Fluff news.

Good fluff news!! The Muttaqins have arrived with the lovely Donna at Millie’s Nappies, so ours should be landing on our doorstep soon, pics to follow! I ordered it back in July but there were some issues with flooding at the lady’s house who makes them and things, fingers crossed it’s worth the wait!!! I’ve heard such good things about Mutts but I’m not a real fan of fitteds so it was great to be able to join in on this co-op order and get a AIO made up and especially to get a sized one! Very excited, I will be stalking the postie all week!!

The other news in the world of fluff is acrylic longies, yes you did read right, acrylic not wool or fleece. Now I have to say that I’m not a huge fitted and cover fan, in fact the only fitteds we do use are night nappies, WNNN to be exact. We originally started off with a WN custom wrap but I didnt really like it as it just seemed to make Chloe sweaty and it felt like we were putting her bottom half in a bin bag, which I cant imagine being at all nice so we soon stopped using it! Then we tried some Disana wool pull ons, which are lovely, soft and stretchy, perfect, but you do have to lanolise them and wash them with wool wash separately etc which I do find a pain. We then tried a fleece soaker, which you can just wash with your nappies, and you dont need to lanolise, ever! Great, only as it’s fleece they have no stretch to them, so it was a little more effort to wiggle them up over Chloe’s big night nappy. So then we started using Ecobubs at night, so we didnt need any covers as they are AIO pockets, which was fab, but now Chloe is becoming a wee monster at night and they aren’t holding up so well, I’ve tried boosting them but generally they are soaked through in the morning, which cant be nice for her. So I was thinking of just getting out the Disana pull ons and using the WNNNs again, but then I heard about acrylic longies!

They sound too good to be true, they are made by Karen at Baby Smalls and here’s what she told me about them ‘The acrylic longies look the same as 100% wool longies, nice and soft, they are stretchy but it’s best to not have them too snug. These Longies can be washed in a normal 40c wash with softener (and come out smelling lovely) and they are nearly dry, just like fleece.’ So no real effort required to look after them and they are stretchy and soft, what more could I ask for? Plus I wanted to get longies and not a soaker as it is getting colder here and although Chloe only wears fitted to bed, in a sleeping bag, I want her to be nice and warm and if this works out well then I might go down the fitted route for daytime too! So I chatted a bit more with Karen and have ordered our pair, they take about 2 weeks to make and are £10.50, I cant wait to get them!

And there’s more!! Eve who runs Baba + Boo, has sent me one of her pocket nappies to test and review, it arrived the other day and I’ve only just got round to giving it a few washes so I’ll be trying it out on Chloe this week and writing up a review on it next week. First impressions are very pleasing, they sell for £6, yes that’s right six pounds and that includes 2 inserts, a bargain I hear you cry! Well yes it is, there are about 16 different colours/prints to pick from, and its a lovely soft minky outer, snap fastenings and did I mention it’s a one size! It looks fab and looking at it, I would not have guessed it only cost £6, this could well be a great nappy for stash building, but the proof is in the pudding so I (well Chloe) will give it a good testing out and will report back!

I think that’s about it for now, will keep you posted on any updates!

Michelle xx

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