Review: Itti Bitti Tutto nappy

Our previous experiences with Itti Bitti nappies has been hit and miss, we tried a SIO when Chloe was little and the fit was bad and we had lots of leaks and so it wasnt until maybe 3 months ago that we tried again. This time I got an AIO, in the gorgeous ‘Like a Tiger’ print and the fit is great, no leaks, and it is in fact one of our favourite nappies, especially when we’re going out and I dont want anything too bulky on Chloe.  So anyway back to the Tutto, when this came out I thought, well it’s not going to be a nappy for us, as one sizes are obviously more bulky. So I did put off getting one but finally I gave in and set my eyes on the lush peppermint colour (which then happened to be out of stock everywhere but luckily the lovely Alix at Cheeks and Cherries got some in and put one aside for me).

So some specs on it, they are £17.50 which I think is a good price for a one size, especially a minky fabric. The nappy is lined with stay dry suedecloth and comes with three bamboo/organic cotton snap in soaker pads, that are helpfully colour coded as like previous Itti’s, so absorbency can be customised to suit each baby. It also has hip snaps, which ingeniously can be covered up if you dont need them, the snaps help combat the ‘Itti wing droop’ issues that I’ve heard many people talk about. The Tutto also has the patented ‘poo fence’ which is some internal gusseting that’s mission is to stop poop explosions that shoot up the back and out the sides of the nappy. We’ve never had a poop explosion leak out the waist of any nappy, the elasticated waist has always managed to contain it all the few times it’s happened but I guess it’s good to know it’s there just in case.

Itti’s in general do fit a bit low, they only have one row of waist snaps and they tend to sit just under the stomach. The new Tutto has a 3 snap rise, giving 4 size settings so compared to the old D’lish AIO and SIO the Tutto should last from newborn to potty training, rather than having to buy a small, medium and large size each time, saving a lot of pennies along the way.

The 3 snap in soakers did sound interesting when I heard about them but seeing them in the flesh is a little daunting at first, there isnt a whole lot of info on the paper sleeve about how to set them up but there is an in depth guide on the website. It will be different for most people as everyone’s LO is different so it might take a few trial and error runs to see what best works for your LO. But for us the best way is to use the long at the front of the nappy, folded quite short so the tail end is near the front, giving more aborbency there where Chloe seems to use it (she wees more like a boy then a ‘typical’ girl at the back), and then the shorter one snapped to the back. At the minute we dont need the small booster one but if we were going out on a long journey then I would definitely pop it in and it’s great that it’s included. The fit is pretty good, much trimmer then a standard one size, there is a bit of  bagginess around the bum, but it’s a small trade-off as far as I’m concerned from a nappy that should go the distance. No leaks of any kind, even quite a messy poop was contained well, and it’s gone an easy 4 hours, so I think even a heavy wetter would cope with it, the extra booster would probably be needed but it wouldn’t add much to the bulk. Drying time can be a little slow but that’s the norm for bamboo inserts, luckily the thinness and small size of them makes it quicker then other larger bamboo ones, so I dont find it a huge negative.

Ease of use: The first few times are fiddly, testing out whether you need the inserts at the front or back, what insert you need and if the extra booster is needed etc but once you know what works for your baby then it’s just as easy as any other AIO. I always unsnap the inserts when I stick the nappy in the bucket but I know some people just leave it all together and wash as is, personal preference I guess on that. And I do find it quicker to snap the inserts into this when getting it ready for us then I do say stuffing an insert in a pocket and making sure it lays flat.

Performance: We have no complaints in this department, no leaks at all. Drying time isn’t really a huge problem, like I said they do dry quicker then the average bigger bamboo inserts. I usually just pop them on a radiator and they’re dry by morning.

Design: Yet again cant really fault it, this has been worked on to perfection. There’s hardly any bulk considering this is a one size and I have actually had some sized nappies that where bulkier looking then the Tutto. The fact that you’re able to put the inserts where your baby needs them helps not only make it lovely and trim but means that this nappy should be girl and boy friendly so in theory should work for everyone. We do use the hip snaps as Chloe is on the small waist setting and I also think using them makes the waist of the nappy flatter/smoother fitting. I do think it’s a nice touch to have included the option of using the little cover when you dont use the hip snaps so the snaps dont press into your LO and being able to tuck the cover away when you are using the snaps is a really well thought out design. The minky fabric is lovely and plush too, and they come in such a huge range of both plain colours and not limited edition prints too!

Overall: I didn’t think we’d be a huge fan of this but I am converted. The trade-off of it being a one size and the slight bagginess around the bum is well worth it. It fits a treat and the large range of minky colours and the limited edition prints being released means that I wont get bored and there’s sure to be something for everyone. I already have a second Tutto (Bubblegum – which was won in a competition) and they will both be a well used addition to our stash. I’d love it if more one size nappies came with hourglass shaped inserts to stop the bulky sumo wrestler look between the legs and it just makes such a better fit and I’m sure Chloe must prefer it now she’s crawling and cruising about. The Tutto should definitely be on everyone’s ‘To Try’ list as I’m pretty sure 90% of people will get on with it and love it.

I think if you want to try Itti Bitti, then definitely start with the Tutto, it may be a more expensive than the sized but considering if you bought the sized D’Lish in small, medium and large, over the course of your baby growing, which would easily cost you nearly £40, it is well worth getting the Tutto at £17.50 which should last the whole way.

Michelle xx

Update 7th September 2011

Well it’s official, we do love Tutto’s! We do now have to use all 3 of the inserts in the Tutto and they last about 3.5 hours at the longest before we start to get leaks from being saturated. But they are so trim that I’m happy to change every 3/3.5 hours as they are so great under tights or slim jeans, and I just know not to use them on long journeys. I’ve now embraced the baggy bum issue, it doesn’t look great but the trimness, especially between the legs outweighs the bagginess! The minky outer is holding up well wash after wash, it’s still lovely and soft, and I ended up buying a few (four!) of the limited edition prints, which brightens up our stash no end!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post (and won one in a competition) and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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