Poorly update.

Well we are still her, I had plans for lots of reviews and updates this week but Chloe caught a tummy bug at the start of the week and when she started to get over it, I ended up coming down with it. Not fun. But I’m feeling on the mend now so I will try to do the KatyDid update and the review of the Bambooty, which I’m still unsure of so will pop Chloe into it today and see how we go. I still need to get my Issy Bear review started but Chloe has only probably wore it once so I will try to get it on as much as possible and start the review next week.

I’ve been feeling so poorly and tired this week (Chloe’s been waking up every 3/4 hours during the night) that I’ve not been nappy shopping!! Nothing! However I am still eagerly waiting on the custom Muttaquin AIO, Fishnoodle and Charlie Banana so I’m sure that makes up for it.

So that’s it for the moment, we’re off to a bonfire night up the road later on, Chloe’s first as this time last year she was still in SCBU, but all being well next week will be packed full of posts and reviews!!

Thanks for reading and sticking with me.

Michelle xx

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