Review: Rumparooz pocket nappy

We got our first Rumparooz about 8 months ago, and it was an instant favourite but after 8 months of constant use it wasn’t looking pristine, so I just *had* to buy a new one for the review and this new print, Eco Owls, was released around the same time, coincidence of course! Rumparooz are still relatively new to the UK market, not everyone stocks them, but luckily enough for me Babybots does and they stock both the prints and the plain block colours. Rumparooz are £14.99 for plain colours and £15.99 for prints, they are a BTP (birth to potty) pocket nappy but unlike the ‘usual’ BTP nappies, this one has an extra rise snap setting, meaning that it has 4 sizes, so will fit from about 6lb to 30lb+. Most BTP nappies usually dont start fitting till around the 8lbish mark (more often than not 10lbs)  and I so wish the Rumparooz were out over here when Chloe was tiny as I’d have loved to try them out on her. They come in both snaps and velcro but not everywhere stocks them in both varieties and all colours, but I’m sure if you emailed Babybots then the lovely Lynsey will do her best to order in what you want as she regularly lets everyone know on FB when she’s about to do the next Rumparooz order so people can get what they want. They come in a huge array of colours and prints, there’s 12 block colours (a few pastel colours but mostly bright bold colours) and 8 prints (which are a good mix of girl/boy and unisex styles).

Each nappy comes with 2 microfibre inserts, which are called the 6r soaker, and gives 6 absorbency and size setting so you can customise what you need, where you need it for your baby. The bigger insert can be used on its own and much like other BTP inserts it can be snapped down to a smaller size, a nice feature is that it has double snaps to fasten so when its on the smaller setting, the folded over bit does lay nice and flat. As the 6r name suggests, you can configure the inserts to 6 different settings. The smaller insert is contoured to give less bulk when it’s used on its own for newborns but you can also snap it to the larger insert to give an extra boost for heavy wetters. It’s great that it attaches to the bigger one so that they dont move about too much and you can either snap it to the top of the insert or snap it on slight further down, so it’s great for both girls and boys, you can put the extra absorbency exactly where they need it.

The inside of the Rumparooz is very inventive as well, the material is a soft microchamois (100% hypo-allergenic) which doesn’t pill, so it should stay looking newer for longer. the legs and back waist of the nappy are gently elasticated but the real treat is the ‘Poop Scoop’, yes we’re still talking nappies here! The inner is slight contoured to create a pocket ‘scoop’ that helps to contain messes and this coupled with the double leg gussets, makes for an impressive poop explosion fighting nappy.

So as I said above, we’ve been using Rumparooz for a while, we’ve never had a leak from one or any poop explosion of any kind, I think the double leg gussets are superb and every nappy should have them! The pocket opening at the back is nice in that you dont have to fiddle about fold  any flaps or anything so it’s nice and easy to stuff the insert in and pull it out when needed.

Ease of use: Lovely and easy to use, the pocket opening is nice and easy to stuff and this is a very OH friendly nappy.

Performance: Brilliant, one of our most reliable nappies, easy to go 4 hours in. If we’re going out on a long car journey or if I know Chloe’s due a ‘blow out’ anytime soon then Rumparooz are good for the job, no leaks at all and messes stay completely inside. The shell is almost dry from the machine and inserts dry in a few hours.

Design: This has some nice features, the whole inside with extra gusseting and easy to use pocket opening are all great and have been well thought out. The inserts have been improved on the ‘standard’ pocket ones as well, with the double snaps so that they lay flatter and the contoured newborn one that can be snapped to the large and customised however you need it is really fab too. The outside has been worked on too, the Rumparooz label is sewn onto the back of the nappy and looks very cute, as is the little Kangaroos on all the snaps, they make me smile all the time! I cant fault the range of colours and patterns either, lots of nice bright vibrant colours and prints (especially for boys as well) and they are aiming to release new prints regularly. The only slight design flaw I can find is that I’d love the wings to be stretchy (like on the BG V4) as I just think it can give a better fit when your little one is just about to go to the next waist snap setting but not quite. But saying that, the fitting has been fine, so maybe it’s not really needed, I’m just used to it.

Overall: Me and OH really like the Rumparooz, they do a brilliant job and look really cute as well, we’ve got the Gumball print as well and it’s so nice and different to anything else I’ve seen. I think it’s great these start on such small babies too, means you can hopefully skip newborn nappies and go straight into these to last you all the way till potty training. These are nice and trim as well, no loose bagginess around the bum, they fit fab. These are a bit more expensive then BG V4’s but the bright colours and prints make such a refreshing change and the quality and design features of the Rumparooz really do match that of the BG V4’s. If you love pockets or just want an easy nappy that looks a bit funky then I’d say go for a Rumparooz, they really are great, reliable nappies but with that new and different edge.

Michelle xx

Update 30th January 2011

We do use out Rumparooz nappies regularly, they’re pretty to look at and can be trusted to cope with a blow out, we’ve still never had a leak whilst wearing one. The only slightly negative thing I’ve noticed it that they do seem a little lower in the rise then some of the other pocket nappies we have. I think Chloe just might be having a growth spurt as she is sort of inbetween having the last rise snap done up which means it’s a little low and having it undone which makes it a bit too loose around the legs. It’s not a big issue and I’m sure in a few more weeks having it completely undone will be the way to go! I remembered to take a few pics of the label and snaps as I still think they look super cute and the little kangaroos make me smile!! These are definietely keepers for us, trusty nappies which also look cuter and funkier then most other pockets out there!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to , no compensation was received for doing it.

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