Catching up update!

As you can see I’ve popped up the Happy Heiny review and updated the Pop In Dream Dri V3 review. I have also updated the WNNN, WNAI2, BG V4 and Weehugger reviews, just added more pics where needed and have updated the Review page.

I’m looking to review the KatyDid pocket at some point this week and I’m debating whether to order an Issy Bear (tried them before but fit was bad and we had leaks, although Chloe was small then) and try out the new insert combo or get another limited edition Itti Bitti AIO as the fit is so brilliant on Chloe under jeans and things. Might flip a coin on that one later! I’m also waiting on an Itti Bitti Tutto in peppermint to come back in stock so I can finally try one out!

I need to review a Mini LaLa at some point but that will have to go on the ‘to do list’ as Chloe has a check up at the hospital at the end of the week, then we’re going down to visit my family on sunday and then it’s a little madam’s birthday coming up, so I think I might be a bit busy but everything that needs doing is going on the list and I will get there in the end!!

Thanks for reading, my site hits actually stayed at about 20 a day whilst I was moving and couldnt post for those 3ish weeks so it’s nice to know people are actually searching for reviews and finding them here and coming back for more!

Michelle xx

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