A fluffy Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas and yes I did order new fluff, it hasnt arrived yet tho, boo, hiss! We are having issues with night nappies at the minute, the trusted Ecobubs aren’t holding up well, I’ve tried boosting them with various hemp and bamboo inserts but we’re still getting leaks more often than not so I’m resorting to trying something else. So we’ve ordered a Holden’s Landing Bedbug Plus, I’ve heard wonderful things about them and so we shall see, I think I may well need to get a bigger pair or Disana woolies to go over them but we’ll see when it arrives, hopefully tomorrow!

I also couldn’t resist getting a Tots Bots Easyfit V2, yes I know I’m not the biggest fan of velcro, which is the reason why I’ve been putting off getting one of these but it looks lovely and yet again I’ve heard only good things about them so we shall see! Oh and I’ve also got a Flip on order with a few different inserts, we tried Flips once before and didnt like them but as the GroVia snaps wont be out for ages yet we really do need to maximise our run of the mill day nappies stash so I thought we’d give these another bash as Chloe is bigger now and if I really still dont like then I can just sell them on as they’re so popular that resale on them in good.

I also got another Puddlekins CSP to try and a Jimmy Riddles as yet again I’d heard so many good things about them, they are all washed and ready to go, just waiting for it to start now, have never been so impatient wishing the monthies to start before!!

So yes I was a bit naughty buying fluff over Christmas but I did get a few bargains on the things that I bought and I needed something to cheer me up whilst I wait for the Muttaqin and Charlie Banana to arrive and the GroVia snaps to be sold over here. I have a few more bits I’d like to get if I see them pop up in a fluff sale but we’ll see. It is slightly worrying that I’m just as excited about opening up fluffy mail when I know what’s inside then opening up my presents for Christmas! Updates with pics are coming I promise!!

Michelle xx

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