Fluffy mail!

Well here’s what the postman brought us yesterday..

Chloe’s custom Bottombumper, it went straight on, love the fit of these so much, review will be coming in the next few weeks.

New WNNN came, looks fab, didnt dare risk trying it without a prewash though! It’s currently drying now so proper pics to come once it’s on her bum!! I also got some minky liners, which are lovely and big and perfect for night nappies, as I’m finding our usual fleece ones can be a little small, so I’m hoping this will make Chloe’s early morning blow outs easier to deal with, they feel so soft too!

I also got the Pumpkin Pants I ordered the other day, have been wanting to try fleece instead of wool for night time and have heard good things about the Pumpkin Pants soakers. I forgot to take a pic but it’s the owls design, we used it last night over her old WNNN and it was a lovely fit and was bone dry in the morning so thumbs up!

I am hoping to get hold of a Tutto to try at some point but probably not till after we’ve moved now.

Michelle xx



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