More fluffy mail!

Snow has descended again over Sheffield, ‘Oh no’ I thought, ‘The posties wont be able to deliver my fluff!’. But luckily enough some more has arrived!!

Firstly the Puddlekins fitted day nappy I ordered from Babybots arrived but there was a mix up and the wrong colour was sent out by mistake. So I sent an email to the lovely Lynsey who responded quickly with apologies for the mix up and was going to sent out the right one asap and refund me for the postage to return the one I had but by then I’d liked the look of the one I had so much that I decided to keep it and still have the original one I ordered! Sorry Mr Bank Manager, it just couldnt be helped, it was like fate or something, I just hope they work for us because they are gorgeous and now we’re going to have two! So here’s the ‘wrong’ one that turned out to be a keeper anyway. Will get started on the prewashing for it asap so it can get tested out.

I also had an accidental ‘slipping’ of the nappy buying finger last night and ended up with a Fluff N Stuff in my basket and heading for the check out at Kingdom of Fluff, but that’s not the worst of it, a lonely Zinnia Flip decided to make a run for it and jumped into the basket too just as I was about to pay, and I didnt have the heart to take it out so that’s two more nappies added to the on order list (am praying the snow doesnt get bad and stop deliveries next week!).

So I have a few pennies left from the stash cull and have my eye on a luscious Little Somethings night nappy, a Piddle Poddles and some Fussybutt and CSP. I dont think I can stretch to it all (unless I happen to add in a few more pennies if I can find them from somewhere, I dont think down the back of the sofa is going to work somehow though) but I’m going to try, fluff addicts anonymous here I come!!

Michelle xx

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