Nappy comps and giveaways!

Okay so I’m sure anyone who reads this will already know about these comps and giveaways but maybe not or maybe they have just forgotten to enter this week, so here is a reminder of them. They are well worth entering and are both run by companies that I’ve shopped with plenty of times and highly recommend for all your fluffy needs! They generally all give you a free entry for replying to the giveaway/answering a question and then will give you extra entries for retweeting them on twitter, following on facebook, posting about it on a forum or on a blog etc. I’ve heard that some people dont like this as some people end up ‘spamming’ everywhere to get the extra entries but at the end of the day the companies supplying the giveaways aren’t huge corporations like Tesco that have a seemingly unlimited budget for advertising and promotions, so helping to spread the word for the small companies can only be a good thing! Although I dont condone outright spamming, that doesnt help anyone’s cause but if someone is giving products away for free then I think they are more than deserving of some free advertising, especially if it help to spread the fluffy love!

But saying all that, you dont HAVE to do all the things for the extra entries, I dont really use twitter, sometimes I go on to see what people are saying but I dont actually tweet and so I dont have any followers so it seems silly for me to retweet the giveaway for an extra entry when I know no one is going to read it! So I generally only get 3/4 entries from FB etc but I’m happy with that, I think you’re either going to win or not and if you dont win this one then there’s always next time. But if you want to do everything to get all the entries you can then go for it, and good luck to you. Right enough rambling and onto the giveaways!!

Tushie Tuesdays from Really Pants which is run by Laura the founder of Fill Your Pants – They usually run Tushie Tuesday giveways about 2 times a month, and yes they start on a tuesday! Sometimes it runs for a week or sometimes longer, the giveaways are usually gorgeous nappies from the shop but they do sometimes host giveaways from other fluffy shops. The Really Pants site itself is great, they have reviews and info, nappy news etc, well worth bookmarking! So the giveaway they are running this week is “One Lucky Winner will receive 3 months membership to our new and exclusive Fluffy Mail Club!” (more info on the Fluffy Mail Club is on the site) definitely one worth entering, basically 3 new nappies!! The full info on how to enter is all here The closing date for this is Monday 29th Nov 5pm (and sadly this is the last giveaway they are doing until the new year but it is a big one, so definitely get in!). The winner will be announced shortly after the closing time on the 29th and you will need to email them to arrange the prize so dont forget to check back!!

Babipur Christmas shopping competition on their blog – Which again is well worth bookmarking, interesting articles and reviews. The giveaway they are running at the minute is “One lucky winner will receive £200 in vouchers to spend at Babi Pur or your Christmas shopping with us refunded.  (up to the value of £200 and any excess made up with vouchers)” £200 to shop with and not just on nappies, they stock gorgeous organic baby clothes, toys, gifts, toiletries, and more! The full info on how to enter is all here All entries need to be in before midnight on the 9 of December.  The winner will be chosen at random on the 10th December 2010.

So these are both amazing giveaways all for a few minutes of your time answering a question and spreading the fluffy love, if you haven’t entered then do so now! I will be getting mine in just after posting this, good luck to everyone!!

Michelle xx

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