Birthday update and fluff stuff.

Chloe’s birthday was lovely, lots of lovely presents and cards, yummy cake and a nice meal out with mummy and daddy, in which Chloe spent most of the time not eating her pasta and turning round to grin at anyone that would look her away, resulting in them smiling too so it was very cute!

So sorry for the lack of posting, but some things have to come first!! but back to fluff stuff, the Issy Bear arrived, it looks huge but it is gorgeous, have yet to have a chance to try it with the busy weekend but will get it on her bum soon! Have ordered a Charlie Banana nappy but they are waiting for the Butterflies print to be sent over from the US so will have to wait on that, I was torn between the one size and the sized but when for the sized in the end as the print is so gorgeous I want the nappy to fit perfectly! The custom Muttaquin I ordered months ago is finally being dispatched from the US at some point in the next week so should be here shortly, very excited about that, it’s an AIO rather than the usual fitted they do so I’m sure I’ll love it. am still waiting to here on when the GroVia snaps are out in prints here, they are such a good workhorse nappy but I’m desperate to get them in snaps.

And that’s about it, oh and I won a Tutto from Babi Pur which made yesterday even better (everyone should get a free nappy on their birthday!). I am liking the Tutto we’re trying at the minute so it will be a good addition to our stash. Which reminds me I really should try to take a stash pic soon, maybe at the start of november. And I have just done the update to the Organic Happy Heiny review, I’m sorry to say it’s not a keeper in our stash, but still a good nappy for chunkier babies or if you’re looking for a funky organic nappy.

That’s about it for now, will be sorting out and uploading pics tonight so will be doing the Tutto and Bambooty reviews at some point this week and updating the KatyDid review.

Michelle xx


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