Catch up.

Okay so I’m still getting over this sickness that I had the other week, a few days of loosing my voice, then a phlegmy wreck and then a fuzzy and heavy head. Great! So I am a tad behind but I have a list of what I’m upto and where I’m going!

I plan on updating the BG V4 review tomorrow hopefully and then doing the review of the Pop In Dream Dri V3 on weds/thursday. And at the end of the week I plan on rounding up the Wee Notions review with the pockets, yes I know I havent reviewed the Northern Lights day fitted but I dont own one as we only use fitteds at night, so unless I do change my mind at some point and get one, you’ll have to go without!

Also have a Weehugger on its way, it looks lovely and am interested to see how it works as just a wrap and also as an AI2 nappy, if it can pull both off well, I’ll be happy! No other new fluffy post is on the way as we’re moving in about 2 weeks (no official date yet argh), I’ll still be able to use the net but I dont want Royal Mail to lose any fluffy post!! So as well as getting over this sickness – am drinking Innocent smoothies like there’s no tomorrow to try to pack myself full of “goodness” to fight the bad, I’m also packing up boxes as well, great fun!

So no fluffy shopping to cheer me up (am sure I’d be over the sickness now if I’d been fluffy shopping as usual!) but I will get back on track asap!

Michelle xx

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