Cloth for me!

Yes I’m talking cloth sanitary protection/cloth san pro/CSP. I’m sure some people are totally grossed by the thought of this and I know some people who already use it and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid! And I’m sure some dont have a clue what I’m on about so here goes.

Reusable cloth sanitary protection, yes there is an alternative to ‘modern’ day disposable sanitary protection that’s been bleached and made from a ton of chemicals and things and end up in landfill somewhere for years and years. And just like cloth nappies, CSP can save you money, is better for the environment, be better for your body, feel a lot comfier and it can end up being an addiction with all the gorgeous fluff.

I have been wanting to try CSP for a while but having been waiting for the dreaded monthies to return, which finally 13 months after having Chloe it’s back! So I started to have a look around at various sites over the weekend and although I’ve found some dedicated sites that sell a large variety of cloth sanitary products, I was at a bit of a loss as to were to start. I’m still trying to find a good in depth guide explaining the benefits of fleece/wool/pul backed ones and what’s best for the top layer, and as of writing I have yet to try anything, as some of the ones I’ve ordered are taking an age to get here due to the snow that has brought everything to a standstill, no post here for days! So, once I’ve learnt a bit more and actually had a look at some and tried them out then I hope I can do a kind of review or at least write up some information on what’s what to help others starting out with CSP that need some guidance.

I have so far decided that I’m going to use a Mooncup, which although isnt strictly CSP, it is a more ecofriendly alternative to tampons, and use CSP liners along with it. This is because I like the convenience aspect of the Mooncup. However I will be trying out CSP full time, day and night, once I have got together a large enough stash, which may take a month or two so it is an on-going process, and initially a bit expensive but I’d like to be able to get a proper test of different makes and types so that others might not be as lost as I am when starting out.

Sorry this is such a short post with not much information in it but I am new to this area of fluff and want to know a bit more about it before I go wading in. So stay tuned for updates as and when, and if you have any recommendations on where you buy yours from, what makes or types are your favourite then be sure to comment or send me an email.

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Cloth for me!

  1. Tat says:

    A couple of months ago I got a Lunette cup and some cloth pads to try, but I loved the Lunette so much that I’ve hardly ever used the pads. Only as a backup when I go to a yoga class.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi ya, I wasnt sure which cup to go with as there is quite a choice, so I just picked the Mooncup as it’s the one I’ve heard talked about most. It’s great to heard recommendations on other ones as I’m sure if one doesnt suit you then another might do, so I’ll deff try the Lunette if need be.

      I was a tampon girl but I never find them that comfortable, I just use them as they give good protection and are convenitent, so I am thinking a cup and a few liners, like you as a back up, will be what I’ll be wanting to use full time. But I do want to test out CSP properly on it’s own as I know a lot of people use just CSP, so I’m interested to know how practical it is, how well it works and hopefully have a bit of insight of what works and doesnt so that I can help other newbies!

      Anyway sorry for the long reply there, thanks for reading and commenting!

      Michelle xx

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