Pop In Dream Dri V3 update.

Edit January 2012: Pop-In have released a new generation of nappies, see the new review of both the bamboo and minkee version (that replaces the Dream Dri) here. I’ll leave the old info here on the DD below but there are some newer changes, see the full review linked above for the full info.

I’ve been using this for a good 6 weeks now and I have to say it is a big improvement on the bamboo version for us. We use this about once a week as a night nappy, OH loves it as its easy to do up being velcro and I do love the stretch the new outer shell has. Also it really isnt that bulky, we use both the normal inserts and the tri fold bamboo night time booster and it’s no bigger then say our WNNN (without a cover on) and still never had a leak from it!

All in all I really do love this, and it would be one of my first to reach for night nappies – if only it came in snaps!! The velcro is already looking a little worn from only the light use it’s had and I do wish the laundry tabs were more to the side rather than at the middle of the back of the nappy, as I have to roll Chloe to the side to fasten each one or wait till it’s off her, ones like the BG V4 are much easier and quicker to use. I dont use it as a day nappy, even thought it’s super trim, just for the fact that I have a ton of prettier nappies, but it is a perfectly reliable nappy for day time, if they had more colours or patterns in snaps then I would be a day time convert! At about £20 for the nappy with a night time booster it is a good price knowing you have a reliable day nappy that can also be dry hours after washing and used for night time too. Everyone should have one or two in their stash, I especially think they come into their own if you’re travelling/on holiday and need to get the most out of your nappies without taking up space.

Is definitely a keeper in our stash and would be a first to reach for if only it was in snaps!

Michelle xx

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