Fluff update.

So after a weekend of toothache and going down to visit my family (which was lovely, lots of early birthday presents for Chloe), I’m now ready to get on with the fluff stuff!

Chloe’s Bambooty (which looks super cute) and Tutto arrived on saturday morning, she’s in the Tutto now, I think it’s going to take a bit of fiddling to get the inserts right but I love how it is still quite trim for a BTP nappy, thanks to Itti’s lovely shaped inserts, no sumo nappy between the legs! The Bambooty will be going on next, I think I may well love it, sized nappies are always so well fitting, but we shall see, will do reviews on them early next week, once they’ve had a good testing!

I also ordered one of the new Issy Bears, we did try these briefly in the old version when Chloe was smaller and we did get some leaks, hopefully now she’s bigger (15lb 13oz at the weigh in last week) it’ll fit great and I managed to get an awesome minky print one from the Issy Bear shop, I hope customs dont steal it!!

I’m on the look out for a new nappy pail/bucket thing, ours is a smallish one with a lid which can hold just about 3 days worth but only just and I have to put the wash on first thing in the morning or the lid wont shut!! So I’m thinking of just getting a pedal bin (so no having to pick up the lid) and sticking it behind the bathroom door. I did consider a hanging pail bag, but having to fuss around with a zipper with a wet nappy in one hand and having to get 2 so one is always dry whilst the other is in the wash, doubles the price. So on the look out for a cheapish pedal bin it is I think!

Right off to go sort out Chloe, who is obsessed with standing in front of the washing machine and watching it all go round!

Michelle xx

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