Fluffy mail!!

Well we’re back in the snowy land of Sheffield and it’s sooooo cold! But I did come back to some fluffy mail, yay!!

Firstly our Rumparooz turned up, and I think it looks gorgeous, cant wait to get in on Chloe. I think it looks even better in real life than on the pictures I’ve seen online of it. A review will follow at some point, hopefully will get a little time to myself over the festive period (or maybe not!).

And the Eco/Cloth san pro I ordered weeks ago arrived (thanks to the snow for delaying everything!), so I have a Mooncup ready to go for next time and a Honour Your Flow pantyliner. I cant wait to try it all out, I’ve still got a Slimbo liner from Puddlekins on it’s way and I’ve got my eye on a few other brands to try out as well.

So fluff for Chloe and fluff for me!! I can see the CSP turning into another addiction! Oh well, as least  it will make that time of the month kinda fun in a way I guess and I’m excited about using something more natural and better for the environment.

Am hoping to get some free time this weekend to be able to update some reviews and add some new ones, but we’ll see how it goes! Am also waiting to hear when the new prints GroVia snaps will be available to order/preorder, but I’m betting it wont be till well after the holiday period, sigh!

Take care in the bad weather for those that get it!

Michelle xx

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