Review: Weehugger AI2 nappy

Okay so there was a big excited from all the other fluffy mums when these were released in the US and we all eagerly awaited delivery on them here. I was interested to try them mainly because they have a fab range of patterns, the one pictured is Hot Spot, the Baby Blooms one is gorgeous too and there are some nice boy prints as well. I must say the whole 2 part, Flip style of them didnt really excite me much, but I was willing to give it a try for the lovely prints!! These come in velcro and snaps, which is always a bonus, and the inserts are bought separately for about £4.99, whilst the covers themselves are £13.50, so for nearly £19 you can get a complete nappy and the major selling point is you can just buy extra inserts and re-use the cover a few times, saving you money. Or the other option is just to buy the cover and either use it as just a cover over fitteds or to just stuff it with what you have at home. They come in 2 sizes, 6-18lbs and 15-35lb, I had the larger size and I honestly had to check to make sure it wasnt the small size as it seemed tiny! Each size has a 2 snap rise, but I didnt even need to snap it up on Chloe and whilst she was on the tightest waist snaps I would like to see a bigger baby in one, as I cant imagine a 25lb+ baby not getting a builders bum!

So this is how it looks with the insert in, the stay put flaps to keep the insert in place are made from cotton, which is a nice and soft but I did find they got a bit damp, especially at the back, so I mostly changed the cover along with the insert and put on a fresh nappy. I do wish the insert was hourglass shaped, as it did bunch up a bit between the legs, also the insert is only sold in one size which you can fold down for the smaller version, personally I’d rather they were just sold in the small and bigger sizes so you can just stuff it straight in and it fits perfect every time. The cover does have the sort of double leg gussets that Pop In nappies have, which did keep in a Chloe blow out special! The fit was lovely and trim, however I did find that Chloe out pee’d it on more than one occasion, I dont class Chloe as a heavy wetter but I think a layer of microfibre in there somewhere to soak up the pee quickly would have helped. This is the main reason why I actually dont rate them hugely, sure I could boost it with something else or just use it as a cute wrap but I wanted it as a complete nappy, I dont want to go rooting around for spare inserts to try out when other nappies work perfectly fine as they come. Maybe Chloe just does super fast power wee’s which caused the leaks, it had plenty of soak and washes to bring upto absorbency so I know it wasnt that. I havent heard of anyone else having issues with them leaking so maybe it is just down to Chloe but along with the few other niggly issues, I knew it would end up being one of those ‘use when everything else is in the wash’ nappies, and I havent really got time to fiddle around trying different inserts with it.

Ease of use: Once you’ve set the right rise snaps for your baby and fiddled with the insert to get it to the correct size, it’s easy to pop it straight on and do up, then at a change either take the nappy off and replace with a fresh one if needed or just replace the insert.

Performance: Due to the leaks in the daytime I never risked trying it over night, but Chloe could wear it about 3 hours before needing a change/finding it had leaked. Poop containment was good, was a little annoying that the mess had got caught up in the gusset creases, into the sides of the insert and underneath but still it held in it. Drying time was as expected, the cover didnt take long and the insert dried in a reasonable amount of time, considering that it’s bamboo. The other slight let down was the stay put flaps, pee resistant stay put flaps might have been a better choice and might have meant I would have re-used the cover more.

Design: Cant fault the prints it comes in, something for everyone, plain and patterns, with a good girl/boy mix but I think those that are just looking for covers for prefolds or something to save money might be annoyed that the plain ones are the same price as the patterns. It’s also great news it comes in snaps and velcro (which have little a cute mitten shape to them). The stay put flaps are a good idea and work well but as I said a more stay dry version would be better. And as I said a better shaped/designed insert for us would have been fab but I’ve not heard the same complaint from others so maybe we’re in the minority!

Overall: I think for nearly £19 I expected more, the cover is fab and would probably work great over slim fitteds or prefolds, I dont think it’s roomy enough to go over a night nappy. But I think the inside of it needs a bit of work, sized inserts to match the cover, with possibly a microfibre top would be a great upgrade along with a bit of tweaking to the stay put flaps. If they decide to bring out a pocket version in the same fab prints with a newly designed insert then I would sign up immediately! But for the current Weehugger experience I’m afraid I’ve been left cold and have already sold it on, rather than keep it at the back of the cupboard, not using it because it doesnt really work for us, hopefully it’ll work fine for the next person (or they’re willing to find a way to make it work) and it can actually get some use. I must say that if I had a newborn baby to deal with again then I would be tempted to get a few of the small covers for over prefolds, just for cuteness! If you’re a fan of Flips then you’ll probably get on great with this but for us it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Michelle xx

Update 11th October 2010

Sadly there isnt an update to this, some people do love them but I think that might be more to do with the patterns then the actually nappy system itself. Maybe if they were more competitively priced then they would be hugely popular but I think the majority of the AI2 interchangeable inserts is mostly in the Flip camp. If you’re a huge fan of these then feel free to comment and share you love for the Weehuggers! Still fingers crossed they decide to bring out the gorgeous prints in a pocket some time soon!

Michelle xx

I bought all nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to , no compensation was received for doing it.

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2 Responses to Review: Weehugger AI2 nappy

  1. hannah ali says:

    hi there, i have just bought a weehuggers wrap as i was really excited about all the reviews from the USA, my lb is almost 3 and a super wetter, i use prefolds with this as i couldnt get a insert when i ordered it and have loads of prefolds already, i have to say i am impressed, i love the prints and have never been out peed with them, he was in it for around 3 1/2 hours maybe even 4 and never had a problem with wicking, i just took out the wet prefold and wiped the wrap through with a wet wipe then stuffed another prefold in and off he went again. it washes well but does take a little longer than others to dry. i would buy more of these in the future when the hubby agrees to extending the family again lol.

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, thanks for commenting, it’s great when others have a different view on something. Sadly these weren’t for us with Chloe but I’m willing to give them a second try once bump is here as I do love the cute prints!

      Good luck on working on hubby for more!

      Michelle x

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