The fluffy blues.

I’ve got the fluffy blues this week, I’m itching to buy some new fluff but there is a lack of fluffy funds. So I’ve been amusing myself with filling up my baskets in fluff stores and then closing the web page, yes, my name is Michelle and I am a virtual fluff window shopper.

I’ve been doing it so much that it actually got to the point this morning when I woke up and thought ‘Oh I might get that fluffy mail today’ before I realised I hadn’t actually bought anything, so no, nothing would be arriving! Well unless my nappies on long term order choose to pick this week to arrive! Speaking of which, here is the rundown on them;

Fishnoodles AIO – Think I might just take this off the order list, Franklin Goose have put all of the ‘free credit’ orders on hold, even though I actually paid towards my order and offered to pay extra for any shipping charges they didnt reply. They also havent updated my new address on the current open order, even though I’ve asked a few times so even if it did get sent out, I wouldn’t get it! I should be glad that I even got the KatyDid but what I really wanted on the order was the Planet Wise wipe pouch.

It’s gorgeous (comes in pink as well), the 10 matching wipes come with it and it would be perfect for in the change bag. I even told Franklin Goose I’d take just that over both the nappies but still it’s not to be. Might try to find if Planet Wise would sell and ship me one direct, we’ll see. So back to the point, the Fishnoodles is coming off the list, as much as I would love to try it, it just makes me feel sad looking at it listed there!

The custom Muttaqin AIO should be here soon, I’ve heard that it’s been shipped/meant to have been shipped from the US in the last week or so. I can only hope it whizzes through customs and arrives quick to banish my fluffy blues as I cant wait to get the gorgeous little thing on! There will be reviews and pics a plenty on that!

Charlie Banana – to be fair I did only order this about 2 weeks ago but I havent heard an update on when they’re due in. I was actually looking at these nappies not a month ago and thinking about asking if they would ship one to me and then all of a sudden a few places here started stocking them the other week – problem is that no one got any Butterflies prints in, but they should be in soon (I hope).

Something I’ve not ordered yet but cant wait to as soon as I spot someone doing a pre-order for them in the GroVia AI2/Hybrid in snaps! Yes snaps! I love these nappies, perfect containment,trim fitting, easily go 4 hours+ in them, look super cute and because you can just replace the inners (like Flips), it means less washing. Perfect! The only issue I ever had with them was the velcro, granted it was better than the average velcro on nappies and they did try to make improvements with the laundry loops for them but in the end I got rid of them all, I just couldnt live with them attacking everything in the wash and they were looking all old and manky after only a month or two. So snaps yay and some new colours and prints, yay, the downside, they aren’t being released until Dec, so they probably wont be here till after Xmas maybe. *Sigh* But still, it’s not far away I guess and it should be worth the wait. I’m sure a few people reading all that will just think ‘Why dont you just get Flips’, but I did try them and just didnt like them, the fit of them was bulky, they felt far to plasticky and I wanted something a bit more colourful. So for them, the wait continues….

Anyway, Chloe is being a grump now so must go and sort her out and must remember to take some Issy Bear pics today as I keep forgetting, the review for that should be coming over the weekend!

Michelle xx

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4 Responses to The fluffy blues.

  1. carolyn says:

    Hi Michelle!

    I am a Charlie Banana fan and work directly with them. I came across your blog and wanted you to know you can get the butterfly print on If you ever have any questions, please contact me at – would love to answer any questions. Hope you get your fluff soon and enjoy it!


  2. Michelle says:

    Hello and thanks for the info, have sent you a quick email, ordering from target and shipping to the UK would probably be a bit of an expense but I am itching to get it!! It’s a gorgeous print!

    Michelle xx

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