Fluffy mail!

So it’s 2011, what new wonders of fluff will there be this year? Will my dream of a self washing, instant drying and self stuffing nappy finally come alive in all its wonderful fluffiness? Well no, probably not but hopefully there will be some new stuff being released into the fluffy world.

So anyway, what has been happening in our small fluffy world, well let me tell you, as a fluff addict I hate bank holidays and other things that get in the way of fluffy mail. Things that I ordered a few weeks ago are finally starting to trickle their way to us, yay! So yesterday arrived a lovely little Monkey Foot wetbag that I ordered from The Nappy Garden, it’s the perfect size for my new CSP stash and so lovely!

And speaking of CSP, I’m not sure if I posted the new bits that arrived over the holidays, so here they are. From left to right, a Puddlekins Stoff Stuff and Jimmy Riddles, which I got from Luxury Moon and then 2 more Puddlekins both wool (I think!), which I got direct from  Puddlekins. Am still waiting for the monthlies to come so I can test them out properly. It’s so frustrating that I’ve spent the best part of 14ish years dreading and hating it but now that I’m actually looking forward to it it’s nowhere to be found! Still this will only be my second since having Chloe so I know it’s all going to be a bit hit and miss and out of synch for a while but still I’d like it to be as soon as possible! I’ve got  my eye on a few more CSP to get and once they’ve all been tried out I’ll be posting reviews.

And also a parcel from Fill Your Pants arrived, best of all was the sticker on the front of the parcel that had ‘Fluffy mail’ on it! I’m sure the postman thought it a bit odd, especially since ‘Fill Your Pants’ is a bit random if you’ve never heard of them before but it was a very cute little touch. So inside was the Tots Bots Easyfit V2 in the gorgeous Flower Power print, I’ve heard such good things about these that I overlooked the velcro-ness of them and ordered one to try and also was a Flip with various inserts. I didnt really love Flips when they were released and we tried them but we could really do with some kind of an all in two nappy system so that we can reuse the outer a few times and reduce the volume of the nappy wash a bit, and seeing as the Grovia snaps have been pushed back for release over here then the Flips are the next option for the time being. The trial pack I ordered comes with a Stay Dry insert, an Organic insert and a pack of disposable inserts (which might be great for long days out), so there’s plenty of choice to get us re-started on using them. I’ve also added a few extra Flip inserts in either Stay Dry or Organic to other nappy orders,  so we  should have plenty to give it a real trial with, oh and I’ll be buying a few more covers as well the next time a nappy jumps into the basket and I’m forced to buy it!

I’m actually having a big stash shake up at the minute to help fund the new night nappies I’ve got my eye on (and the HL Bedbug Plus that’s in the post to us), as the Ecobubs, even stuffed with bamboo inserts, are just not holding up to Chloe at the minute. So I’ve had a bit of a clear out of nappies that just dont really get reached for a lot or dont really work well for us. So 3 Ecobubs have gone, and a BG AIO in medium that used to be the change bag nappy but I’ve always hated the velcro so I’m hoping a Flip will be a great replacement for it. Also, surprisingly, the 2 Tutto’s have gone. The thing is I do really love the idea and the look of them but even with all 3 inserts in Chloe was starting to soak them and her bum would be wet to the touch after 3/4 hours. Also I’m the sort of person that likes to completely separate nappies before they go in the nappy bucket and although I do find it quite therapeutic to sit there once they’re all dry and stuff the pockets/snap in inserts, I just found re-assembling the Tutto’s to be well annoying. The OH said that he never put Chloe in them as he just didnt really like them for whatever reason, so off to find new homes they went. The other surprising ones to go (or maybe not so surprising to some) are 3 BG V4’s in the new colours, sweet, bubble and noodle. Again I do really like the BG V4’s and am keeping the other 2 we have (in blossom and grasshopper) but I just couldnt stand the new colours, they just looked, well grubby. So the big clear out ensued and now I’m trying to get some new night nappies to replace the Ecobubs, the WNNN’s we have work fine but I just wanted to try some other night nappies that I’ve heard good things about.

So that’s about it for the start of 2011, more fluffy mail to arrive shortly (hopefully). I popped up the Acrylic longies review the other day, we love them so much and it has also sparked a love of fitteds for the day time, so I’m sure that will mean more ‘slipping’ of the nappy buying finger and ‘accidentally’ buying more fluff. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing the Rumparooz review next week, I did update the Issy Bear V2 review last week and again am hoping to update the Baba+Boo one next week as well. Anyway thanks for reading and here’s to a fluffy new year for everyone!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Fluffy mail!

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    First off, I love your blog. Super fun and super obsessive! I was also super psyched about the bitti tuttos and I bought four dipes. But I found after awhile, they were kind of hard to put on and they did not keep bb as dry as some other dipes. I do not immediately reach for them any longer. I have the tots bots V2 and it a good dipe, but I hate the velcro and the feel of the fabric. It is really reliable though. I also have a Grovia AIO which is really tight around DD’s legs and since it has no microfleece, the bum stays wet. Honestly, I like the BG V4, Wee Notions minky one pocket and the Baba boo dipes. They are super easy to use, keep the bum dry and wash well.
    Oh, I also have four Flip dipes. The keep dry insert is great. I do not love the covers, but they do their job. I have the organic insert, but rarely use it.

    I live in Paris, France and the CD community is limited. Where do you re-sell your dipes that you want to get rid of?


    • Michelle says:

      Hello and thanks for your lovely comments, I am super obessive when it comes to fluff but then who isnt? 🙂

      It’s nice to hear that someone else is in agreement with the Tutto’s as well. Am looking forward to using the Easyfit but like you, I’m not a velcro fan, we’ve tried the old sized Grovia AIO and it was okay, colours were limited, but I’m really looking forward to getting the Hybrid AI2’s in snaps! Your stash sounds a bit like ours, WN’s, Baba+Boo, BG V4 and I agree with Flips, I’m not a huge fan of the covers either.

      The main place I sell preloved nappies are http://www.clothnappytree.com/ where there is a big classified section and as long as you factor in the postage costs to send to the UK then I’m sure people will be happy to buy your fluff! (If you need any help on anything then just send me an email, it should be on the ‘About’ page).
      I have also sold on http://www.babyandbump.com/ and http://www.thebundlejungle.com/ which have a smaller cloth nappy sections. I have also bought from http://www.usednappies.co.uk/ but I havent sold on there so cant really comment on how easy/good it is.

      Maybe you should start up a cloth nappy selling site in France! lol

      Anyway hope that helps and thanks for reading and commenting, it’s nice to hear from people so I know I’m not just ranting off to myself!

      Take care

      Michelle xx

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