Review: Baby Smalls Acrylic Longies, Shorties and Soakers

I never used to ‘get’ wool as a cover for fitted nappies, so much hassle having to lanolise it and wash it separate etc etc but then I did eventually try it and it was only a slight fuss having to do it, but then I heard about these Acrylic longies that Karen at Baby Smalls was making. There is no lanolising at all needed and when you need to wash them……………………wait for it, you just put them in with a normal wash!! Fabric conditioner is fine to use!! Well I was super excited and instantly emailed Karen to find out more, gave her Chloe’s measurements and ordered a pair. They are £10.50 and at the minute they come in 4 different colours, Raspberry Ripple, Jelly Bean, Blue Skies and Hippy Chic. They are made to order so you do have to wait for the talented Karen to make you them up but she does aim to dispatch them out to you within 14 days of ordering, I think mine only actually took about 7-10 days to make but I guess it depends how busy she is at the time. They come in many sizes from small to XXlarge/Toddler, I wont list all the hip and rise measurements here, I just emailed Karen Chloe’s measurements, including inside leg, and they fit her perfectly.

So here’s the full info on how to use them, Acrylic longies work in the same way as fleece but have the same style of knitted longies. They do not need to be lanolised and are worn once (like fleece), then washed. They can be washed in your normal wash (up to 40c) and fabric detergent and softner is fine to use and they come out of the machine nearly dry. Karen does say that she always washes hers in a pillow case to stop them getting snagged on the other clothes, which is a brilliant idea, but I always seem to forget to do this, but so far mine have been fine in the wash, I would definitely put them in a pillow case if I had anything velcro related in the wash though! They are really soft and stretchy, just like normal wool, I doubt many would be able to even tell they’re made from acrylic wool. Chloe seems to love them, she was happy crawling about in them and so far we havent had any leaks or anything whilst using them. The major plus for me is being able to just put them in the normal laundry bag with her other clothes (they are totally OH proof) and just wash as normal. I dont think I’d actually get any other longies then acrylic ones now as they have all the benefits of wool but the bonus of being easy to look after.

Ease of use: Couldnt be easier, they really are just like a normal pair of trousers!

Performance: No leaks, drying time is virtually zero as they are almost dry when they come out of the machine and they’ve stayed nice and soft. They have got some slight wear on the knees but Chloe’s zooming about at the minute so all her tights and trousers are getting a bashing on the knees, so it’s nothing I’m going to worry about, just means I need more pairs as I’m using these as soon as they’re out of the wash so they are getting a lot of use.

Design: Gorgeous, I love the colours and am torn between getting another in the exact same colours or getting one in different colours.

Overall: These get top marks, there’s nothing I can fault with these, they do the job of normal longies and look fab but they are also as easy to use as normal trousers, perfect! These have opened up a new love for fitted day nappies and so I *had* to go order some to  try out with these. I really dont think I’d use normal longies when these are just perfect for us!

Michelle xx

Update 27th August 2011

We still use acrylic longies, shorties and soakers regularly. I still have a few pure wool bits and bobs but in general the acrylic stuff gets used much much more. They are cheaper to get made up than normal wool versions, so whenever I notice Chloe is outgrowing a pair I can always get another made up without breaking the bank! We have a double layer soaker to use at night which is fab and some new cute shorties too. Karen gets new colours in quite often so am always stalking her Facebook page to see whats new. She has also just started making other pieces including super cute bags (Chloe is a bit obsessed by bags at the minute so might have to get her one for her birthday!) So to recap – we love them, it’s great to just be able to throw them straight in the wash and they dry almost instantly. I think they are a must try for everyone who uses fitteds, especially those who find the thought of lanolising etc daunting, we cant wait to get our next pair!!

Michelle xx

I bought the longies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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6 Responses to Review: Baby Smalls Acrylic Longies, Shorties and Soakers

  1. Lindsey says:

    Thanks for the review! I reeeally must get some!

  2. erin says:

    Ooooo fab review!!

    Im currently knitting some acrylic longies for lil man to test out 😀 At least i now know im not completely insane trying them!!

    • Michelle says:

      I so wish I could knit/have the patience to learn, it must be a very therapeutic hobby to have. I am in awe of people that are ‘crafty’ in anyway, so go you! And pics when done would be lovely!! xx

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