Review: Bambooty AIO nappy

I finally got a Bambooty from Fluff Heaven and on paper it seems like the perfect nappy for us, but I think I just took so long to get one as I wasn’t keen on the prints and colours, but still here we go. They come in either a night version (£15-£16.75) or a day version (£14.50-£14.99), I;m more than happy with our current night nappies so I opted for the day version, there was a choice of 6 plain colours and 8 prints to choose from, I picked the ‘Tutu Cute’ print. They come in various sizes;  small upto 7kg,  medium 6-11.5kg, large 10kg+ and the night version also comes in an XL 13kg+ sizes,  I always prefer a sized over a one size so it’s less bulky so this was deffientely a plus point for me.

Bambooty’s only come in snaps (another plus point for me) and are an all in one nappy, which has two boosters which are attached at one end so they flap out for speedier drying. The boosters are made of a bamboo fleece and organic cotton mix, with hidden microfibre for super-absorbency. One is topped with a stay dry suedecloth layer to lock moisture away from baby’s bottom and the other is just natural fibres so you can choose which one you want next to your baby’s skin. Another clever design of the Bambooty is the extra internal elasticated ‘guard’, which stops the boosters from moving about and also works very effectively to prevent leaks and explosions, as does the two layers of soft elastic around each leg-hole. The Bambooty also comes inside a free small washable wetbag, which although only holds 1 nappy, it is a very nice touch.

The first thing I thought when I got the Bambooty out of its little wetbag is ‘Wow, that’s a dinky nappy, is it the right size?’ I checked and yes it really is a medium but it does look tiny. As with Itti’s the Bambooty only has a 1 snap waist band rather than the double snaps that you get on one size nappies like BG’s, I personally prefer the double snaps as I think they give a better fit but it’s not big problem, I think possibly the large and XL sizes have the double snaps but I’m not 100% certain. So on it went and as expected it was a lovely trim fit and it survived 4 hours without any leaks, which is always a bonus without any prewashing! A few washes later and it was still holding up well after 4 hours but I’m not sure how well it would last after another hours or with a heavy wetter, I think you would definitely need to slip in an extra booster. Chloe has decided not to poop in this nappy yet but I do have high hopes for that department thanks to the ‘guard’ and leg gusseting. Drying time isn’t bad for this seeing as it’s an AIO, I generally just leave it overnight and it’s dry in the morning so no complaints there.

Ease of use: Being an all in one nappy this is simplicity itself, no adjusting the rise snaps, no stuffing or snapping boosters in, just lay the booster flaps however you feel best, natural fibre or stay dry on top and snap nappy up, easy. It’s also great when it comes to change time, no fiddling with inserts just chuck it as is straight into the bucket, this is definitely a good nappy for husbands, nans, childcare etc.

Performance: No complaints so far but I am still waiting to test its containment capacities. Drying time with this is great compared to other all in ones which have the boosters fully sewn in.

Design: I’m still not overly wowed by the colours and prints this comes in but I cant fault that they do come in a very large range, both girl, boy and gender neutral, so nearly everyone should be happy (except picky people like me!). The inside of the nappy is really well designed in both the flap out boosters and the ‘guard’, the fact that the nappy is lovely and trim fitting as well is also a big plus.

Overall: This is a really good nappy so far but for reasons unknown I would still take an Itti Bitti D’Lish AIO over it. The ‘look’ of the Bambooty, although is nice, just doesnt really do it for me, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and all that but there’s something very ‘simple’ looking to it, which I’m sure many other people will find appealing but it just isn’t bold enough for my tastes. Once we’ve tested it a bit more I’ll decide whether it’s a keeper for us or not as I’m still a bit on the fence as it performs well but just not sure if I’d reach for it alot. If you’re looking for a good sized nappy and want something simple to use then this is a winner, easy and perfect for travelling or for family/childcare to use. It’s also for you if you aren’t big on minky fabric like the Itti’s or if you want the variety of plain colours and some prints thrown in.

Michelle xx

Update 29th November 2010

Despite this giving a lovely trim fit, I just dont go reaching for the Bambooty as one of my favourite nappies. It’s held up well with no leaks, although I think heavier wetters might need to boost it, poop containment has been fine as well, no complaints from that department. But I do find it fits very low, lower than even an Itti, I have noticed on occasion that it’s left a light red mark on the top of Chloe’s thighs, and she’s not chunky around the legs but she is quite long, which I think is the issue but it’s not been every time so maybe it’s just when she’s been sat having lunch and sitting for a while or something. So the verdict on the Bambooty is that although it works well, it’s not a ‘Wow’ nappy for me, a kind of in the background nappy. And like I said, the ease of use of it would make it great for childcare but I personally wouldnt go reaching for it over most of the other nappies in our stash, be it sized or a btp, so for us it’s not a keeper.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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