absolutely fine. I did think there might be some leg gapage with the insert sitting on top rather than flush inside a pocket but it was fine, nice and snug without leaving marks. Drying time is really good, as the inserts are surprisingly thin when folded out and the outer dries in super fast time. I’m still not sure I’m 100% sold on the re-using the outer, maybe if I changed Chloe more often so that her wee didnt soak through to the inside of the nappy it would work, but then do I really want to start changing her more often when she’s fine as she is? As a nappy it works great but for us using it as a re-usable system I’m not so sure.

Design: It’s hard not to love the design when you can design it how you want! As with the WNNN I love the matching top to the insert and the fact that they are just so trim when on.

Overall: For some reason I didnt think I’d like the AI2 as much as their pocket nappies but I’ve been proved wrong, they work great. I’m not sure in the long run if it really is worth it for us to buy the extra inserts versus getting another nappy. Maybe if the bottom of the insert was somehow pul lined to stop the wetness going onto the inside of the nappy we’d be able to re-use it more. All in all the fit is exactly the same as the pocket side snap version but if you’re looking to save money by having a few outers and multiple inserts then it might be worth trying another system unless you have a light wetter or are a frequent changer. Still a great nappy and am glad I tried it out.

Michelle xx

Update 11th October 2010.

After further use I decided that the AI2 just wasnt for us, I much prefer the pocket Wee Notions with the insert hidden away all neat and tidy.  I never really re-used the outer of the AI2, and the shell always managed to get a little damp so I just stuck it all in the nappy bin and put on a fresh one, I think AI2’s like GroVia and Flips are better for re-using and keeping dampness confined to the insert only. I’m sure this works amazing for others, I know a few people who prefer the fit of the AI2 to the pockets but for us its the pockets every time! So sadly this gorgeous nappy was found a new home but I am tempted to get a pocket with butterflies on to replace it!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to , no compensation was received for doing it.

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