Review: KatyDid pocket nappy

Okay so this is one of the nappies I got from Franklin Goose when they did their crazy reviews for store credit promotion earlier this year, I was beginning to think it would never arrive (am still waiting on the Fishnoodles nappy) but luckily enough here it is! Back to the KatyDid, it’s a one size pocket nappy, it comes in 4 colours but only in snaps. It’s much like the BG V4, in that it comes with 2 microfibre inserts, one small newborn one and one larger one that can be snapped down to size, however there are some differences, rather than having one snap in the middle of the insert, these have two, one near each side, which makes the insert snap down better and lay a little flatter. I also like how the label on the inserts in sewn down flat into the insert so it’s not flapping around looking messy!

The nappy itself also has newborn side snaps, so that when it is done up on the tightest setting, using these snaps will give a tighter fit on newborns so no gapping sides. It also has a crossover snap setting for smaller babies and has a two snap rise to give 3 size settings. The inside is a soft micro-fleece which is meant to keep baby dry and help solids to roll off without any hassle. And lastly the other major difference to other pocket nappies is that the pocket opening is at the front of the nappy which is meant to make it easier to take out at change time when dealing with a messy nappy, there is a fold over flap to keep the insert in place and away from baby’s skin.

I was a little surprised when this arrived as it comes packaged in, shock horror, a plastic packet. Now being eco-friendly wasn’t the entire reason why we chose cloth but I did find it odd that a product that is meant to help reduce land fill and be the ‘green’ option would come in plastic. I’m sure it means they dont get dirty in transit etc but I’ve never come across a nappy being shipped this way before (other than the posting bags they arrived in!). I would much rather them come with the standard paper ring around them with instructions on like BG’s, Itti’s etc do. But anyway, inside the plastic was a cardboard bit with the usual fitting and washing instructions on.

We’ve had this about a  month, but due to the business of unpacking and things, we have only used it about 4 times, which is why I’ve waited to do the review. I must say the front opening pocket, whilst a good idea, is taking me awhile to get used to, I keep stuffing the folded up insert in the wrong way around,as we use the folded over part at the back of the nappy. The inserts are great, just as good as a BG V4 in terms of absorbency, I love the double snaps on the larger one, it does makes the insert lay flatter as the V4 ones tend to stick up at the sides.

I do find getting a good fit around the waist hard, we currently use it on the middle tightest without crossing the wings over but could probably go down to the next snaps at it seems snug but when we try them it’s then really loose!!  Also the rise snaps are becoming a bit of an issue, because there is only one snap at each side and not another in the middle as other nappies have, I do find they pop undone quite a lot, especially when stuffing the insert in and also when just doing the nappy up. I think either stronger snaps are needed there or another one in the middle, which does also make it look better too, not as bulgy as with just 2 snaps. However the nappy does work fine, can easily go 4 hours and it dries in the usual time you’d expect a pocket nappy to.

Ease of use: Once you’ve had it awhile, stuffing the insert in the front will be second nature but I have forgotten a few times. Other then that it’s just as easy to use as the next pocket nappy, I do prefer snaps but I know some people can find them fiddly.

Performance: No leaks of any kind, poop was nicely contained. I do find the rise snaps annoying as they keep coming undone, I was changing her from the KatyDid once and as I was getting her undressed, one of the rise snaps was undone! Drying time is great, the outer is dry in an hour or so and the inserts are easily dry overnight or on the line in a few hours.

Design: The colour is really nice, and the feel of the nappy is lovely and soft, the inserts are well designed, the label looks good sewn into the insert and the double snaps on the larger one is a great idea. The newborn side snaps are a nice touch but the rise snaps let it down for me a bit. I’ve yet to change a nappy and be thankful that the pocket opening is at the front rather than the back but it’s not a hindrance at all having it there so it’s not really a plus or negative for me.

Overall: It is a nice pocket nappy, I can see a lot of effort has gone into trying to make it better than others on the market but I wouldn’t say it’s amazing. Maybe we’ve just got rubbish rise snaps on ours or maybe it’s just because Chloe might be ‘inbetween’ sizes and in a few weeks will be on the next setting, will update on that front, but at the minute it’s frustrating. The same goes for the fit, I just find it hard to get a good setting, I think stretchy tabs on the wings would make it more accommodating but as before, it will probably sort itself out in a few weeks once Chloe’s gained some weight and not bother us again.

So the jury is kinda still out on this at the minute, it’s good but I cant say if it will be a first to reach for nappy or a sat at the back of the basket as a spare. There are some features I love like the inserts but some that I need to get used to a bit more. Will decide in my follow up in a few weeks so stay posted!

Michelle xx

Update 8th November 2010

Okay so we’ve carried on with the KatyDid, and the things that havent improved are the rise snaps, they still come undone every now and again and it’s annoying to have to re-snap it up whilst Chloe is trying wriggle away. The fit hasn’t got much better either, as I said I think stretchy wings would help with this or maybe just a chunkier baby! I would probably only reach for the KatyDid if everything else was in the wash, which is a shame because it does have a lot going for it, but the un-snapping rise snaps just make it more hassle then it’s worth for me and even if the nappy fit Chloe well in every other respect I would still put it to the back of the basket because of the rise snaps. Maybe it will work well for someone else as it is a good nappy, I love the inserts and it works well in all other areas but it isn’t a keeper for us.

Michelle xx

I received the nappy mentioned in this post for free and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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