Sad fluff news and updates.

Well the Muttaqins did arrive, but mine seems to be missing from the shipment! Donna is trying to find out where it is/get another made up for me. If it does need re-making then it could take another month or so to get here! Which means I’ll be getting no fluff until the Charlie Banana nappy comes in (2nd/3rd week of Dec) I could be on a fluff draught!! So I am now debating whether to head over to Babybots and get an Eco Owls Rumparooz to cheer myself up! Well I do need to do a review on Rumparooz for the blog, as I love my Gumball one but it has seen better days so a nice new one would be needed and I love the print and and and………… I could go on making excuses or I could just go order one!

Oh and whilst I forget, I did in fact change my Charlie Banana order from a medium to the one size. This is for a few reason, as Chloe is quite long, she does sometimes get a bit of a builder’s bum look with sized nappies if they aren’t long enough (we’re having this issue with the Bambooty at the minute!) and also I want to try the leg adjustment system the one size has.

Will be updating the Bambooty review over the weekend and brooding over my missing Mutt *sigh* lol I think I need to get out more!!

Michelle xx

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