Well we’re set to move into the house next weekend, so I’m busy trying to sort through things and determine if we actually need it or it’s just clutter! I will have access to the net whilst we’re getting the home line and broadband set up but obviously will be a bit busy so expect no more than 1 or 2 posts a week till we’re back up and running properly.

Anyway so, have just had an Email from Emma at www.funkymonkeypants.com and she posted the Bottombumper today so fingers crossed it will be arriving asap!! I already have a Bottombumper, so I know it’s a great trim fitting nappy but this one is embroidered with a cupcake on the bum, will post pics asap and a review will follow at some point.

The Mutt order has been pushed back a few months, disappointing as I’m so super excited to try it but patience is a virtue and all that! The KatyDid and Fishnoodles are on hold at the minute as well, Franklin Goose seem to not want to respond to my emails at the minute but will keep on at them! Oh yes got a WeeNotion dispatch email, so our new WNNN is on its way too, so plenty of fluffy post to cheer me up whilst I have the packing blues!

Am still trying out the WeeHugger, hope to pop up a review next week but have to say I’m not loving it at the minute. Chloe seems to out wee it a lot and although it did contain a blow up, I think if it had been on Chloe a little longer it would have been a different story, just luck that I noticed in time I think! On the plus it is beautiful, love the print, lovely and trim – although seeing as she out wee’s it maybe that’s a moot point! It does seem a little on the small side too, am hoping to try it as just a wrap over night but not sure how it will fit over a WNNN, so we’ll see!

Okay so that’s about it at the minute, please bear with me whilst we move but I’ll try to keep up!!

Michelle xx

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