BG V4 update.

Here’s the update to the V4 review, full review is here.

Okay so we’ve had our V4’s a good few weeks now and as we’ve got 5 of them, they have been used and tested a lot. I am really glad we’ve got them as we dont have a lot of BTP nappies in our stash, as we prefer sized on Chloe for a trim fit but I’m more than happy having the V4’s and knowing that they’re going to last us till potty training and maybe even with the next baby!

Chloe hasn’t managed to out pee them, no leaks and has gone for 5 hours in one after having fallen asleep for a long nap! We have also tested one overnight (12 hours), using both the large and newborn insert together and it worked fine, no leaks or red marks on her legs but the nappy was saturated in the morning so if you have a heavy wetter it might not work for you. I’ll still be using them just for day time but it’s great to know they can be used at night if ever we need to. Poo containment is great, even morning explosion poo wasn’t a problem in this, the snaps are fab still and drying time is great.

They aren’t perfect however, I do find the V4’s a little big/loose around the bum on Chloe, obviously BTP nappies do have a tendency to run on the bulkier side, but comparing it to our V3 there is definitely a little more bulk to the bum, great for bigger babies I guess. The bigger sizing on the V4’s does mean that we’ve gone from having one rise snap undone on the V3 to doing it up on the V4 – which is as to be expected and isnt a problem, the issue is the inserts.  The newborn one is obviously the perfect size for it when it’s fully snapped up but Chloe out wee’s it easy so we have to use the ‘normal’ one snapped up on the smallest setting, with the folded over bit at the back where she needs the extra boost but it tends to make her bum look a bit bulky, kind of square-ish, especially when she’s attempting to crawl about. Still it’s only a small niggle but just something I’ve noticed, as is the new labels on the inserts, there isnt anything wrong with them as such, they just seem a little big and whenever I’m stuffing them into the pockets and see them, I just wonder why they spent extra money and time re-designing them and making them bigger/colourful. It’s probably a bit hard to see in the pics as I couldnt quite get the labels to lay out flat but the V3 one is short, black and white and seems to do the job fine enough whilst the new V4 one is at least twice and long and just seems a bit in your face, then again maybe I am just a bit picky!

So I have to say, there is no real problems with the V4’s they do a job great, OH loves using them, no more velcro for me to hate and it’s nice to know I can replace the leg elastic easily if I ever need to! So the V4’s have a firm place in our stash and am very happy with them, for us having them in snaps is a must and the only real reason why I got them but for those that love velcro it might be worth just snapping up some cheap V3’s as they also do the job brilliantly.

Michelle xx

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