New BG and Itti prints.

So not long after I’d finished the update to the Tutto review and Itti Bitti releases sneaky peeks of the new minky prints range which should be available in Australia, UK, NZ and Europe from early-mid January. There were 7 new print pictures and I would class most of them as gender neutral, but for me, none of them really caught my eye. I cant see the info on them released on their homepage yet but the pics are on their facebook page if you want to go have a gander. As much as I love the Tutto, I really am a fan of prints and as I’m not that excited by the new minky prints then I think I’ll try to get hold of some large D’Lish AIO’s in the old Ltd Ed prints, Like a Tiger, Polka dots etc. Here’s hoping next time they bring out prints they’ll be more to my taste!

Taking about new print releases, I know it’s old news but BG have brought out some limited edition prints which come in both the Organic AIO and the new V4 pocket. They are due in to retailers here in the UK any day now, but I havent ordered any, even though I do fancy an Organic AIO, this is because yet again they aren’t quite to my taste. The collection is called ‘Tiny Socialite’ and was designed by the artist Chelsea Perry, BG have said they hope to release a new collection regularly, I have heard that it’s to be 4 times a year but that is unconfirmed and I would think that would be hard to achieve, probably twice a year would be more realistic.

At first look, I thought there were just white nappies with red, blue, yellow, light blue and black print on, but once I had a closer look it all became clearer. It seems they are mostly a mix of two colours, here is what I hope can be a clearer explanation of them!

Firstly ‘Eiffel Tower’ which is black on white,  I think it’s the one that would appeal most to a lot of people, looking classy and yet very gender neutral.

‘Free Spirit’ which I did originally think was just a yellow on white but actually it’s the clementine colour on cream (which I can only assume by cream they mean the new Noodle colour).

‘Concrete Jungle’ which is red on pale green (which yet again I can only assume pale green is the new Sweet colour), this is my least favourite print, I think red on white or red on cream would have looked better. To me it just looks like a red and white nappy has been caught in the wash with something dark and the white has taken on a funny tinge to it, much like how the Sweet colour  actually looks in my opinion.

‘Jet Setter’ is dark purple on blue, but to me from the pictures I would say it looks like a dark blue on blue, still I think this is one of the nicer ones.

‘Retail Therapy’  is teal on lavender (and yet again I’m guessing the lavender is the new Bubble colour), I’m not really impressed with this either, I like the teal colour but think it would pop out more if it was just on white.

So I wont be getting any of these new prints, unless I actually saw them in the flesh and they turned out to look totally different and amazing. It’s a bit of a let down as I’ve wanted BG to bring out prints for a long time and together with the let down of the 3 new colours when they brought out the V4, I just feel they could have gone a bit further with these. The patterns themselves are okay it’s just the odd mixing of the colours I dont really like.

so I’ll save my pennies and stay away from these new prints but that does mean I might splash out on the Rumparooz Eco Owls print which I do love, the new Robotronic one is also gorgeous and I would definitely get if we have a little boy!

Michelle xx

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