Review: Issy Bear V2 nappy

We had previously tried Issy Bear nappies when Chloe was little but the fit wasnt so good (they were the old version) so I did think they weren’t for us, but lately I’ve been hearing good things about the new V2 Issy’s. So I’ve been looking at them on and off for a while but then I saw this cute skull and crossbones minky print come up on Issy Bear’s facebook page and I was off to their website and snapped one up. As it came direct from them I did have to pay a bit in shipping but there is a huge selection from Cheeks and Cherries which is where I purchased the original ones from all those months ago. They do now sell the new V2, the day Issy Bears are £18.99, minky fabric ones are £20.99 and the night ones are £17.99. It’s a one size nappy and does come in both velcro and snaps but the velcro version isn’t stocked as much as the snaps.

The new V2 Issy Bear nappies come with a combination Day/Night insert, which comprises of two inserts made from bamboo and microfibre, the main insert can be used on its own for everyday use and then you can snap the night insert on for extra boosting for night or even just for heavier wetters in the day. The pocket opening is at the front of the nappy and as the inserts are shaped, I did have to fold it in half and then wiggle it about a bit to get it into place, it would have been nice to have a larger opening. A new feature I’ve not seen before is that the insert can be secured at one end to the inside of the pocket with a snap, so that you can flap the insert out for faster drying, but still keep the nappy together throughout the washing process so it’s easier to put back together. The inside of the nappy is  suedecloth which acts as a stay dry liner to keep the moisture away from baby’s skin.

As it’s a one size it has a 2 snap rise which gives 3 fitting sizes, the day insert can also be folded over and snapped into place to make it fit the smaller settings. It has a single row of waist snaps but there are two snaps to fasten on each wing, meaning four to do up at each change time. The two snaps on each wing are spaced out, which does mean when the nappy is done up on smaller setting it gives some support to stop wing droop. It also has crossover snaps to give a better fit for smaller babies. We are currently using it on the 2nd rise snap and the waist is on the first of the crossover snaps.

It does seem to fit a bit on the larger side, which will be good as it will definitely last until potty training but it does mean it is a little bit more bulkier then some of the other one size nappies we have. I do find that when you fold down the insert for a smaller size then it is very bulky, so I’ve been using it at full length, which does make it a tight fit in the pocket but I prefer it for a trimmer fit. So far I havent managed to try it out overnight but it is on my list to do, daywise it lasts an easy 4 hours and although Chloe has so far decided not to poop in it, it’s not had any leaks.

Ease of use: I do find it a bit fiddly to stuff the pocket and get it to lay flat, as I said a slightly wider opening would be good, I’m not looking forward to using both the inserts and having to get them both inside for night time. I’m more used to a back opening pocket, but having it at the front doesnt cause any problem but if you are folding down the insert for a smaller size then you will have to remember when putting the insert in so you dont end up putting it in how you for say a back opener like a BG. I keep forgetting to snap the insert to the snap inside the pocket and just flip it out, I cant see it being a huge advantage as usually I just get hold of the edge of an insert to pull out of the pocket and I’m not sure how much I’d have to touch a wet insert to just pull it out but just leave the snapped part attached and also it could just unsnap in the wash. I will remember to start using it and see how well it works.

Performance: It holds up well with no leaks but I need to test further to see about messy containment. Drying time for the inserts is a little slow but they are a made from bamboo and microfibre and are quite thick, overnight on the radiator works. I have on one occasion just popped in the ‘night’ insert and used that whilst the ‘day’ one was still drying, as the outer shell dries in no time at all.

Design: These do have a bit of a sumo look about them, bulky between the legs but the look of these is very plush and there is a big range of both normal and minky prints. Although they are big the inserts have been well designed, I love the sewn down cute label on them and the way they can be snapped together for night time use is really good.

Overall: I’m in love with the print, and OH is a big fan of it, the only downside being it is a bit bulky, which I know if a factor of one size nappies but I do find this bulkier then other one sizes we have. Yet again, as with most one size nappies, it would suit bigger babies and I do think these would be fab for heavier wetter as you could use both inserts for during the day if needed. They may seem a bit pricey but considering you get the extra ‘night’ insert and how well made they are they are worth the money as a high end nappy. I’ve heard a lot of people use them as night nappies so I’m interested to see how they work for us, it’s great to have a nappy that you can use at night as well, without having to buy extra boosters, especially for when you’re travelling or if you just want to get the most out of your nappies. By getting a few extra inserts you could kit out your stash with some lovely looking nappies that once the outers are dry you could just pop in a spare insert (or two for night time) whilst the other is still drying, so you’d get maximum use out of them and it probably wouldnt end up being that expensive compared to getting separate day and night nappies. Unless we have any big issues crop up with it over the next few weeks, I think it will be a keeper in our stash as it is gorgeous to look at and so far it performs well but I dont think we’ll be getting anymore to add to our stash (unless I spot another gorgeous print or unless they were to bring out a sized version!!).

Michelle xx

Update 30th December 2010

I do love this nappy but not because it is the best fitting/slimmest/best at its job but because I love the print! Which I know isn’t really fair and to be honest it does work fine but I do just find it so bulky that I only really reach for it every now and then as a ‘treat’ but I am keeping it and hopefully as Chloe fills out more it will be less and less sumo wrestler looking on her. I do wish the pocket opening was bigger, I can live with it being at the front but I’d like the opening bigger, especially when taking out a wet insert. I did try keeping the insert poppered to the nappy in the wash (it was fiddly pulling it out but keeping it attached when it was wet, much easier to just pull it all out like usual) and it did stay attached but it was even more annoying to push it all back in once it was dry, so  unless I’m missing something there I dont really see the point. The inserts do hold a lot of pee, not had any leaks with this, they do as expected take a while to dry but I just use the other insert whilst the first is drying. I have used it overnight with both inserts and it was fine, good to know that’s possible if needed but I do tend to prefer to use fitteds for nights so this will be used as just a day nappy for us. As previously said I dont think I’d want to get anymore to add to our stash but I am going to keep this one, they do have a huge range of prints and they do add new ones regularly.If you fancy a luxury nappy and aren’t too fussed about slimness then this is worth trying but I think they are a bit expensive to fully kit out your stash with. I will try to remember to post a pic when Chloe reaches the 20lb+ mark as it would be interesting to see how it fits then. Definitely a luxury nappy and totally gorgeous but it’s just not enough to become a firm favourite in our stash.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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