Moving and fluff update!

Okay so we’re all moved it, well boxes everywhere still to be unpacked but it’s getting there. It’s amazing how much stuff you forget you have and wonder why on earth you still have it!!

Anyway, BT line wont be set up for 2 weeks so I’m on the mobile dongle thingy which is a bit flakey so the posts might be a bit short and sweet.

In nappy news, the organic Happy Heiny in cow print I order arrived the morning of the house move so it ended up getting randomly packed up somewhere, but I have rescued and will be taking pics and testing it out soon (well Chloe will be testing it obviously!). I ordered the hemp Stuffin insert for it they do and although it is big for a medium size it does look fab, has a little slip in section where you can place a smaller booster insert into, bit hard to explain will be sure to take lots of pics!!

Still havent gotten around to getting a Tutto, a) because I’m pretty sure the fit wont be amazing on Chloe, sized are generally better and b) I only really like the limited edition prints (love the like the tiger so much!), so it seems pointless to get one now and then get a ltd ed when they come out. But I am intrigued about the new insert configuration so I will try to find out when the ltd ed or new print versions are out and if its ages away then I’ll just get one now!!

Have fallen behind with updating reviews but will get on to doing that over the next week or so I promise!!

Michelle xx

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