Snowy update!

Well today we got mail for the first time in a week due to everywhere being snowed in across Sheffield since Tuesday, but because of the week-long back log I didnt get any parcels, just letters. So Chloe’s gorgeous acrylic longies are waiting for us in a sorting office somewhere, cant wait to get them, hopefully tomorrow. The lovely and super talented Karen posted a pic of them on her FB page, I am actually now looking at fitted nappies in a whole new light, and will definitely be looking to get more so that Chloe can wear her longies as much as possible. The Raspberry Ripple colour that Karen did for Chloe is now available to order on the Baby Smalls website as well, the review will be up for them in a week or so depending on when they actually arrive!!

The snow has also kept Chloe’s new Rumparooz and any CSP bits and pieces from arriving, so as above, reviews will be a week or so coming (longer for the CSP seeing as I’ll have to wait for next month!). Am still waiting to hear back on the Mutt, am beginning to think it’s just not meant to be but I’ve heard such good things about them that I dont want to write it off!! Also the Charlie Banana shipment wont be in now will Jan/Feb which is hugely disappointing as I was really really looking forward to trying it out. I have been offered another colour but I know that if I get another colour and like it, I’ll want to get the Butterfly print as soon as it’s out and sell on the plain one, which is a bit wasteful so I guess it’s just a case of waiting!

I did update the Bambooty review, it’s here in case you want to have a read, although it is a super easy to use nappy, it just isnt for us. I will be writing up the Baba + Boo nappy review tomorrow night so that should be up on weds, and hopefully I’ll be updating the Issy Bear V2 review later on this week as well. So I think that’s covered everything, will be updating as and when all the fluffy goodies arrive, fingers crossed tomorrow!!!

Michelle xx

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